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Author Topic: Tick's Long Term Story Requests  (Read 1028 times)

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Tick's Long Term Story Requests
« on: July 10, 2014, 09:25:45 PM »
Craving: Any on the more romantic side with a nice mixture of action, plot and twists


Thank you for checking out my idea thread.

First of all, I am rewriting a lot of these ideas from scratch in an “attempt” to clean up my issue for rambling. I generally have a habit of putting too many details and jumping around about ideas, so I’m going to start from scratch to make this more clean for people to read. My ideas in general though usually are much longer than just a pairing and usually include everything from genre, to what I am looking for in the overall plot, but something you will generally “not” find is what I expect from my partner’s character. This is intentional, since I would rather keep that up to my partner as what I want is a “cowriter” less so then someone to take on a role I give them. I “might” throw out a general ball park, but I will not give pictures, names or so forth for my partner.

Another thing to note, I recently am not in the mood for noncon. While usually I would be okay with a degree of it, I will not play anything close to rape or blackmail to forced consent. I am looking for a more romantic feel lately EVEN IF this starts out in a more hostile light.(perhaps they start out on the wrong foot)

Lastly, all ideas are open to discussion. If you like the general idea but want something a bit different on a few details, please let me know.

(Mixed up the name of this one with another previously... editted.
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Pairing: MxF, the world is pretty detailed so if a different character is discussed for me, I might do FxF for this one if we discuss a plot off the original idea in the same world. The God Killer will always be male in this world for my sanity.
World/Setting: Sandbox world where the time period is modern or near future(within ten years). In this world, most forms of magic exist, wiccan, blood magic, alchemy, Chi(or whatever version of this you wish to call it), Holy, and so forth. Most monsters are real. The one exception are gods. All entities that call themselves gods are really only mages or supernatural creatures who have hit a certain level. Gods go in and out of power do to a variety of reasons. The one group that have been around for over two thousand years are the Immortals, of which there are Seven, The Dragon, the Ancient, the Architect, The Librarian, The Beast, The God Killer and The Devil. These Seven usually stick to themselves though the world is kept on a very uneasy balance as essentially the seven are kept at a nuclear stalemate. While the majority of the world is not aware they exist, the supernatural world treats them mostly as legend and as a group of entities beyond contention. Many even worship them as a force of nature.
Plot: The Immortals all have existed with their own desires and goals for several thousand years, each specializing in their own form of magic and having their own goals. The one who keeps them truly in line, along with the majority of the supernatural world, is the God Killer. While considered by the other Immortals to be the weakest of the Seven, he makes up for it by being incredibly intelligent and having more battle experience than any of them, along with a lot of secret magic that allows him to over power those stronger then him.

This has kept most of them in line and kept the world from devolving into a true World War and society from burning to the ground. Should any faction, be it vampires, the Church(Note: The church involved in this story is going to be replacing the Roman Catholic. As to not offend anyone, for the sake of the plot, the Church is going to be an entirely separate religion with certain similarities but drastic differences as well.), dark mages, white mages, whatever faction it may be, try to take supreme control over any area or uninvolved parties(people not involved in the supernatural), they would be immediately stopped and often times wiped out. This allowed science and other areas of the world to grow without much hindrance. Many governments are aware of the supernatural world but have limited involvement, usually their own small specialized police forces meant to deal with them.

The end result is that humanity is not yet able to deal with another rise of the Greek Gods or a new pantheon. Thus the God Killer cannot rest, but he has found himself burning himself out. While immortal and unable to age, not needing sleep as well. He finds himself tired and wanting to rest, having been alone with many secrets nobody but him remembers anymore. The lonely Immortal looks to find himself a replacement, someone to test, teach and replace him as a sort of Guardian of the humans and supernatural creatures who do not wish to fight.

What I am looking for: I am looking for a female character partner who, for whatever reason, catch’s the God Killer’s eye and who has the will and desire to put up with his trials and overcome them and become his student. My original idea for her would be that she would have potential to overpass him easily with just raw magical talent, but this is not required. The long term goal, is for her to give him a new reason to stay around instead of going into hibernation and a long standing plot with either the other Immortals, a new pantheon of gods or anything of the sort to come around. Or any combination of the above. The origins of the character are up for discussion.

