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Author Topic: (mxm) Crazy Punk Guy Kidnaps and Tortures Pretnetious Emo Boy (D/s, i seek sub)  (Read 1117 times)

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Hello. I am looking for someone to play the sub role in this delightfully fun little idea I came up with. I will play the punk boy, called Jack, and you will play the scene boy. You can change his name to whatever pleases you!  Their ages are up for debate. I am not interested in scat. Everything besides that, we can discuss...

I would love it if you made Your Character pretentious, superficial, snobby and egotistical...that makes it way easier for Jack to come up with ways to make him suffer.

After the summary, I will list a few kinks that I think would work nicely with this game. I will also be posting some inspirational photos to help conceptualize these characters. Our characters aren't "these people" in the photos, these are just photos to give us an idea of the type of guys we are going to be writing as.


Jack had been called just about every name in the book. His mother used to claim he was just going through a phase, but after his conviction in a string of arsons and vandalisms, even she had to admit that her son had a problem. Well, a lot of problems, and they went deeper than his outrageous punk rock outfits, his beloved painted and studded leather, and his piercings, tattoos and Mohawk. 

Jack was full of pent up rage, and it was justified, at least in his mind. He had been taken away from his parents by the state due to their drug use at the age of 8, and then shuttled around a string of foster homes, perpetually abused, until his mother was finally deemed fit to take him back.

By then, Jack was a very angry young man, 17 years old with the demeanor of a burnt out 29 year old sociopath. He’d done just about every drug there was to try, and he liked them all, as well as being a daily drinker. He also had a sadistic streak, falling into a pattern of winning over girls with his brooding bad boy look, then scaring them away with his exuberant dominant sexual behavior.

Most girls wouldn’t even think about trying the kinks that Jack fantasized about. He was bisexual, and he knew it, but he didn’t even try to fuck around with guys, couldn’t risk the reputation. He was building a name for himself here, and he certainly wasn’t going to fuck it up by becoming known as a fag.

He was out of control, they all said. He refused to go to school and spent most of his time roaming the streets or getting fucked up. He was like a ticking time bomb, ready to lash out at anyone that dared to cross his path. He had a few friends, true, weirdos and freaks like him (and he was proud to call himself a freak, wore the title with honor), and they kept him from acting out in ways that would have had him locked up.

Some days, out of boredom, they’d hang out at the mall. They'd watch people, make fun of yuppies, try to pick up girls, steal shit, get drunk, and just generally cause trouble.

And that’s where Devyn made the unfortunate mistake of trying to bully Jack.

Devyn was a scene kid, or an emo kid. He wore tight jeans and thick black eyeliner, listened to screamo music and shopped at Hot Topic. The punks and the scene kids didn’t get along, at all, in fact they had a bitter rivalry, each group seeing the other as posers. No one knew how the feud had started, but they hated each other, and that was that.

Devyn had fairly recently moved to this city. He had been a preppy, normal kid, or a jock, or both, but he realized that the scene thing could get him laid way more than his old persona. He'd quickly adopted the look and gotten into the “scene”. He was trying to look like a hardass in front of his new friends, when he saw Jack alone, smoking a cigarette, and decided to make fun of him (for being a punk, maybe, calling him a poser, or perhaps for being wasted. Devyn might be straight edge, and mocks Jack for being drunk or stoned. However, the teasing would get more intense, and develop into a personal attack against Jack as a person. I want to leave the majority of Devyn’s (or whatever you choose to call him) personality up to you, since he is your character in this roleplay, after all. We can choose to roleplay this scene if you want to, I think it would be fairly important to the cohesiveness of the game).

Whatever transpires between the two of them, Devyn said some very cruel things that penetrated Jack’s outer defenses and touched him where he’s wounded. This was a fatal error. No one had gotten to Jack like this in a long, long time. 

(Perhaps it goes even further than that, with Devyn making threatening remarks towards one of Jack's friends, or pulling a prank that hurts one of the smaller members of Jack's group. I see Jack as a fiercely loyal friend, so anyone who hurt a friend of his would pay dearly. Let me know if you are up for playing multiple characters; I always am)

So Jack started planning. And Jack had a shack. He’d only ever gone there to do drugs and be alone, and no one else knew about this particular little hide away. It was way, way out in the woods, a concrete construct with a heavy door. But inside, it was the perfect dungeon. Obviously it had been abandoned by the previous owner…but now it would soon have a new occupant.

Jack decides to kidnap Devyn. He stalks him until he seizes the opportunity late one night, when Devyn is leaving a party. Using a friend’s vehicle, he abducts Devyn and takes him to the shack. He isn’t exactly sure what he is going to do to him, but he knows he’s going to make him pay.

(Later on in the game, perhaps Jack will bring one or more of his friends in to share his scene boy pet/slave)

Ideas for Jack:

Ideas for Your Character:

Extreme Edge Play
Breath Play
Forced Piercings
Leash and Collar
Dominance / submission
Master / slave
Owner / pet
Forced Drug/Alcohol Use
Drug and Alcohol Use (My character will be using them willingly)
Needles / Injection / Shooting Up
Rough Sex
Non Con
Verbal Abuse / Degradation

This will be a violent, abusive roleplaying, with the main theme being a kidnapping, so expect non-con, intense D/s, your character getting beaten up, cut, raped, forced, and traumatized. We can discuss your limits, I am reasonable and don't have to include certain things if they really bother you.

Your character would be confined to the shack indefinitely. The level of harm that my character inflicts upon yours might be mainly psychological, or it may be a good solid mix of physical as well as mental torture. It all depends on you and your limits. I am open minded and Jack has a very twisted psyche, but let's work something out. If you don't like something, we don't have to do it.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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I have added an inspirational photo to each character's section, added a bunch of kinks, and added some more information to clarify what I am seeking with this roleplay.  :-)

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I love this idea! But! I only play dominate males (As in I would want to play jack) BUT! Its a great idea and I hope lots of people message you to play it!! Happy hunting!!! :)