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Author Topic: POCKETS ARRAY OF PLOTS (MxM Dominant Males Needed)  (Read 833 times)

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POCKETS ARRAY OF PLOTS (MxM Dominant Males Needed)
« on: July 07, 2014, 10:50:12 pm »
Welcome to my Plot Page! I will keep this nice and short I will put plots here so PLEASE SEND ME PERSONAL MESSAGE AND DO NOT POST HERE.

If you have a plot feel free to message me with yours! I enjoy plots no matter whos they are! I dont bite. Hard.

I open my heart for you
Always sick...always being taken care of...he sighed weakly as he turned the last page of his book the papers lay with no creases while his head leaned back. He had long since accepted that this was who he was. Weak, thin and prone to fainting a burden to his family and one of few friends but he did not mind...well not too much. It was always hard to get over the fact that there was an outside world around him, that people could run in, that busy streets full of cars would not make their lungs burn like his own, that they could go shopping for hours without getting sick. Still he had never been mad about he had no reason, spite perhaps buried deep but no real anger. Why should he? Anger made him sicker and he really couldn't afford that, not after having another surgery only a week ago his chest still bound in bandages and an IV pumping medication to his broken heart.

From here on it could go 3 ways

 Cass could only hope that the man his mother had hired would be kind and would not mind him all that much. Some people did and some others just did not was hard to find someone who was willing to put up with someone like was a sad hope really but perhaps it would lead to more fun...he could always dream and perhaps they would have a car so that they could go get more books. Cass always had money for books after all. (YC would of course be the male who had been hired to help, either a nursing student or someone in the medical field in general. He can be kind or snooty but I would enjoy him having to take Cass to the bookstore. )

 He could only sigh his eyes closed as the book rested on his chest the soft hum of a vibration phone caught his attention. His fingers curled around the black Iphone his lips curled upwards slightly as he saw that it was his mother; how kind of her to call. He said hello and told her he was doing well his voice strained and wispy while she spoke happily to her son. A university had contacted her and was hoping that he would be willing to allow a student to come interview him. It seemed they were learning about odd diseases and wanted to know about his Dextrocardia. He told her he did not mind after all it would be nice to have someone around the house for at least a little bit...even if it was just for a grade. (YC is the student who could either be kind and very helpful or perhaps a bit more...well he is taking the class because he has to and he had to do a report on something so he picked the weirdest heart condition and got stuck with Cass. Of course he would come around but it would be interesting)

 Soon he would get to relax however...his father had planned to send him to his Aunts for a year as both parents had hard jobs and did not want him alone; of course he requested to go there; his Aunt was happy to agree. She was always so kind to him...she actually let him help sell the flowers and lay in a field she had started to planting when she was only 10. He loved it there the amazing  smells and warm air, the creek and kind neighbors he had met once or twice who owned a farm down the road. (YC would be either their son or farm hand.)

All 3 can be changed about with help from you and I might add more if I get any good ideas!

Cassian Allen Ivo

17-20 (Flexible)

5'5"-5'7" (Flexible)

Always a quiet individual Cassian had always been sick and weak and always had someone taking care of him. He grew up well his mother an accomplished doctor his father working in international relationships with Asia but he was never allowed to go. His condition made it hard to do anything, Cass tried to go to school but his mother quickly refused the idea after two days saying the excitement was too much for him; it was actually he had collapsed in the hallway after three periods.

Rest was always big for him most older females took care of him, sometimes his mother allowed students to take care of him for extra credit and living in the city he needs all the help he can get. Their house is completely filled with clean air filtered, the sheets needing to be cleaned and he needed to be given his medication daily.

 He sleeps quite a lot and when he is not he would just rest in bed and read books, his room his full of them piled high in stacks. Despite not being able to go outside and his almost constant need to read Cassian also enjoys his laptop from his father. He does not have a Facebook but does have a Tumblr,Instagram and Deviantart account. He fills the sites with pictures he has doodled, some random sketches to a few complete pieces ranging in media from pencil to paint depending on his predicament. 

Cassian enjoys the warm summers and often spends them in the country at his Aunts house where she tends a large garden and sells flowers. In the winters he is bungled up tight and kept inside at all costs with a fireplace in the living room and a heated blanket on his own bed. He longs for friends but is content trying to keep peace at his house and is grateful to his Father and Mother for allowing him to own a cat named Watson which will be shown below.

Not only does he have Dextrocardia but he also hasPatent ductus arteriosus (PDA) is a condition in which the ductus arteriosus does not close. (The word "patent" means open.)

The ductus arteriosus is a blood vessel that allows blood to go around the baby's lungs before birth. Soon after the infant is born and the lungs fill with air, the ductus arteriosus is no longer needed. It usually closes in a couple of days after birth.

PDA leads to abnormal blood flow between the aorta and pulmonary artery, two major blood vessels that carry blood from the heart.

"Water pills" (diuretics)
Medications that help the heart muscle pump more forcefully (inotropic agents)
Medications that lower blood pressure and ease the workload on the heart (ACE inhibitors)
He should get antibiotics before surgeries or dental treatments.