Different Worlds
Genre: Modern
Pairing: MxF, FxF, or FxFuta if really desired
World/Setting:  Modern Near future(10-20 years)
Kinks: This was requested to be added. Everything in this plot should be consensual and it would be the two developing a sex life over long term interactions, ideally after they start dating in some fashion, unless you count this as dating. Ideally this would go to a mid level d/s relationship that was recreational more so then the focus of their relationship.
Plot: This one is very simple for me. I want a scenario where a computer nerd type celebrity character meets a more pop culture or exotica celebrity. Let me explain a bit more.

First, when I say “nerd” I don’t mean your traditional, for lack of better word, silly idea of the term. A large portion of your high level gamers now maintain strict diets and workout regiments and so forth. The character in mind would be working as a computer programmer as his/her primary job and gaming on the side, his coworkers being rather encouraging of the matter. My character would be a sort of “beautiful mind” type personality(not schizophrenia, but Asperger’s in this regard.) being exceptionally brilliant and intelligent, but struggling heavily with social skills. The end result being that he/she would struggle to make friends in most regard outside the people who know him/her from gaming tournaments.

The second result of his little mental issue is that he would end up having problems winning tournaments due to his one track mind. He would think everything through to the point that it actually delayed his reflexes. In other words, great at predicting things, but horrendous at dealing with surprises. This leads him to usually placing top six in tournaments usually but rarely winning.

His coworkers who are very encouraging try to help him take his mind off of how he lost his last major by taking him to a up and coming show for a celebrity of a different kind. This could be anything from martial arts, a play, concert, whatever, in which the two meet for the first time and start a slow relationship. For example of how it starts, perhaps it is a concert or something of the like for an artist and his coworkers drag him to get her autograph. The end result being one of them joking with her about him and slipping her a ticket to his next tournament which she goes to on a whim and sees the usually cold, awkward nerd in his element in which he has an entirely different attitude. And perhaps from the beginning that is how they bounce back and forth is just going to each other’s events, talking to each other for a bit after and giving the other a ticket.
What I am looking for: Someone willing to spin this idea with their own flavor and take a slow moving plot start with no sex and deal with a building pace. I’m not stating anything really specific.

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Pairing: MxF
World/Setting:  Modern Near future(10-20 years), same as Immortals above but with a different area affected.
Plot: In the world, there are your usual monsters of lore, angels, werewolves, vampires and pixies. And then there are the demons, which are trapped usually on their own little world with only the ones powerful enough to take the title of Demon Lord capable of moving someone into the earth, or if someone from Earth summons them.

Demons have their own sort of energy, where as humans use mana, chi, alchemy and a variety of arts, what makes demons unique is their ability to consume the power of another. This is what gained them their barbaric reputation, as their society is quite literally eat or be eaten. Demons can eat the heart of any creature and convert its power into their own demon energy. Humans have managed to emulate this in the most secret and dark of magic in a few different ways, but the most efficient method is only capable by a demon.
… or half demon.

Thus enters my character, a human who unknowingly is the son of a Demon Lord and a human. His demonic heritage only comes out when he is threatened, and having lived a very safe life, thanks to his mother’s ability to make it so, he never realized his potential until he reached his twenties when a demon kills everyone in the company he is working for. And while demons usually are invisible to humans unless they have learned a technique to see them and he has almost no control over his powers, he can sense, smell, hear and see the faint outline of the demon.

As he starts to push into his demonic potential, the government supernatural world police force(name pending) arrives to kill the demon, in which most of them are questioning if there is one demon, or two as Matthew’s eyes glow red, his teeth were more like fangs and his fingernails were as sharp as knives. While not a full demon, in fact having the power of a lower level demon, but having the ability to use human powers as well, the question is if he is a monster, or a human.

