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October 31, 2020, 02:55:25 AM

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Author Topic: The Pony Palace - Freeform extreme Sandbox, SLGBTQI welcome; Need Female Players  (Read 21932 times)

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Offline ChrystalTopic starter

As per my (second) PM, approved, subject to comments from the other two GMs.

Offline SneakyGuy

Aaand here is my character:

Player ID: SneakyGuy
Pony Character

Character Basics
Name: Cedric Hoult
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Orientation: Bisexual
Virgin: No
Nationality: Cedric comes from London (Player is Bulgarian, UTC+2)
Previous Job: Triathlete. He balanced for a while his sports career with his interests in kink, eventually deciding to combine them.

Character Appearance
Height: 180cm
Weight: 79kg
Hair Colour: Dark blond
Eye Colour: Green
Build: Athletic, with very well-developed legs and torso and slightly leaner arms
Distinguishing marks: Tongue piercing and contact lens, as he is rather short-sighted.

Character Specifics
Likes: Bondage, cart pulling, milking, competing with others, meat
Dislikes: Feminisation, dressage, pulling cart with weaker partners, acts of random cruelty, poor hygiene

Personality: Cedric the human is very energetic and competitive, both in nature and as a result that he had been an athlete ever since he was ten. But for him, this isn't just about comparing with others, it is about pushing his own limits and constantly trying to break his own personal bests, go faster and deeper in what he does. When left with nothing to do, he'd often spontaneously start doing exercises, just to occupy his mind, or throw a bet at someone, just to get himself something to aim for. Needless to say this kind of attitude doesn't translate well into long term goals, of which he has none. Apart from the vague idea or exploring his potential and then settling in a lifestyle, which will allow him to realize said potential. Whatever this means.

Kinkwise, he will gladly go extreme, only staying away from activities, that can cause him long term damage. He is a voluntary ponyboy, yet he wants to stay in one of the punishment stables, enjoying the idea of being more hardcore and animal-like. He slips into ponyspace easily and wants to stay there as long as possible, since it pushes his buttons both about obedience and physical strength. As a pony, Cedric is very well-trained, having had some experience prior to joining the island stable, but also pushy about his favourite activities. He has a strong reaction to chastity belts, which are able to make him much more docile and obedient, but also cut some of his competitive streak. In his mind Cedric views them a bit like form of gelding and generally enjoys the feeling of submissiveness that they impose on him, but hates how they make him less capable to push himself to the limits. Likewise, he would sometimes snarl at monogloves, as having his arms free means better balance and faster running.

History: Some people claim they have been kinky for as long as they can remember. Cedric isn't one of those people. He found kink, when he started to watch porn, as a teenager and got immediately hooked. He soon started to visit chatrooms, forums, stalking local events with fake profiles and eagerly waiting the moment when he'll become 'legal', while satisfying small parts of his BDSM itch with light stuff in the bedroom and solo play. Initially a fan of pup play, he soon discovered, that being a tri-athlete had a good synergy with ponyplay, which allowed him to shine more, amazing people with his physical condition. For a while, he balanced school, sports and kink, but gradually started to find out that there are only 24 hours per day and there is not enough time for everything. Thus, he had to make some choices...

When word about the exotic stables reached him via the community, he was quick to decide about joining. The main reasons are two - first, he viewed living as a full-time pony specific challenge that he had yet to conquer, and second - his inability to find himself good long term master or mistress. Not that there weren't plenty of candidates, considering his appearance, they were, but things never clicked fully well. He was always a bit of a handful, having more energy than his partner, or not exactly being the good innocent nineteen year old boy, which some masters seemed to enjoy... Thus, after few failures, he decided that he might as well bring things to another level.

