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Author Topic: Lady of the Lake [Van][Van-E]  (Read 587 times)

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Lady of the Lake [Van][Van-E]
« on: September 12, 2008, 06:34:28 PM »
Their first encounter wasn't exactly the smoothest. He had seen her perched at the opposite end of the room in a bar she didn't look like she should be in. She seemed like a girl who had a rich background, not the usual barfly. As he got closer he realize her glare was much more impetuous and wild then he originally believed, she seemed so meek yet he was draw in like a moth to a fluorescent light bulb. With each step he repeated in his head a worthy introduction, this gem deserved more then the usual hello.

Everything went downhill from there. He had ordered a deep brown liquor and was heading in her direction when he stumbled. The alcohol smothered her pretty white top. He definitely seemed more worried about it then she, no amount of apologizing seemed to soothe his flaring shame. After several minutes of formal sorry's he leaves a mess, all bent out of shape and embarrassed. Destiny doesn't seem to favor him. While walking out to his vehicle he is surrounded by a group of thugs who obviously mean to beat him down and take his valuables. He isn't a fighter and knows he can't give them more then a desperate attempt at courage. Then she comes out and begins to head towards the group of robbers on steroids. She is obviously one of the crazies, standing up to a bunch of cutthroats who are kitty cat calling like there is no tomorrow. A few minutes and some sore underestimating later and the group is piled in a heap on the cement, loose jaws, vomit, blood and all.

She didn't beat them by any normal means. It looked as though she hadn't even lifted a finger, not even a button on her stained shirt was out of place. Come with me. You won't be able to lead a normal life now that you have seen this. He is tempted to follow but after such a frightening revelation he just wants to go home. Without a word he leaves her in the parking lot watching through the rear view mirror as she becomes a disappearing glow in the evening shadow.

The next day life seems to resort back to the normal hubbub. He presses on throughout the day running on coffee and Tylenol. After taking a venture into the city he begins to see things. Little pieces of her seem to pop up in the most unusual places. It is never anything big, the edge of her jacket on a billboard, a brush of her hair on his cheek when he rounds a corner, the smell of her perfume. He begins to see her everywhere, walking by his car while stopped in traffic, and even a slight glimpse in pages on magazine covers while walking through convenience stores. Who is she and why is she a reoccurring thought?

A week passes by and she begins to pop up more and more every day. The weekend comes and he decides to drown some unnerving dirty thoughts away by drinking himself into oblivion, he goes back to his favorite bar. She is there, sitting where she had been sitting before, and she is looking at him as if she is waiting for something. As if she knew he would come. Well he approaches again, this time none too happy. Was she following him? Who the hell was she? So to answer some of his questions they go to quiet little cafe and talk. She tells him of an underground society, a society of people who have transcended, battling it out to crown kings. She then tells him that he can no longer return to normal life, she is going to awaken his 'gifts' and he is going to ascend to the throne, become the next king.

It's not surprising that he would thing she is nutty. But when a group of men whose leader can shoot flames from his hands comes to his house he realizes that this is no joke and accepts her offer after she turns the group into kabobs.


Pretty Much Taken
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Re: Lady of the Lake [Van][Van-E]
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2008, 01:31:45 PM »
Yes, yes, and yes.  I would love to give this RP a try if you're still in search of a partner; it feels a little like Matrix meets Wanted meets King Arthur - it sounds like it has massive potential.