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Author Topic: Adventures in Talamah: The Western Lands (Open - Fantasy)  (Read 490 times)

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Adventures in Talamah: The Western Lands (Open - Fantasy)
« on: July 15, 2014, 08:03:49 PM »

The Western Lands held promise of riches beyond all he who can find them!

Long have there been rumors of fabled lands far to the West, where the setting sun turns to gold. Lands full of exotic animals and women, more gold and gems then anyone can dream of, where even a pauper can live as a Prince! Many have set sail for these distant shores but none have ever returned. Were their ships wrecked along the way? Did they find these mystical lands and live there as Kings now? No one can say for sure, but the King of Ribenheim is putting together another expedition to these fabled lands.

Some would call King Baldimere of Ribenheim crazy, or insane. He has long been headed down that path, ever since his Heir and only Son set sail for the Western Lands and never returned. King Badlimere refuses to believe that anything bad has happened to his Son, the Prince, and wants to now send an expedition to the West to bring his son back.

Many believe that such a task is ill-fated. Some ships that have ventured to the West have been found months later, ghosts ships with not a soul on board, or floatsram has been spotted bearing the name of such ships. Those that have returned with crew members on board are the worst - all have gone mad from dehydration and drinking salt water (and for other reasons, if rumors are to be believed) - ranting of tales that only madmen can make.

The King has commissioned three ships to head to the West - for better chance of finding the Prince once they get there - and has outfitted them with some of his own crew, but also select members from Mercenary Guilds (who are being rewarded handsomely for their contributions). Most were volunteers, knowing full well that they may never return and see the sun rise on these shores. Others were consumed by their lust for power - or the promise of it - and all that entailed. But whatever their reasons, they all were captivated by what may lay on the Western shores.

We join this story after the characters have been roughly a Month-at-Sea, headed steadily West.

I am not going to give *too* much away in the description.
Below is the list of characters I am looking for.
I am also more then happy to play the three Male Roles (instead of just the one) or however many I need to, to get this game rolling.
Unless otherwise noted, all roles are currently available.

Click on the Spoilers to see character picture and brief synopsis of each character.

You are free to change their names and are free to create their background etc. If you have a better picture, please share it with me!

All character discussions are to be held via PM ONLY - Characters posted to this thread will be ignored.

I am looking for DEDICATED players who are willing to commit to this game with at least 1 - 2 posts per week - more frequently if everyone else is willing.

Konrad Roht, Expedition Leader
Character Name: Konrad Roht
Character Age: 34
Character Race: Human
Character Profession: Mercenary Captain, Expedition Leader

Background: Konrad is an imposing figure, standing 6'4", and at the age of 34 has many campaigns under his belt. As such, he has grown wise with age and has proven himself time and time again to be a proven leader. He holds high esteem and rank in the Red Spears Mercenary Company and has amassed a small amount of wealth. He is starting to consider retirement from the hard life he has led though still can't bring himself to settle down anywhere. He still has too much spring in his step.

Konrad started life growing up on a farm where he learned how to use a Spear quite well - hunting Wild Board in the forest. He always seemed adept with the weapon and the local Legion Recruiter took note of this, recruiting Konrad into the Imperial Legion at the age of 16. It was with the Legion that Konrad honed his fighting skills with both Sword and Spear while also learning what it took to lead men and make the right decision - even if it wasn't always the most popular decision.

At the age of 26, his ten-year service contract up with the Imperial Legion, he left the Legions ranks with a few battle-hardened mates and jointly founded the Red Spears. He has no taste for politics so let his friends take care of the business of running a Mercenary Company, though he does hold weight with them and the contracts the Company decides to take. Konrad has always had a thirst for adventure and the pay he is expecting from leading this expedition to the West will be more then enough for him to buy his own Tavern and settle down somewhere.

Personality: Konrad is quiet and calculating, choosing his words carefully before speaking them. He knows peoples lives depend on him and hasn't always made the correct decision - their loss still weighs heavily on him and he can become rather somber when drinking.

Major Skills: Sword-and-Spear, Leadership
Minor Skills: Fire-starting, Swimming
Innate Abilities: None

Additional Information/Secrets:

Asvig Longthews, Veteran Soldier from the North
Asvig came from a triber of warriors to the North. At the age of 30, he had been on the Mercenary Circuit for several years, and stands nearly 6'6" tall. He was an accomplished fighter as well and had always been a loyal man.
Gori Ironborn, Dwarven Tinkerer
Hailing from a Dwarven Kingdom, Gori has traveled the Kingdoms, selling his wears (and occasionally cracking skulls). He is only a recent member of the Golden Spear Mercenary Guild and has always been looking for adventure. He stands a meek 4'ft tall.
Celeste Moonstar, Healer and Sorceress
Celeste has a healing touch and beautiful looks. A more closely guarded secret is her destructive magic, which she tries to hide from people least they burn her as a witch. She can also fight with small, light weapons. She stands 5'4".
Imogen Goldenleaf, Elven Scout
Imogen is a wood Elf, standing 6'ft tall, her body full of grace. She barely makes a sound when she moves and like all Elves, has extraordinary hearing and seeing abilities. She is also a master with the bow and woodcraft.