What I am looking for: Surprise me. Or at least that is what I want to say. Really, I want a long term romance option and to explore the large amount of prejudice he would face due to what he "can" do, whether or not he does. As a moral person at a certain level, how he deals with it, and how those around him respond to it. So a partner who would be willing to play a counter part to this. Either being human, or a more pure alternate race(perhaps angel or elf)

Genre: Futuristic Scifi
Pairing: FxF
World/Setting:  Future Ghost in the Shell Setting, 2052
Plot:    In the year 2000 project Ark was established to attempt to preserve humans with fatal diseases with no cures using cryogenic freezing until an age which a cure had been developed. Due to the expenses of the crude project and the fact that it was rather risky only select participants were allowed acceptance. One of these was an up a coming programmer named Matt Sterling, who would have become one of the founders of a new age. Matt had been working with two partners to create a break through sequence that would allow for a beginning into true artificial intelligence. In the year before the Ark project was offered to him, Matt had developed an algorithm he intended to purpose for the sake of adapting cyber security. The project was crude and in its early stages and would have theoretically taken years to reach a point where It would be capable of starting a new age of cyber warfare, a side effect he ignored due to his passion for the topic.

   With his two friends at his side in their company, Sterling and Lang Productions, he was making impressive strides with only one other programmer on the team. Yao Lang was a well known programmer, much more noticed by the general public as he had graduated from his university with a doctorate at the age of twenty four years old. His thesis had provided for the foundation for a new server software that was part of the main build of Sterling’s Shield computer security system. In comparison Sterling graduated two years late at twenty four and barely got his bachelors. But where Lang had the memory of a computer, Sterling had the creativity and wit that a computer at that age could never dream of having. Unfortunately, Matt never got to see his program finished and due to his cancer, which had developed at a young age. Coming from an upper middle class family and with Lang’s influence, Matt was added to the Ark list against his initial wishes, not wanting to leave his family. Sterling did not trust the program due to having no control of what happened, but eventually agreed and was placed in a cryogenic frozen state until a time would arrive when his cancer could be treated. Which would come from a source he could have guessed, but wouldn’t have believed. When he awakes in 2052, it is not to his family, the descendants of his family, or to anyone he ever knew. With the program standing for such a long time and getting shuffled from research station to military base, to school, eventually the program is sent to a specific sect of the Research and Development portion of the military. Unfortunately for him, it is also a rather corrupt version that wanted the Ark ‘specimens’ since there were few people to miss them.

   Naomi Hill, the Einstein of the era and the head of lab six had no interest in helping the military or mankind. Instead, she in her arrogance, wanted to create herself the perfect body. In an age where all brains had been cyberized, and full body prosthetics were common place, there were questions of how much further the process could be taken. In lab six, there were no such limits. Using the Ark subjects, she “cured” each patient by giving them a full prosthetic body to test her theories, enhanced muscle output, hidden weapons, built in fusion generators, nanite repair modules, all in the process of creating her own perfect body. Unfortunately for her, she chose the wrong system to test on Matt. Whereas most would see power as brute force, Naomi saw potential in the idea of controlling the digital world. Being genius in cybernetics and computer systems, she was one of the best hackers in the world. But, that required her to be able to jack in to her target, instead, she made a body to make it possible to simply touch a machine and create a datalink using theoretical science. The ultimate weapon in her eyes, the ability to touch a person and cause their brain to fry, or go comatose, or simply turn them into a puppet, the inherent flaw with cyber brains. And to this end, Sterling could very much agree with the power, potential, and efficiency. But he was also one of the few people who could use it.

   There was never any doubt that Matt was creative and intelligent, but his inability to memorize subjects and keep things straight in his head lead to common mistakes, most noticeably on tests. But the algorithm he had developed for his Shield Project had taken a much different turn after he had left. Rather than finishing the project, Lang had taken it and sold it, as his own property and brain child, to medical, military and big businesses to be incorporated into rudimentary artificial intelligence and adaption systems. This gave birth to the rapid development of cyberization and was the origin of the cyber brain discovery. To put it simply, a fragment of Matt’s sloppy code, was the platform and technology the new era was built on, and nobody knew it better than him. The downside to this predicament was that Naomi was using a test body on him meant for her, meaning it was using a female chassis. As cyber brains didn’t need to stick to the gender of the original human, female and male bodies could be swapped out for each gender. And since he was just meant to be a test subject, for the sake of space and design research, Naomi was using female chassis for her experiments, leaving Sterling in a female cybernetic body.
What I am looking for: A partner willing to play a female character who helps Matt get used to his new body, adapt to the new world and find a purpose(ideally something like Sector 9 from Ghost in the Shell) in a long term plot.