Pony Specifics
Player Sexual Preferences:  Both male and female characters, the sex of the player doesn't matter

Pony Equipment
Head - Ons: All, especially tongue curbs and blinkers
Head - Offs: None
Arms - Ons: All
Arms - Offs: None
Body - Ons: All
Body - Offs: None
Legs - Ons: Hoof boots
Legs - Offs: Stiletto boots
Activities - On: As Above
Activities - Off: As above

Link to Player Ons/off or Prefs matrix:

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Re: The Pony Palace - Freeform extreme Sandbox, SLGBTQI welcome
« Reply #227 on: November 06, 2014, 04:44:15 AM »
Still recruiting!

Offline AurelieCatena

Join us! This a really great game with a artfully designed environment, both in-game and out-of-game.

Offline ChrystalTopic starter


Preferably dominant players or switch players with a dominant preference, to play riders.

However we ALSO need female players playing female ponies, as most of the ponies we currently have are played by male players which makes it tough on the male dominant players who are straight and would rather play with female player...

All other players wanting to submit different character types from those listed above, you are welcome to, but please be aware that unless we get the characters I am after the game may well close in the next few weeks...

Offline Letrixia

Player ID: Letrixia
Rider Character

Character Basics
Name: Kaoru Aoyama
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Orientation: Bisexual
Nationality: Japanese
Job: Head of a multimillionaire Japanese modeling agency
Net Worth: 500,000,000 USD

Character Appearance
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125LB
Hair Colour: AS picture
Eye Colour: Black
Build: Fit.
Distinguishing marks: Nipple rings, clitoris piercings.

Character Specifics
Likes: Photography, BDSM, Horses, Human ponies, submissive girls and boys, Music, Swimming, Writing, Exercises
Dislikes: Being ordered around, Snakes (phobia), Being disrespected.

Kaoru is not a person to take anybody lightly. When she meets a person she begins to judge them think how they could be usefull for her. She is a person that thinks of herself first, second and third and does not really care what others think. Kaoru knows how to judge people thanks to that she formed her modeling agency and had grown quite a lot during her past few years. She hates being commanded or being told what to do, nobody has proven themselves worthy of it so far and nobody would ever be worthy of her submissiveness which she has VERY little of. She is well known across the bdsm community to have actively participated in a couple of her own bdsm shootings.

She sees every person as a submissive unless proven otherwise. She might get to respect a person as a dominant but that is it, they would never be her dominant. Of course she is not absent to a good and rough fucking and she is just like any other woman looking for a good cock to fuck. That however is not in her main agenda and she could go on without even thinking about it for years or months. She is someone to not be taken lightly with her knowledge of self defense she knows how to handle herself and how to handle others.


Kaoru never has been a girl that bows down to anybody. Since little she always knew what she wanted and did everything in her power to get it, even manipulating other people. In high school she was a well known bully however since her family had money she was untochable which made it even worst for geeks and nerds. Blackmail for her came as second nature as she had a couple of teachers and students under her grasps. When she graduated high school she let them all go however. She started studying managing her own company which she started almost instantly a company called Deviant Kink.

Her company grew and grew and her models became famous worldwide for their shoots. Everybody knew of her in the BDSM industry. She was part of a few bdsm shoots which ended up with the girl being risen to fame. She decided however to take a break when she was invited to the mansion to be one of the riders of the ponygirls, she thought of no better way to spend her year vacation than being pampered and being able to ride as much girls and boys as she wanted. Without much of a wait she picked up her plane and made her way towards the mansion.

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Excellent... Although I prefer to have character sheets PMed to myself and Nymph, I will make an exception!

I need to ask my lovely Co-GM what she thinks, but I doubt she will say no (I can always overrule her, lol!)

She may have suggestions for improvements though, and does some times spot things I dont.

Offline Letrixia

hehe no prob I can wait :P

Offline Nymphadora

Had to drool for a minute is all  ::)

Offline AurelieCatena

Letrixia, welcome to the Palace! I hope you'll have fun with all the ponies there!

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

I'm leaving this thread unlocked for now, because there is useful info here still, but please could people use the new recruitment thread from now on?