Seeking Literate Dom RPers. ^^ (Updated Feb 06, 2022)

Started by Lata Paine, July 12, 2014, 02:33:16 PM

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Lata Paine

(Not Safe for Work)

About me:
I really enjoy doing Sexual RPs that involve Non-Con, Enslavement, Domination, and Pet-Training. I’m an Experienced RPer. I’ve been doing this for years. I have very few limits in RP. So, if there is something you’d like to try out, I’m usually the person to go to. I like to use detail in RP.

Whom I'm looking for:
I'm currently searching for experienced role players (No Gender Preference.), someone who is able to be Dominant, and those who are literate in the English Language, ect... I understand that nobody is perfect, but I still expect effort. If there is something you have in mind that isn't in my RP ideas, let me know.

I have made over 404 characters to choose from. The characters are all organized by Race and Age to make searching easier. The races are Fairies {18}, Angels{16}, Elves{76}, Demons{92}, Humans{172}, and males{30}. Their /backgrounds can be altered if you wish, but the changes have to make sense.

RP Ideas:
I have made over 94 plots to choose from. All organized to make it easier to search through. If you have an idea that isn’t in the lists, feel free to tell it to me. I’m usually flexible with my plots. If you wish to alter my plots in some way, feel free to tell me. You don’t have to be bound by what I have written, but I expect your ideas or changes to make some kind of sense.

Just click my Signature picture to see my Kinks, Characters, and Plots.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. ^^

Rules and Such:
1. English must be first language.
2. No Romance.
3. 3 paragraph Minimum. (Please don't limit yourself to just 3 paragraphs. I can write up to 10+ depending on whom I'm RPing with.)
4. You must be at least 18 years old in RL to RP with me.
5. No Vague Rp requests.

I RP in Forum Threads, Email, PM, and Discord.
Click Picture for For More Info!