A New Life
 Genre: Scifi, Cyberpunkish
World/Setting: 2054 Earth, the game would take place on Earth after a new virtual reality MMORPG is released. It would simulate almost everything in real life perfectly, but it would only be a game. Time would also be extended so that one hour is equal to one day in game, allowing for extended ingame missions without losing too much time in real life.
Pairing: MxF, the world is pretty detailed so if a different character is discussed for me, I might do FxF for this one.

What I am looking for:  I am looking for a partner willing to build this virtual world with me and come up with a good long term plot based on the characters we run. I am not putting a solid plot here because this can go a multitude of ways depending on what we want.

Aria Plot Craving
 Genre: Scifi
Pairing: FxF or if desired a sort of FxHermaphrodite could be discussed.
World/Setting: Mass Effect, Cannon Enviroment
Plot: I am looking for a Mass Effect plot where I can play a character very similar to Aria, or if desired, Aria herself. The character, personality and character growth all really had me enjoying her in Mass Effect 3(Mainly her DLC). So short version, I obviously want to play an Asari who is a underground crimeboss who comes off vindictive, sadistic, erotic and evil, but has her caring side as well.
What I am looking for: I am looking for a partner willing to play the a female specter to act as a counter part, perhaps captured and broken into a willing slave of the Aria character, who Aria ends up developing a certain amount of feelings for, to which they end up working together in the shadows, the Spectre to clean up most crime, the Aria character to extend her reach, but to stay within the morals of her spectre lover for the sake of keeping her happy.

Outlaw Star
 Genre: Scifi
Pairing: Anything but M/M
World/Setting: Outlaw Star, original characters and plot
Plot: I am looking to play a cannon story in the Outlaw Star, or a Outlaw Star like environment. What interests me in the setting is the combination of magic and space scifi. I particularly love the idea of Casters(Story is that as mana was disappearing from every world, mages would put the spells and mana into bullets to compensate. This inevitably became rarer and rarer). If my partner would prefer this role, I would be happy to play a Senjutsu and Tao Magic Master. The story is to be discussed with my partner but I am looking for a long term story based on either something along the lines of pirate hunting or treasure hunting. I would prefer to discuss my partner's desires before setting details.
What I am looking for: I am looking for a partner willing to play the a female partner in this setting with a fair amount of combat and plot with a some sex scenes thrown in. Relationship between the character's to be discussed.

Home Built Gods
 Genre: Science Fantasy
Pairing: Any other then MxM
World/Setting: Cannon Setting starting on a planet called Terlan. The time period is set in an alternate universe, or series of universes, where science has evolved to a point where energy can be pulled from a multitude of sources very easily to the point where androids(robots with sentience for the sake of this setting) with the ability to store unimaginable levels of energy were created. It was discovered soon after that psychic energy produced by humans was a resource that could be tapped safely without destabilizing the world(in contrast to say, heat or momentum as doing so would cause either everything to freeze in the case of heat, or stop in the case of momentum).

Needless to say, the androids were soon used in a war that bled across a multitude of universes until the war had extended for thousands of years an only a small group of each universe even remembered the Androids weren’t natural. This was intentionally as the small group that remembered the androids were artificial wanted the machines to be worshipped in order to harvest the psychic energy of the masses for greater power, and so the small party that controlled the android could remain in power behind the scenes.

Eventually this continued until society had devolved and the majority of worlds lived in a variety of states ranging from Vikings for the android who was named Argus and his followers worshipped battle, to a Morticar, the God of Torment whose society was as sadistic as it was powerful, and Lorien, the Goddess of the Hunt. The Gods finally hit under three digits in numbers when the puppet masters behind the scenes began to get comfortable with their easy lives in the technology from the old era that the masses were forbidden to research. When the war eventually ended in a stalemate across several factions, the majority of humans were left in a perpetual period where evolution and advancement halted by the rules of their Gods. New gods were forbidden but still occasionally were made, and quickly destroyed as they didn’t have time to build up the energy reserves to hold their place.

