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Author Topic: Bad End Company II: Futanari Edition (Pathfinder, XCOM, awesome) (closed)  (Read 3362 times)

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Offline AutocadTopic starter

The sounds of plasma fire and the shrieks of wounded and dying aliens were echoing across the alien mothership. The blast doors to the command room blocked out all sounds from outside, so the PA speakers were playing providing an audio play-by-play of the last stand of the alien invasion instead, to the questionable morale of the few remaining surviving aliens in the command room.

One of the aliens was their supreme leader, made obvious by the alien headdress of supreme leadership that he (it?) was wearing. "Head Scientist, the humans have almost reached us! Pick up a pistol and meet your end fighting, at least!"

He was speaking to the alien head scientist, who stood out from the rest of the aliens because of the white labcoat of head scientist-ship that he was wearing. "Never fear, Supreme Leader, I have researched and fabricated a device that will save us from certain doom! Behold! With his device I shall be able to teleport you and I, the most important masterminds of the alien race, to an alternate dimension to recover our strength and plot a new invasion against a world that is not full of sufficiently technologically advanced humans who can reverse engineer all our technology and hoist us on our own petards!" He held up the macguffin device in his hand, which began to glow with physics-raping, dimension-tearing sufficiently-advanced-science-is-indistinguishable-from-magic power!

"Very well, let us two retreat and leave these disposable aliens to make their ultimately futile last stand," The alien supreme leader agreed. As they began shimmering from the impending teleportation, he had one more question. "What is this alternate dimension to which we are going?"

Just before they blinked out of existence in this universe to reappear in another, the alien head scientist replied, "The primitive locals call it... Golarion."

The story so far...

One hundred years ago, all the realms of Golarion were invaded by extraplanar outsiders. Although the outsiders never had a fixed army, they conducted a campaign of terror through extraplanar portals which they created and use seemingly at will to launch a series of raids to abduct and rape all over Golarion. And ravish the population they did - the outsiders had exaggerated sexual characteristics, or in layman's terms, friggin' huge cocks which ruined women and unbelievably huge breasts and tight pussies which drained men dry. Not only that, but they also brought along aberrations like tentacle monsters to join in the "fun". Just when all seemed lost, another outsider arrived to lead the resistance. In appearance he looked like a human man and called himself Argentin Ianheavy. Argentin created an organization to fight the outsiders, XXXCOM: eXtraplanar seXual eXtreme COMbat unit. He led Alpha Asskicker Company of XXXCOM in a counterstrike, capturing one of the outsiders' extraplanar portals and then assaulting the other side in a mission that freed the abductees. Upon suffering their first defeat with the return of Alpha Company and the freed captives to the Material Plane, the outsiders immediately ceased opening new portals and closed all the existing ones. The invasion ended as abruptly as it had begun, but no divination magic could track down their home plane and take the fight to them.

Unable to remain forever on Golarion waiting for the outsiders to return, Argentin passed down his wisdom to his successor in XXXCOM and then departed for his own home plane. For a hundred years there was peace from outsider invasion in Golarion. However the impacts of their foray were still felt - the women who had been raped by outsiders or aberrations gave birth to babies that had the sexual characteristics of both males and females. Many of the rescued abductees had also been experimented upon by the outsiders while in captivity and likewise transformed into a mash-up of both sexes by the time they were finally freed. These male-female combinations came to be called futanari. Eventually they integrated into society, despite the occasional problems caused by their extreme sex drives, lack of refractory periods, and constant urge to fuck.

It was after a hundred years had passed that the outsiders returned, launching abduction and raping raids through their portals once more. This time they were enough more powerful than before, shrugging off sword and spell with impunity. Almost by accident it was discovered that only weapons and magic wielded by futanari could effectively hurt the outsiders. The powers of Golarion secretly cooperated to revive the XXXCOM project and recruit the most powerful futanari adventurers to form the second combat company in its service: Beta Bad End Company. Their mission was simple in statement but infinitely more complex in scope: to investigate the new outsider attacks, find out how to stop them once and for all, and execute that plan. The story opens as the founding members of Bad End Company arrive at the scene of the latest outsider attack...

Game concept:

The futanari heroines must carry out their mission of saving citizens, investigating the outsider invasion, and working to bring an end to the invasion, while fighting off waves of monsters that will try to rape them. The monsters try to fuck the heroines silly and then turn them into their sex slaves, breeding stock, or other such Bad End. If, in the spirit of XCOM, the entire party is defeated, they are likely to all be captured and processed as sex slaves or breeding stock for the outsiders. Another company of XXXCOM operatives may be called upon to try to rescue these defeated heroines from their Bad End... or maybe they will just be written off regretfully as the inevitable casualties of an interplanar war.

