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July 14, 2020, 03:39:41 PM

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Author Topic: Hello there! (m/m search)  (Read 491 times)

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Hello there! (m/m search)
« on: July 08, 2014, 04:19:57 PM »
About Me:
-My name is Wren (:
  -I’m a 18 year old female, with the heart of a ten year old and mind of a twenty eight year old
  -I live in the US Midwest, so I am in GMT/UTC - 6h CST
  -I am on almost all the time, unless I’m out with my ParaFamily
  -I have been roleplaying for over seven years
  -I love to chat OOC, though I’m quite awkward sometimes and use emoticons a little too much. ^3^;
  -I do like having smut in my roleplays, here and there

What I’m Looking For:
  -I only roleplay through Email and here.
  -I only do M/M roleplays, it’s just what interests me
  -I’m looking for someone who is DOMINANT, though that doesn’t necessarily have to affect their personalities. It simply means my characters are on the receiving end during intimate scenes.
  -I usually write modern roleplays, slice-of-life is typical of me, as well as comedy and horror. However, I love horror and the paranormal and am open to many things, so there is some flexibility with plots. I will never write anything historical.
-NO FANDOMS. I only write original plots with original characters
-LITERACY. This means good grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation, as well as the length of posts. No, you don’t need to be perfect, because no such thing exists. As long as you can write 1+ decent paragraphs with a decent grasp on the English language, we’ll be fine.
  -The only things I won’t write are as follows:
                         •Vore or extreme gore
                         •Watersports or scat
                         •Tickling or foot fetishes

Currently craving:
  - Young Hitchhiker finding a ride with your character.

- Basically, I thought I could play a loner-type guy, either a high school senior (18) or maybe early college, who gets gangbanged by a group of guys. Athletes maybe? After the gangbang, the guys use him individually or together whenever they want, but one of the guys starts to actually fall for the loner. He ends up in a bind of whether to go along with his friends or stand up to them to save his new crush. I'm looking for someone to play the guy that falls for my loner, as well as the group of friends. To make things fair, I can double or even triple up on characters as well. All the details can be worked out through PM's. Heavy kinks are definitely on the table, especially 2+ penetration.

  - YC is a business man from New York on his way to a conference in California. On his way to the airport his car breaks down, then his flight tickets get stolen. Out of money and options, he simply stands outside the airport feeling distraught and helpless until an old Volkswagen van pulls up to him. Out pops the head of teenage boy (MC) who reminds YC of a no-good hippie. But when offered a ride all the way to California for free he has no option but to agree. Where will the next few days take them?

  - The families that look perfect on the outside aren't always so perfect, Brennan Everett (MC) knows that for a fact. He and his family live in a high class neighborhood and he and his sister go to a well-known preparatory school. His father is a lawyer that's never lost a case and is friends with anyone and everyone he's ever met. With a loyal trophy wife at his side, it completed a perfect image. What could possibly be wrong?

Brennan's father is actually a raging alcoholic who loves to sleep around with any woman that he can. His wife knows about it and secretly pops diet pills to try to be thinner for her cheating husband. Their lovely daughter does nothing but party and do drugs. Brennan is the closest to perfect with good looks, good grades, lots of extra curriculars, and plenty of "friends".  But when his house doors are closed his father physically, emotionally, verbally, and sexually abuses him constantly. His mother ignores it and his sister is hardly home.

Everyone turns a blind eye to it until a new boy moves to town. A senior like Brennan, he's in many of the same classes and starts to develop a crush on the cute brunette. Unfortunately, he also starts to suspect what happens behind closed doors.

  - In an apocalyptic world where natural disasters destroyed humanity and an influx of unknown radiation caused nature to reclaim the world, life as humans knew it halted. Climates changed so drastically that forests grew into jungles and rainforests, capturing what little remnants of urban society remained. Deserts expanded, seas heightened or nearly dried out, wildlife flourished enough to make endangered animals more common and new strains began to spawn from many species. The world became too dangerous for most and those that didn’t find one of the designated “safe zones” in time died. If they made it, they were trapped in walled community with crumbling buildings and strict rules to keep people out of danger and force them to submit to the heads of each community. Few people lived out in the open and those that did were shunned by the communities, often even demonized.

Fifteen years later the world has adapted fairly well to the change, though many things are still very hard. Your character, a man from a community on the outskirts of a thriving jungle is forced out for one reason or another, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Why and how is up to you. Either way, he ends up lost in the jungle completely certain he’s at death’s door until he runs into another man that has been living in the jungle since the disaster. A small, sprightly, and admittedly androgynous twenty five year old with a zest for life the likes of which your character has never seen. But with everything civilization has told him about the rouge people of the jungles...can the stranger really be trusted?

  - Angst, violence, non-con stuff
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