Incest and Furry RPs :3

Started by Pinkie, July 14, 2014, 12:49:46 PM

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I'm looking for some new RPs :3 I'm very open minded so if you're interested in any of my ideas or have ideas similar to mine that you'd like to play out just give me a message and we'll see what happens (: In most cases I'll be happy to play either role.

Mother x Son
I love incest RPs for some reason xD I think I'd like to explore this set up where the son is coming of age and is becoming a lot more sexual and assertive. Maybe he starts flirting with his mother. Paying her compliments. Saying sexual things. Maybe slapping her ass. Eventually he pushes those limits and starts doing sexual things to her. At first maybe she's unsure but then she finds herself so attracted to her own son that she gives in entirely. I'm thinking these two live alone together. Happy to play either role but I would prefer to play the mother.

Auntie x Niece
A young girl finds herself attracted to other girls more and more until eventually she feels she needs to talk to someone about it. Not yet wanting to tell her parents she turns to her auntie who's very open minded and has always been close to her growing up. The auntie thinks it would be best for the young girl to experiment and see what her sexual preference is. She offers to help her. They can start just by kissing and it's embarrassing and awkward for the girl at first. But she soon wants more and ends up having multiple "sleep overs" with her auntie.

Furry (MxF/MxM/FxF)
I'd quite like to play out a furry RP. I don't really have an idea for this or an ideal pairing. I haven't done a MxM RP yet though so I'd be quite interested in doing that. Also I don't mind if one character is furry and the other is human. We could play in a well known universe like Pokémon or we could use OCs if you have any. This one's very open so message me with your ideas please (: