Camp Counselors [m/m m/f]

Started by traci80, July 12, 2014, 12:56:06 PM

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Camp Counselor---Boy A is 16yo and takes a job as a counselor at Camp Shady Lake. The camper to counselor ratio is 4 to 1 leaving him in charge of 4 boys half his age. With 8 boys to a cabin that means 2 counselors share a back room. The counselor he bunks with is an older boy, Boy B [17-19]. Boy B had worked at the camp before and is assigned to break the newbie in. Boy A is natural and doesn't need a lot of help from the older teen. Boy B plans to tutor the younger boy in something else in their little room after lights out. His motto is 'Humping on the First Night or Bust'. Besides his bunk mate Boy A meets a girl who is a year older from back home. They might have a little summer fling. She finds it hot that him and Boy B are playing around...them camp counselors do blab. Then there is the head counselor, a woman, who finds the newbie to be the perfect toy for summer. One of us would play Boy A. The other would take the parts of the others. The head could instead be a man. The girl could be a boy.