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On Those Days

Started by Athos, July 10, 2014, 07:17:57 PM

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On those days
When I feel utterly defeated.
When confusion and uncertainty overwhelm me,
Threatening to tear down all that I have built inside myself.

On those days,
When I feel trapped and alone.
When my mind races against fear
But no matter how fast I run it catches me.

On those days,
When I desperately pour out
My heart on the written page,
Trying, in vain, to make sense of all the voices in my head.

On those days,
I find a quiet place and I dig down deep,
Deeper than seems possible,
Right to the very bottom of my heart.

There, even when it seems I have none left within me,
I find love.
I hold it close, cradling it against me as hard as I can.
I listen to it’s soft music and gentle words.

I see the faces of all those who I’ve loved
Both those who are gone and those who I love still.
Then, slowly, the noise fades and the world brightens.
Once again, I can see colors.
In that moment, I know that I will be okay,
On those days.

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Reminds me of the brighter side of Pandora's Box.  The idea that - buried down deep, no matter what else is in the way - there is always Hope.
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