Character creation rules:

Allowed sources: Pathfinder SRD (, Paizo-published materials (i.e. no third-party materials) except for Psionics which are allowed (this is XXXCOM after all). Summoners and firearms are not allowed.
Level 6
Race: any. If your race has racial hit die, the sum of your racial hit dice and class levels should be 6.
25 point buy
Max HP at first level
HP as though you rolled (half hit die +1) on every level up. For example, treat a d8 hit die as rolling a 5 each time, a d10 hit die as rolling 6 each time, etc.
2 traits, each from a different category. There are optional custom campaign traits available for this game.
16,000 gp starting wealth. Because the resources of the whole of Golarion are at XXXCOM's disposal, there is no maximum limit to the value of any single item.

All characters must be futanari! Futanari may have vagina, balls, or both.

All characters have an erogenous zone weak spot where they are most sensitive. Attacks against a weak spot automatically confirm on any critical threat. Be sure to include the weak spot in your application.

Some tips for character creation:

XXXCOM has an abundance of "down-time" resources at the base. This includes magic item crafters, knowledge experts, etc. Of course, these resources will not be available to the heroines when they are in the field, so some of those skills aren't useless for a company member to have. XXXCOM also provides transport and housing, so rations, bedrolls, riding horses, and the like are not required.

Many of the various outsiders and aberrations will try to grapple and rape heroines in combat. Melee-based characters should be prepared accordingly, or they might spend most of the time being pinned down and raped.

House Rules:

Hit Points and Constitution

Hit points (HP) represent how close a character is to orgasm. Monsters don't deal conventional damage to characters - instead, they try to break their minds through over-stimulation forcing them to climax (i.e. ahegao). As all futanari have an extremely strong sex drive, they are uniquely vulnerable to this mode of attack. The less HP a character has remaining, the closer she is to cumming. Once her HP reaches zero or below, she cums at the beginning of her next round.

A climaxing character is dazed (cannot act) for 1 round. At the beginning of the round after cumming, she takes a negative level and her HP is restored to its new, lower maximum. These negative levels cannot be removed by any means other than returning to base and resting. If a character has at least as many negative levels as Hit Dice, she succumbs to pleasure and may meet a Bad End if she is not rescued. No mundane or magical healing can save her at this point; the only exception is recovering her body and bringing her back to base for treatment.

Orgasm from masturbation or consensual sex with a non-enemy partner doesn't result in negative levels, only those caused by monsters do.

Constitution represents a character's ability to resist cumming from being stimulated by monsters. For example, constitution poisons act as aphrodisiacs, making characters more sensitive to being touched. A character whose constitution drops to zero or below orgasms as though her HP has dropped to zero. Afterwards, she regains 1 constitution point at the same time as her HP is restored.

Campaign Feats

Tentacle Grap(pl)e
You are skilled at escaping from tentacles. It also makes you good at escaping from anybody or anything else holding you down.
Prerequisites: Dex 13
Benefit: You receive a +4 bonus to checks made to break free from a grapple. You may attempt to break free from a grapple as a move action instead of a standard action.

Death by Snu-Snu
Death by Snu-Snu!
Prerequisites: Str 13
Benefit: Whenever you take damage from being penetrated, you may choose to deal damage to your partner as though you have hit with an unarmed strike. You may use this ability once per round.

Force of 1000 Suns
You cum with the force of 1000 suns.
Prerequisites: Con 13
Benefit: Whenever you orgasm, you may choose to break free of any grapple you are in, and you may also choose to make a bull rush, disarm, or trip attempt (without provoking an attack of opportunity) against any opponent adjacent to you.

Campaign Flaws

All campaign flaws are optional. Only one may be chosen. If a character takes a flaw, she may take a bonus feat at level 1.

Early Ejaculator
The early bird catches the worm. In this case, that's not a good thing.
Drawback: Your maximum HP is reduced by 1 for every hit dice you possess. You may not take the Toughness feat.

Erogenous Zones
Your body is extremely sensitive, even for a futanari.
Drawback: Any critical threats against you automatically confirm.

Campaign Traits

All campaign traits are optional. Only one may be chosen.

Alpha Veteran
You are one of the few remaining veterans of the first invasion 100 years ago. During the invasion you were affected by a mysterious enemy power that turned you into a futanari. Your experience in surviving these outsiders and aberrations is highly valued in XXXCOM.
Prerequisites: Any race long-lived enough to have lived and fought 100 years ago.
Benefits: Once a day, upon failing a saving throw, you may immediately re-roll and take the better of the two rolls as the result.

Rescued Abductee
You are one of the abductees who were rescued during the first invasion 100 years ago. Terrible experiments performed on you while you were in captivity turned you into a futanari. Now you have joined XXXCOM to fight back.
Prerequisites: Any race long-lived enough to have lived 100 years ago.
Benefits: Pick one of the following two options:
- You deal +1 extra damage with all your physical attacks.
- Pick one spell you know (from the spells you know at 6th level). The saving throw DC for this spell increases by 1.

Raised among futanari
You were raised in a predominantly futanari community where your sex drive was welcomed and encouraged. As a result you are experienced in the ways of sex.
Prerequisites: None
Benefits: Your maximum HP increases by 3. You may not take the Erogenous Zones flaw.

