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Author Topic: A Transformation Roleplay  (Read 1059 times)

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A Transformation Roleplay
« on: July 09, 2014, 10:20:47 pm »
You were always fascinated by magic.  When you were a small child it was fairy tales and Disney movies.  When other kids wised up, you were still wishing on stars and believing in Santa.  When you grew older you discovered Dungeons and Dragons and became a gaming nerd.  You read every fantasy novel you could get your hands and books upon books about the occult.  Over time, though you ended up in corporate America, in a generic job as a sales consultant, mostly pushing paper for people who were better natural salesmen than you are.  Still, you dreamed of magic.

Then you found the book.  It didn't have a title, just an old book written in a weird dialect halfway between old Latin and modern Spanish.  It purported to hold the true key to mystical power. It cost more than you could afford, but you maxed out his credit card to buy it.  After having tried so many rituals to achieve nothing you knew you were being foolish, but from the moment you started reading the book you felt compelled. This time was different.  This ritual would awaken the slumbering power you always knew that you had.  You felt something stir within yourself.

This time it worked.  After a lifetime of living in fantasy, you finally found power.  It was weak, intermittent, inconsistent, but there were times when you knew things were about to happen.  When you spoke, sometimes people would suddenly start agreeing with you. Women who dismissed you before sometimes looked at you now with smoldering interest.  You even took two of them to bed.  You went to Vegas and won a hundred grand in craps before you stopped.  You had the strong feeling that you had better stop while you were ahead. Then, when leaving, you saw two security guards with bad intentions heading to where you had just been. More confirmation.

All of that was wonderful, but you wanted more. You wanted money, success, women and  true power.  There were formula's for potions.  Actual spells and rituals, but you were missing a key ingredient for most of them - a familiar.  The book was clear on that.  A magician's familiar multiplied his power tenfold.  It acted as a catalyst for all his more powerful magic.  You had to have a familiar.

Although it wouldn't come without price.  The ritual was clear, documented and made sense.  You knew it would work.  However, the book didn't talk about summoning a demon or some animal.  No, according to the book a familiar wasn't summoned.  A familiar was created using a ritual.  The main component was a human being, the sacrifice who would be transformed into the familiar.  Could you really do this to another person?  Can you take a person and turn them into an animal,  familiar and slave?  Yes, you could.  Magic was your destiny, but who did you hate enough to make your victim?

As you wondered this, she walked past your cubical. You could almost see her aura glowing like a halo.  Her.  The bitch.  If there was anyone who deserved it, she did.

The Story

Looking for a writing partner to play the would be magician. I will play the co-worker who will be the subject of your ritual.  Some of the major elements of this roleplay are:

* Physical Transformation - My character will undergo an unwilling transformation from human to your familiar.  Initially she will have two forms, a feline form and a hybrid form.  Open for discussion before game starts:
          o Whether my character ever regains the ability to assume fully human form
          o How fuzzy is the hybrid form.  I'd prefer she be mostly catgirl while looking human. But i'm open to other suggestions, as long as she is human     enough for sex.
          o How powered is the hybrid form.  I'm open to downpowered (weaker than human) to enhanced (catlike speed, stealth, reflexes, enhanced strength)
    * Mental Transformation - The story of my character is largely about her mental journey.  The magic transforms her body. You will work on forcing her to accept she is no longer human, no longer an equal, but now just your pet.  There will be several parts to force this mental transformation:
          o Addiction - She will be physically and magically addicted to your semen.  This is a twist on the traditional lore that a witch's familiar drinks the witch's blood. This addiction will always bring her back to you,  even if she tries to run. Only your semen will sate her, though the semen of others will take the edge off of an ever growing hunger until she resets by swallowing some of yours.
          o Witch/familiar bond - I'm real fond of stories including telepathy and pleasure sharing.  The familiar will have one of those bonds.  She feels pain when you feel pain, pleasure when you feel pleasure.
          o Bondage - The mental aspects limit your familiar's ability to run or fight back, however, they don't give you control.  My character will still have freewill and to turn her into an obedient pet, you will need to apply bondage, punishment and humiliation to get her to accept she is no longer human and now a familiar that has to obey her master's will.
    * Fellatio - Probably not a surprise with the addiction to semen, but I'd like to have a lot of fellatio in the smut.  Not that this story won't have plot or that the smut will only be fellatio.  However, I see you often demanding a blowjob and offering no more than a pat on the head in return.  This would be deliberate as part of training her to consider herself less than human.  Although your familiar can get an orgasm as well through the master/familiar bond.
    * Role Reversal - You start as a low-status occult geek.  By gaining occult power you gain actual wealth and power.  Your familiar starts as high-status.  Preferably wealthy and beautiful and casually cruel to you in the past.  Even after becoming your familiar, she will take advantage of any softness on your part to try and turn the tables.  As the story progresses the power dynamic will flip-flop
    * Power Corrupts - There are two sides to this story.  For the familiar, this story is of the slow mental transformation and final acceptance.  For you, it is a tale of power corrupting.  Given mystical power, you'll abuse it, with your familiar and with others.

Hopefully this strikes someones fancy! Above all, im looking for a person who can really pull off the role, treating the familiar as a belonging and doing whatever it takes to break her down, no matter how much she struggles against it. I also hope that whoever I find will inject a ton of detail into the roleplay, as fantasy tropes have a ton of room for dripping detail, which can make power dynamics and magical interactions very hot indeed. Thanks for your time!

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Re: A Transformation Roleplay
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Re: A Transformation Roleplay
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Re: A Transformation Roleplay
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