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May 23, 2018, 05:56:42 PM

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Author Topic: Transformers and potentialy TMNT. Movies that should be better (Watched T-4 >_<)  (Read 406 times)

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Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

I love them! Ever since I was a young adolescent force fed them at first by my way older brother. Box set after box set put to albeit, good use. But I am tired of the awful movie treatments Transformers gets, and not to mention the potential face palm I will have with TMNT. A failed project is one thing, but it urks me more that Micheal Bay is such a pompous dick. So full of himself when saying things like. "Let them hate it, they will watch it any way." Basically implying we will feed him money any way, which is really kind of true. As far as I can tell he is a bottom feeder playing off my/our nostalgia, as well as the Hormones of action seeking youths. None the wiser that he is playing them. (Why else does he cast Megan Fox as April O'neil? When we all know many, MANY other women deserve the role more? Megan should feel insulted that she was casted for looks alone, to pray upon a teens hormones. But then again with her in coming paycheck. She may not really care. ) And then playing us as well because we love the franchises.

So this topic is on what we feel should be changed, or what can make it better. But by extension, we are all allowed to sit around and talk of other things. Talk about our memories, our opinions, and transformers/TMNT in general.

First off: For transformers. I think we should focus more on the bot's. A sad mistaken theory on holy woods part is that we need human characters to relate to said character. Nope, wrong. Next movie should have less humans, or preferably none. (Take place on Cybertron any one?) But us the viewers are mostly more intelligent then they think, I can relate to the struggles of the Autobot's. Despite being robots. ( There has been quite a few successful films that used the subject of a machine soul as the gripping force of the film? ;) ) None the less, there needs to be more on them and used more gripplingly. Less strung out drama on a dads struggle to get his daughter kept in check as a guy dates her despite her being a minor, while autobots fight in the background, being side characters with their tales and mythology being either ignored or told really fast so we get back to the humans. And more Transformers! I want to actually see Starscream vie for power, and be the sniveling silver tongued coward he is. I want the gripping battles between prime and Megatron without it being more about the action rather then their past and their rivalry. I want to see, and hear of Megatrons legendary feats in the pits of Kaon. I want Prime to inspire his troops with the tail of how a small simple archivist named Orion Pax became Optimus Prime! And for once I want it on the big screen. How about you?
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Offline apygoos

funny i see this thread after that videos has been curculating around. in transformers 1-3, we only see ninteen total minutes of transformers related action/combat in 7.5 hours of movie.

Transformers 4 attempted to explore an interesting scenario, though it was milking a premise that started all the way back in 2. "we don't need the transformers anymore". This premise of course comes back and bites them in the face., this time courtesy of their own hands. IF you want a good example of how human interaction in a transformers series should be, go look at Transformers Prime.
Michael Bay tries to build up these deep, detailed stories for the humans working close to the autobots this time, so much so that we go through almost thirty minutes of movie, more or less, before Optimus  interacts with them at all. The unfortunate state of 4 is brought on by the other good autobots they outright offed either in 3, or off screen thanks to the CIA. One of my more pissed off moments about the series is how they bitched off Ironhide. I understand that Bumblebee and Optimus are apparently all that matter to hte movies but..cmon man.

I'm also pissed at how Megatron/Galvatron was portrayed. Megatron isn't just on par with Optimus, historically he has been a horrific master mind and tactician. Michael Bay has effectively reduced Megatron to being a bitch, first for "The Fallen" and then for Sentinel Prime. Galvatrons appearance in 4 is "oh look i can corrupt robots", and then proceeds to do absolutely nothing in the entire final act of 4. According to the movie, at least on earth, there are only those 5 Autobots left. Galvatron could've killed minimum two of them, or at least imposed a huge threat. his only lines in the last act are "bring me the seed!" "They're ruining everything" and lastly "we'll meet again Prime"

I also was highly amused by the misadvertisement of the Dinobots involvement. Even though they were only present for fifteen minutes of the movie or so, i was pissed at the "fight" between Optimus and Grimlock. once again, Grimlock is someone that is very much on Par, and on occasion higher, than Optimus. I really pray they get justice done for them in the next installment.

The story arcs you mention from Transformers history would be incredible to watch. Raw plains transformers still brings tons of plot/story, plenty of action, and giant fighting robot goodness, without pointless human story that frankly, none of us really care about. we dont care that Tess isnt allowed to date more than the factoid. etc.

I'm likely not going to see another Michael Bay film. at least not in theaters. For the quality of movie we got with T4, i couldve looked for a decent pirate copy or redbox. Same will likely apply with TMNT

Offline Beorning

I haven't seen the first Transformers movie, but I managed to catch the second and third part on TV.

Oh dear... the second one was one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen. Awful. The third one... wasn't as bad as the second one. That's the biggest compliment I can give it.

My beef with these movies in general: the bots. I can stand their design! They are overclipated and over-shiny. When they fight, I can't see what's going on at all... I just see a mass of shiny metal moving around. And none of these guys were recognizable for me, aside from Optimus or Bee...

Overall, yes: these movies should've been much better.  >:(

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Apygoos: Really? Knowing the actual numbers makes the lack of transformers in Transformers that much more infuriating. >_< lol. None the less, I agree. I wont be giving Bay another dime. Unless he can prove to me that he is a competent director. Which is impossible. He is not a director. To him, movies are not a source of art or entertainment. He is a salesmen, always looking for what makes the biggest and fastest buck. With no worry whatsoever about That little hindering thing we call "Quality." He is a con artist, and he conned us all. >_< .

Beorning: And even then, Bee was given major re-design, and Optimus has flames on his paint job. >_< . I agree, it is hard to see the action at times. Not to mention their complete willingness to kill off some characters, without so much as an ounce of back ground giving for you the viewer to care. You see, I know Iron-hide, I know Jazz, I know Star-scream. But the viewer who has never even heard of the cartoons. Does not. So when any character dies, The viewer doesnt care. Since, he or she has no clue who the character is or why they should care. As for me, I cant help but feel sad, not that there deaths were emotionally gauging. But that they were not, and that Micheal Bay expects me to care about a character he made to be nothing more then a dam stereotype. For both quickness, and an easy buck.