Olazara 'Zara' Gazura, Half-Orc Fighter
Character Name: Olazara "Zara" Gazura
Character Age: 28
Character Race: Half-Orc
Character Profession: Mercenary Fighter

Background: When an Orc kidnapped and raped a young human woman, he had not counted on the woman getting pregnant and giving birth to a child. Half-Human, Half-Orc, Zara was shunned from the human society. But lucky for Zara her Orc father somehow took pity on the small half-blood child of his and took Zara under his wing, teaching her how to fight, how to defend herself and to earn honour for herself, as is the way of both the females and males of the Orc race. But even so, she was still not fully a part of the Orc clan that she had grown up in either, always the outsider among them. So with her 6'4" in length, muscular build body, and her excellent fighting skills, it wasn't a surprise that when she was old enough Zara took up the Mercenary trade and joined one of the guilds, to get away from the clan and bring in money for herself.

She rose in the ranks of the guild, being handed more and more daring contracts, and each and every time she did not just complete them, she excelled at them. It didn't take more than a few years before the Half-Orc was considered one of the absolute best mercenaries you could find within the guilds.

And it's because of this that she was selected for the Western Lands expedition. And since the Half-Orc only goal in this life is to fight for honour and respect, and of course the healthy pile of money that comes after the contract is finished, she accepted it.

Personality: With the Orc-blood running through her veins, Zara has quite the temper, and can be quick to anger. She is straightforward with her thoughts and words, and since she has always known despise from other people she is often suspicious of other people's intentions, sometimes even going so far as to questioning her commander's orders. You have to earn her trust and respect, but once you have, she is loyal into the grave.

Major Skills: Double-handed Sword, Hand-to-hand combat
Minor Skills: Swimming, Hunting
Innate Abilities: Extra strength (from the Orc-blood)

Additional Information/Secrets: The two-handed sword that Zara uses is a very special one, given to her by her father, passed down through many generations of the Orcs, and it's silver hilt is engraved with a picture of Orc skull, her father's clan's symbol. It is probably the thing of both most personal and economical value she has.

This link will provide you with more information on the game world: The World of Talamah
Keep in mind, this game takes place in the Kingdom of Ribenheim.

Konrad Roht - TAKEN - MagicalPen
Asvig Longthews - OPEN
Gori Ironborn - OPEN
Celeste Moonstar - OPEN
Imogen Goldenlead - OPEN
Olazara Gazura - TAKEN - Luvan95

Also, to spice things up a little, there will be pre-existing relationships between the characters:
Konrad Roht + Celeste Moonstar
Gori Ironborn + Imogen Goldenleaf
Asvig Longthews + Olazara Gazura

The details of such relationships are to be discussed by the players. Some tension here is appreciated.


There is the potential for NC/Rape Scenes to occur in this adventure, though is by no means required and is completely optional (should it come to something like that) with those that are interested.

Character Sheet:
Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img padding=12 width=250]IMG HERE[/img][/floatleft]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Age:[/b]
[b]Character Race:[/b]
[b]Character Profession:[/b]



[b]Major Skills:[/b]
[b]Minor Skills:[/b]
[b]Innate Abilities:[/b]

[b]Additional Information/Secrets:[/b]

Information about Magic
Magic: Magic is a mystical thing. In some places its touch is strong, in other places it is weak, non-existent. Its weakest form is the most common - a healing touch, a natural affinity to calm animals, a master craftsman able to use his skill to make the finest of details or weapons. A level most likely not to draw any undue attention.

The next level of magic are those who can manipulate the world around them, or summon the elements. These people are called Mages and are mostly found on the Isle of Draiocht - an island devoted to the study of Magic and its uses for the better of mankind. It is these Mages that are most at risk - to society and themselves - and many die when consumed by the magic they can not control. Those who show signs of possessing this sort of magic are usually killed - accused of witchcraft and causing death and disease. Only the island of Draiocht can offer them protection and a chance to tame their powers, but none of the Adepts live a long life. Magic is wild and powerful and drives its users insane.

Wizards are the most powerful magic users to have ever walked the surface of the world. There area currently no known Wizards that exist in the world and it has been nearly 500 years since the last Wizard died.
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Re: Adventures in Talamah: The Western Lands (Open)
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2014, 08:12:19 PM »
Oh MP - I am going to show interest and you will be shocked to know I'd want to play Celeste.


Online VonDoom

Re: Adventures in Talamah: The Western Lands (Open - Fantasy)
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2014, 04:56:32 AM »
Also interested in this one, in Asvig. Basically the same question as in the other thread, since some may not keep up with both: what and how much detail would you like included in the character PM?

Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Re: Adventures in Talamah: The Western Lands (Open - Fantasy)
« Reply #3 on: July 16, 2014, 08:12:50 AM »
Updated with character sheet.

Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Re: Adventures in Talamah: The Western Lands (Open - Fantasy)
« Reply #4 on: July 19, 2014, 11:18:42 AM »
Updated with profile for Konrad.

Still looking for all other roles.

Offline Luvan95

Re: Adventures in Talamah: The Western Lands (Open - Fantasy)
« Reply #5 on: July 20, 2014, 06:08:30 AM »
Interested in playing Olazara. Will send a profil over soon.

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Re: Adventures in Talamah: The Western Lands (Open - Fantasy)
« Reply #6 on: July 20, 2014, 01:47:23 PM »
All roles still open unless otherwise noted.

Get your character sheets in to me ASAP!

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Re: Adventures in Talamah: The Western Lands (Open - Fantasy)
« Reply #7 on: July 23, 2014, 08:34:18 AM »
Still in need of players for this.

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Re: Adventures in Talamah: The Western Lands (Open - Fantasy)
« Reply #8 on: July 26, 2014, 10:00:07 AM »
Updated with taken characters.

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