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Author Topic: Doctor who (F for M)- Includes possible intro for Amy-Eleventh rpg  (Read 1505 times)

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Offline BeccaTopic starter

Thanks for taking an interest in my request!

I'd very much like to start a rpg with a fellow whovian. I'm interested in scenarios with either the tenth or the eleventh doctor (Tennant or Smith), or even someone bold enough to try newcomer Peter Capaldi.
I'm looking for someone who loves the doctor and would enjoy getting to play him.

I'd be interested in playing either Amy, Riversong, Clara, Reinette Poisson (Could be persuaded to trying out Rose) or even a OC to start a whole new set of adventures with the Doctor!
I've given this setting a few tries, and by far the most thrilling was a game I shared with the very talented  Villain, where I played my very own version of Reinette Poisson. If you want to check it out to see my style and gather any inspiration, be my guest!
(For more recent rpgs, any of my roleplays alongside Theta Sigma are worth a read!)

I'd be completely willing to discuss which scenarios/kind of adventures you'd like to play.

Please send me a PM if you are interested :)

And if you are interested, do check on my arts project's (link in my signature), if you'd like to the my version of Riversong's diary!


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Offline BeccaTopic starter

Re: Doctor who (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2014, 11:35:58 pm »
I'm really craving a 11th-Amy rpg. I'll leave a little intro post here to see if I get any whoovian out there interested in this rpg! It's set right the night where Amy asked the Doctor to take her back to her bedroom the night before her wedding day.
Even if this is not the pairing I end up playing, or if it's not the intro we end up using, it does serve as a little snippet of my writing :)

Amy Pond had waited for this last couple of days her entire life. She met her raggedy doctor when she was barely seven years old, and had not been able to keep him off her mind ever since that fateful night.
That night... she still could see every movement, ever gesture, every dish he had rejected if she just closed her eyes and tried hard enough. He had burst into her life... on her backyard to be more precise, and turned everything up side down.

Nothing was quite the same after he left. He had promised her adventures. He had sworn he'd just be gone for a couple of minutes... her entire childhood slipped through her slender fingers as she waited for him to return for her. She had visited countless shrinks... and even bit one of them so hard he actually bled... and still, she was sure, completely sure, he'd come back to her. How could she so blindly believe in the word of a man who was probably not even real?
Because he was her Doctor... he raggedy Doctor, and he'd be back someday, just as he said he would.

Years went by lazily... She grew up, and boys started paying attention to her... even with her slightly tomboyish attitude, they stared, they dared each other to speak to her. Soon she noticed she could get things out of those leers... And soon the short skirts arrived, and boy did guys love her long, long legs. She didn't think that was her best attribute, though. She had killer legs, that's for sure, and a slender, perky body to go with them. But what she liked best about herself was her long, bright red hair. It was the best accessory, went with everything.
And so, with so much male attention, she had let go of that little crush she had harboured all these years, allowing herself to have feelings for other people... Like Rory. He was sweet, fun, and caring... and utterly devoted to her. She hoped he didn't realize she had had been harboring a massive infatuation for someone else during her entire life, of else... well, things could go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye.

Now she was travelling with him, as she had always daydreamed she would... It had taken him long enough, and a missed attempt about two years ago, but now, everything was fine, as it should be. Except... for that tiny, minuscule little detail. She had tried to keep it a secret for a while, but knew it was time to tell him about it. After all, she couldn't quite keep quiet about her upcoming wedding for too long, could she? And if she could... how exactly  would one go about doing that? No. She needed to tell him. No more delaying the inevitable.

So, after much deliberation, she had asked him to take her back to the very night he had finally arrived once more into her life to take her on the long awaited journey.

Amy walked into her room. It a nice room, with blue walls, a queen size bed, a desk, and a dresser, where her wedding gown hang, out for everyone to see. And that little box. The little box which contained a little ring... that symbolized a big, big commitment. A commitment she wasn't so sure about taking anymore

She stared at the little box with the great implications for a moment and shook her head. It could wait. The wedding wasn't till morning, and morning was so, so far away... The Doctor, her Doctor, on the other hand, was right there, finally.

"So, this is my room..." She said grinning at him "And this is my bed" She threw herself on the mattress and stared at him cheekily, lifting her brow in a playful manner "Does this give you any ideas, Doctor?" Her tone of voice was almost like a little purr... She knew full well she had yearned for this very moment for so long... And couldn't help but wonder if he had ever even thought about her in such a way, as something else than darling little Amelia Pond. Well, only one way of finding out.
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Offline BeccaTopic starter

Re: Doctor who (F for M)- Includes possible intro for Amy-Eleventh rpg
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2016, 11:33:18 pm »
I'm giving this thread another go. I've have a few failed attempts, but I still have hopes for a good Whoovian rpg (alongside the one I'm enjoying with the talented Theta Sigma).

As before, I'm willing to play as most of the Doctor's modern female companions. I'd also like to add that if any potential partner would like to try an OC version of the Doctor (Thirteen Doctor), I'm open to discusing that possibility as well! :)