Demoness seeking dom male Angel

Started by Inari, July 10, 2014, 11:35:16 AM

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We have all seen situations in which demons overthrow humans and corrupt angels. But what if the reverse happened?

My basic idea is that my demoness is harmless and has been on the run from her own kind. She is terrified of her own kind and of angels due to tales she has been told as a child. Your character is an angel that just happens to be wandering the human realm. If he sees humans in danger he helps them. He also takes sadistic joy in killing demons.

I would like to discuss the plot some more but basically the angel finds my harmless demon and instead of killing her, decides to punish and "purify" her. There shall be hijinx on the way and all that jazz... but yeh~

Angel taking a Demoness as his possible fuck toy. Sound fun? Pm me if you are interested!