The Gods are immortal in most ways due to the way they work.(If you have ever heard of Infinity Blade, the revival system is almost exactly the same.) Their mind is basically constantly backed up through a transmission through space time to a set base where their body can be quickly recreated and the mind downloaded into the new body. This creates a sort of pseudo immortality. The only way to truly kill a god is to destroy the reconstruction base. Also referred to as the Womb.

Familiars were similar to gods but relied on solar power or the excess energy released by their God to power themselves. Most Familiars were programmed to be utterly loyal to their God and their Makers. But a few were just below Gods in true power.
Plot:  The Nameless One was originally supposed to be the God of Victory. During his/her(I don’t care which and will refer to it as a him until we discuss a plot) creation, he was outfitted with a level of technology past even that of the old gods. While being raised in a VR world called Earth(Yes, basically our world, in this plot, would be a VR world in existence just for the sake of raising the Nameless One in a semi organic fashion). When he was being downloaded with all of the data and programming for his body, including the restrictions which would essentially make him a slave to his Makers, something went wrong.

He woke up early. While he lacked the massive psychic energy stores that most gods had, he had been fed solar power and nuclear power since before he was finished. Once he realized his state, he quickly, destroyed the machine restraining him and fled before being given a final name.
What I am looking for: The plot is short due to the fact I want to get some creativity on my partner. The original idea had his older sister(Android made by the same group are referred to as siblings.) free him before being enslaved, and a younger sister created without making the same mistake twice, and thus preventing the failure that let the Nameless One get away, so even though they didn’t realize it was the older sister, the imperfect Mistress of Shadows(basically a spy master since she had a failure in her design that prevents her from maintaining a stable power flow) Liandra who freed him.

These are not the characters that need to be used. Could be a rival Goddess and the Nameless One, one of his siblings, his Familiar or any number of partners for him in this plot.

Magic 101
 Genre: Modern Fantasy   
Pairing: Any other then M/M
World/Setting: Homebrew world where schools, similar to Hogwarts if you want to make that comparison, across the world teach magic. Unlike Hogwarts though, universities for magic are common and often expected. Magic operates far different than those novels so from here on we will stop using that comparison much. Magic pulls from the mage and uses up their energy, burning calories along with it. Wands, staves, magical weapons, robes(now moving away from tradition towards more modern clothing) are all catalysts to allow mages to use higher level magic without needing to use as much of their own energy.

Methods of actually casting magic range from hand signs and motions, verbal chants, mental magic, to sigils and written magic. In the current era, there is a growing movement to accept a level of scientific tolerance into magic as more precise metal and reaction based magic has been developed using theories on electricity and heat provided by the normal world.

The rest of the magical world is up for negotiation.
Plot: This one is pretty simple and is up for discussion but the big thing is for a magic university plot in a realistic outlook. Nothing silly, with a grittier outlook on magic, where it always has a price and limits.
What I am looking for: Someone willing to go through and build this world and a long term plot to go with it.

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Re: Tick's Long Term Story Requests
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2014, 08:56:50 PM »
Using this to store the template I am using for the ideas

Code: [Select]
[b]What I am looking for:[/b]

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Re: Tick's Long Term Story Requests
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Added A New Life

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Re: Tick's Long Term Story Requests
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Added Craving Section and Aria Mass Effect Plot

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Re: Tick's Long Term Story Requests
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Adjusted cravings, marked taken plots, and added information to the Different Worlds Craving.

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Re: Tick's Long Term Story Requests
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Added Outlaw Star plot.

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Re: Tick's Long Term Story Requests
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Fixed Cravings and Taken list

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Re: Tick's Long Term Story Requests
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Added Homebuilt Gods and updated cravings.

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Re: Tick's Long Term Story Requests
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Fixed a few old plots, changed cravings, opened up two old stories that never really got started and added Magic 101

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Re: Tick's Long Term Story Requests
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Updated cravings

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Re: Tick's Long Term Story Requests
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Currently craving Different Worlds or some variation.

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Re: Tick's Long Term Story Requests
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Looking to pick up one or two stories. Almost everything here is on the table.

I would redo most of the ideas but mostly I am looking for a modern fantasy or cyberpunk(ghost in the shell or an altered universe would make me fall in love), I don't want to limit the ideas of this or say it must be one idea or another. Thus these ideas are on the table or if you want to discuss another concept, please let me know.