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June 25, 2019, 06:37:09 AM

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Author Topic: Come Play♥  (Read 612 times)

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Offline DaydreamingTopic starter

Come Play♥
« on: July 13, 2014, 06:54:12 PM »

I happened to find this site while browsing for something a little more exciting. There's not much to be known about me other than I am a female in the U.S of A and I consider myself somewhat literate. Enough to post a few paragraphs once the ball gets rolling, at least. I tend to keep my roleplays within their respected server, so no roleplaying outside this site, via email, Messenger, etc.. As it gets pretty hard to keep checking here then go around in circles replying. I also like to keep roleplayings through private messaging as it 1) Helps me manage my stories 2) I'm not a fan of people reading my things. Continue on if you managed to keep interested.

Now that you have managed to stay with me, let's move on to more narrowing down.

1. Creampies
2. Cheating (I adore being the mistress)
3. Roughness
4. Public places
5. Romance (paradox from the above, no?)
6. DomxDom
7. Oral/Anal/Boob-jobs
8. FemalexFemale
9. Interracial relationships
10. Magic/Fantasy
11. Realism
12. Ask! I'm pretty sure I may have forgotten a few

1. Non-Con (Unless it has something to do with plot - Ask!!)
2. Extreme Ageplay
3. Incest
4. Bestiality
5. Watersports/Scat
6. Gore/Vore Anything along these terms
7. Dom/Sub

Well, what are you looking for?
I am not too picky when it comes with ideas, no matter how basic! I will roll with you in terms of coming up with something between us. All I ask is my partner be willing to put his/her part in, be literate (capitalize your i's, spell check, change up your words a little, literacy is sexy) and don't flake out on me! If you're not feeling it, let me know and I will definitely do my best to try something else. This can be the greatest story if we work together, so don't be afraid!

( I will do with OC only!! )

-Game of Thrones
-Harry Potter
-Laurell K Hamilton Series
-The Walking Dead
-Lord of the Rings
-Will add more...

( I have used some of these plots but there are only a few until more is added, feel free to add your own twists! )

Yes, this is exactly how it sounds like. A twist from the 80s movie, I would adore if anyone could roleplay the Goblin King himself. But perhaps this time around, Sarahs granddaughter (let's say eighteen) finds herself in the mystical world.

-Once Upon a Time-
If you have seen the show, I would be delighted in trying this out. If not, basically a twist on fairy tales as we know it. Perhaps we just pick one and roll with it from there.

-The West-
Bonnie and Clyde feel, it's just your char and mines. They are crazy, but still are together and in their leaves destruction.

-White Walls-
She was tossed inside a mental institution by her husband when he found another and had enough money to pay off a few people. She had always had visions and can make others see things that weren't there which led to others staying far away and confirmation that she was crazy. It isn't until your character, a young, hopeful psychologist finds her and tries to help her escape. Though some people would make sure it never happens.

-Lips Like Poison-
A politician on his way to the top, your character had it all from job, to family, to contacts, everything. On one particularly successful campaign, your party decides to take you to the most exclusive gentleman's club in town. Everyone in the most powerful spectrum of life was found there, no secrets left the building, and what happened there stayed there. It was a special occasion and your party calls on the most special entertainers, and that kind of money brings out her services. With one taste, he cannot forget even when he settles back into his perfect life. He keeps calling on her and she complies, but how long can he hold a secret?

-Forbidden Fruit-
This is the typical Romeo and Juliet plot, one in which we can work out the details but it is pretty much your character and I are forbidden to see each other. It can even be back when segregation ruled America, maybe a Hispanic maid/Wealthy trustfund baby? Your choice, let's choose.

She is the star of the show. Her band finally made it to the top and wherever they go, adoration seems to follow no matter the destruction she leaves behind. She can spiral out of control, drugs and rock 'n' roll go together hand in hand after all, and your character follows because they have been through it all since the beginning. Yet, giving in to her happiness is destroying her slowly. Your character can be a bandmate, manager, producer, etc.

-Kill of the Night-
Your character meets mine under... interesting circumstances. Out on a date with your girlfriend whom you feel yourself drifting away from, the two of you become a target for my character. It was only supposed to be a simple robbery, give her the ring she sought after and she would have been gone. Yet your character, who lived every day like a drone from work to home, sees this as an opportunity to feel something different and chases mine. What turned in to what he imagined would be heroics became the first day of his new life. She wasn't an ordinary human and it happened to be a full moon and what he didn't know was the ring he possessed that she wanted bound her to human form. Because, well, the monster that was unleashed when he got it back was something she couldn't control.

I'm hoping to get more ideas and make this fuller, but for now let me know what you got!

Offline brandon4fun

Re: Come Play♥
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2014, 07:53:37 PM »
you up for doing a harry potter role-play baby?