Raised among prudes
You were raised in a predominantly non-futanari community that frowned upon casual sex. You learned to master your sex drive, instead of the other way around. However, with your limited sexual experience, you are more sensitive to stimulation than many other futanari.
Prerequisites: None
Benefits: You gain a +2 bonus to your Will save. However, your maximum HP is reduced by 3.
« Last Edit: August 10, 2014, 02:55:17 AM by Autocad »

Offline 1SAZ

Haven't played Pathfinder in some time, but the mix of Pathfinder, xcom, and ridiculous sexual hijinks certainly makes for an interesting concept. I'm in.

Offline Ershin

This seems absolutely amazing! A mixture of three of the things I really love, futanari role play, pathfinder and great puns? Can't wait until the detailed creation rules become available, I'd love to see what you have in mind for them ~

Offline AutocadTopic starter

Big update! Slight tweaks to the story, major new items under Character Creation and House Rules!

Offline Ershin

Hmm - Maybe I'll try my hand at being an Oracle of some sort, or a Swashbuckler if the playtest material for the Advanced Class Guide is allowed (since it's not third party but it's not exactly complete I'm unsure if it's permitted). Maybe a Ninja? There's just so many fun classes to try out.

By the way, since part of the game will have characters experiencing bad ends (and thus may have a high turn over of characters), how much of a background should we prepare?

Offline AutocadTopic starter

I'll tentatively allow the Swashbuckler.

A short bio will be sufficient for character background.

Unfortunately, bureaucratic inefficiencies mean that by the time the heroines requisition a magic item, it'll cost them full cost.

Offline 1SAZ

I kind of want to make a paladin who's lay on hands ability is renamed "sexual healing", because lets be honest, if a futanari paladin is laying their hands anywhere, it's gonna be sexual healing.

Offline Tydorei


Offline AutocadTopic starter

I kind of want to make a paladin who's lay on hands ability is renamed "sexual healing", because lets be honest, if a futanari paladin is laying their hands anywhere, it's gonna be sexual healing.

Lay on dick? Excuse-to-grope-breasts-lay on hands? The possibilities...

Offline Ershin

I'll tentatively allow the Swashbuckler.

A short bio will be sufficient for character background.

Unfortunately, bureaucratic inefficiencies mean that by the time the heroines requisition a magic item, it'll cost them full cost.

Thank you very much. I'll get to work on her sheet and bio and have it up by this evening.

Offline MadJackal

Mhh I'm very interested by the concept of this RP but I'm clueless about Pathfinder. Is there anyone willing to fill me in about that ?

Offline Ershin

One week later and I've still not got much to show for it, sorry about that. Some real life stuff came up and I haven't had as much time to devote to character/background creation as I normally like to. Is this still open?

Offline AutocadTopic starter

I'm still fishing for players!

These are the players who have expressed serious interest so far: Blinkin, 1SAZ, Ershin, MadJackal.

Is anyone willing to be a mentor for MadJackal and introduce her to the Pathfinder system?

Offline MadJackal

That would be very kind, I'm still up for it.

Online Chulanowa

You have my interest. I'm not sure at the moment what I'd be making, but it all sounds like fun, even though I have no real idea about anything pertaining to Xcom

I'd be willing to help MadJackal out as best I can as well; Not quite sure where to start, and I'm not the best at pathfindering-ing (Don't ask me for hardcore optimization!) but I'm always willing to help someone learn a game :)
« Last Edit: July 23, 2014, 01:37:32 AM by Chulanowa »

Offline MadJackal

Well really all I need are the basics, I don't care if I'm not the best at first.

Online Chulanowa

So before I get started stirring ideas around, what is already in the pot? Do we have anything comitted already? I'd hate to, like, bring the sixth wizard to an all-Conjurer sleepover or something  O8)

Offline AutocadTopic starter

Right now there's a ranger and the other concepts are still undecided.

I simplified the house rules a bit, now there's no separate PP meter, everything runs off the HP meter.

Offline zenpai

Autocad I take off my hat to you. cause you have a xcom game I could join if only I understood the dice system and it was more along the tactical lines

Offline Tydorei

I expressed interest a while ago. And well... now I'm going to start making a character. I'd like to know what class everyone is thinking. Auto said a ranger was made or in the works. What other classes are in the works, if I may ask.

Online Chulanowa

Right now I'm not 100% certain - there's an alchemist in my head, but a lot of other ideas as well. What I know I'm not making are Druid, Rogue / Ninja, and Samurai / Cavalier.

Offline Crimson

im working on a character for this ^^
thinking about doing a half orc barbarian.
will try to have something written down to share soon

Offline Ironwolf85

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Is there room for an attractive lady with a template slapped on.

I have an interesting idea for a type of ghost/wraith girl I've been playing with.

Offline AutocadTopic starter

To all the people who said they were making character concepts/sheets, I'm waiting for them...  ::)

And more details about this ghost idea?

Online Chulanowa

Sorry! I have trouble picking just one idea! It's torture I say, TORTURE! So many options! Can't.. .stop... making!