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July 09, 2020, 10:27:32 PM

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Author Topic: [M/M] [Dark Romance] [Psychological & Survival Horror] [Mystery] Vita Ante Acta  (Read 378 times)

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Offline DotleyTopic starter

Vita Ante Acta
M/M. Master of the Castle/Guest
Psychological - Mystery - Dark themes.

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So the basic premise for this story idea is a psychologically twisted, dark, and semi modern re-imagining of the fairytale classic Beauty and the Beast with some elements from survival horror games. What I have in mind is something with a strong plot and character development, though also chockfull of disturbing sexual and fearful energy. Placement of the story is open to discussion. While a Light rating isn’t feasible the story could fit into Bondage, Extreme, or NC depending on what my writing partner would like to include. I’d like to explore some very dark themes and some morbid humor.

Over winter break a university student majoring in psychology joins his best friend on vacation to Europe. Through an awfully inconvenient turn of events the pair end up stranded in an isolated village that seems stuck in the past. His friend excuses the oddity of the village folk by insisting it’s just a poorly attended tourist attraction with superb (if unsettling) reenactments. The pair end up staying overnight in the nearby castle with plans to hitch a ride out of the village the next day. The castle servants are just as odd as the villagers, but they are enthusiastic to serve and help the guests settle in for the night – though one might label them a bit overly enthusiastic.

In the morning when he awakens he finds his best friend has gone missing and is informed by the eccentric Master of the Castle that he’s forbidden to leave. The coterie of servants are charged with keeping the Guest confined to the castle grounds, and while some seem ecstatic to tend to his needs and keep him entertained in his new home others are downright hostile towards him. The Guest finds himself trapped in a strange place with even stranger (and sometimes dangerous) company and must unravel the various mysteries of the castle, its inhabitants, and perhaps even himself.

Please PM me if this idea tickles your interest. Don't post in this thread. Thanks!

Pertinent Information
  • Sometimes I post daily, but sometimes it might be a week or so before I reply. And when real life happens it happens. I’m looking for a writing partner that will be content with a relaxed pace for the story.
  • Forum only. I like to use YIM/AIM or PMs to discuss details about the story and plot, but not for fully writing out scenes.
  • I have the Guest halfway fleshed out in my head. I can change a few little details about him if a partner asks, but overall he’s going to come as he is. I’ve already worked out his name, his appearance, and some of his personality.
  • I’m looking for someone interested in writing the the Master of the Castle. My writing partner has freedom in creating him. They can choose his name, appearance, personality, etc. All I ask is that he mesh well with my own character so he should probably be a top or a versatile switch. Like all the characters in the story he should have a demented edge to him and possess some form of madness, though how that manifests is up to my partner. Also I’m not interested in the Master of the Castle being a literal “beast” – no fur or scales though I'd be okay with him having some physical deformity, scars, etc.
  • I’m also looking for someone excited to include supporting characters in the story. I don’t want the Guest and Master of the Castle to exist in a vacuum despite the limitations of the setting. Besides the Guest’s best friend the supporting cast will include the servants of the castle. While I have solid ideas for some of the servants (namely the priest and maid) I’ll need help creating the others.
  • While it isn’t required by any means the story does contain the possibility for multiple pairings (such as the addition of Master/Servant or Guest/Servant) if my writing partner is interested in it.
  • I’m happy to rework some of the premise or add in brand new elements according to my partner’s interests. We’ll just have to talk about it! I want to collaborate on a story beyond what has been laid out so far.
  • Idea shamelessly inspired by the Beauty & the Beast fairytale, Diary by Chuck Palahniuk, and various survival horror games especially Demento/Haunting Ground and the Silent Hill series.
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