Fast breathing
Poor feeding habits
Rapid pulse
Shortness of breath
Sweating while feeding
Tiring very easily
Poor growth

Abuse Me Not (OPEN)

-A rich bully, he rules the school with his small group of friends and has a relative short temper though because Rei has been at the school he has become more relaxed only picking on the boy; so far he hasn't become violent.  Though he tries to help Rei out when he finds out how bad he is being abused at home.
-Reinko's Big Brother (Rei is adopted) Likes to pick on, beat up and control his younger brother. Is mildly bi-polar with an anger issue. Enjoys seeing people suffer. When Rieki came into his life at 10 he thought nothing of it yet as he has grown he finds it amusing to 'test' the boy, to beat and abuse him till he gives in EVERY time. Still he does go off in tantrum's sometimes; like if Rieki is late home or forgets to buy something at the store. He can be purely violent or it can be nothing but sexual, then he can be nice and cuddly.

Reinko Kiritani (Rei for short)
Flame (because of his sexuality and hair)

Quiet and rather withdrawn Rei seems to try and not get close to people because of the abuse. In truth he can be rather sweet yet rather defiant when he is trying to make a point.

Pain, the lone figure that lay against red stained floors could feel it running up and down his right arm. It stung, no it burned into his skin. The amazing ribbons of red lacing against pale skin were moved as a hand lifted smearing their beauty. The body that was forced to hold all this pain shivered eyes flickered open and closed as the boy's mind forced him to struggle in his pain, struggled to sit up and breath, to tiptoe down the hall and wrap his wounds; change his clothes and to grab his book bag and leave.

What was new..more bruises, blue and purple dots lay against the boy's skin as if painted in place, his newest ones held a deep rich color while others were a sickly yellow. A thin hand reached up to push some of his strangling hair forward to hide one such grouping of color on his upper cheek. Everything could be covered; all his wounds were by his clothing or hair. The blood that had once covered his arm was missing leaving in place only a bandage that wrapped about his whole triceps.

A pair of headlight blurred as they zipped passed the figure walking along cracked sidewalks with a slight limp and disappeared into the darkness. Shadows were cast over the boy as he walked away from the place he called home. All the lights were still off; well most were except for those of the streetlights above that illuminated the gray ground overgrown with green weeds. As he walked tired eyes lifted to look to the only building that held any scrap of hope of hope for his broken and tired body. The walls were dirty and old but to the boy they were amazing and even though the doors would remain locked for a while it was better than being home. Walking around the side of the lone building the boy slunk down into green grass the dew creating dark patterns on his jeans and jacket which was pulled up over his face. Soon enough he would be asleep the cruelty of the world leaving his mind as he slept; no one would bother him.

The day was uneventful at the most, besides getting homework, sketching things he thought of and avoiding people the boy went through his usually routine until his 7th period arose. Study Hall, in other words he could go anywhere he wanted and decided to head to an abandoned classroom he had found his freshman year. There was only one flaw in his plan; as he rounded a corner to near his destination a group of voices hit him. How they made him shiver and take a step toward the wall. He hoped they would let him pass, he wished they would not bother with such a pitiful person though he knew they would probably chase him down.

 He was an easy target for most to pick on; thanks to his quiet voice and the fact that he was seemingly always hiding under an oversized jacket. While the teachers seemed to know this was happening they never asked the boy; one of the teachers had tried to ask about a bruise on his cheek his freshman year and he had run from the school. No, none of them asked anymore, not only had he run from the school but that teacher transferred to a different school not a weak later. Back to the matter at the ground came closer the boy's legs doubled their pace and his eyes stayed down knuckles white as they gripped onto his sketchbook.

Hacking the System

Subject 17 or 'Tran'
120 (extra weight because of how he was made)
Body shape:
(look at picture)
Penis Length:
6 inches
Military weapon; built to absorb weapon's into his body, break them down to their molecular structure and they re- creating them on his arms.
1. He does not need air tank's like humans when they go out into the tainted world he needs only a mask to keep the sand from being consumed, he filters his own air internally.
2. He is programmed to obey without question unless it goes against his programming 
3. His body is charged from a small opening on the back of his neck covered by his flesh, the charging mechanism's are located within the tank and bases. It takes 4 hours for an android to charge fully and they do not need to recharge for three weeks before their bodies run out of fuel and collapse though most stay charged as often as possible. They can also process energy through food though they try to save it for their human counterparts.


Welcome to the future....a world of wastelands and sand where the rain that falls is acidic and human's live in spheres their scientists and government has created and deformed monsters live out in the sand trying to kill all who went out into the almost continuous sand storms.

Now meet Tran or Subject 17, one of 50 androids created and spread through out the bases located in what once the united states. His home base is called Citadel, and is based out of what used to be Oregon. It is one of two bases within Zone 1 out of 5 that spread the length of the formal USA. He lives with his Reaper (human fighter) in one of two    tanks (seen in a pictures below) as they scan the area looking in old towns and cities for any scraps. Electrical wires that work, computers, anything that could be useful while trying to stay alive from the monsters that claw for their flesh.

He and his Reaper Your Character have been together for 1 year, 37 days it is currently 6:45:35 am on the 47th day out of their Base and it is almost time to return as they are running low on food and have no new missions to report to.
Most Reapers are rough around the edges as you have to be when you live in a monster and sand ridden USA. They are usually almost cold to their Androids as they have grown used to having them following orders. They cook in the tanks, clean and make sure everything is taken care of. It is even said that a few of them have had the balls to use their 'weapons' sexually of course it is all speculation.

(PM if you need more details or wish to rp)

Royal Secrets (OPEN)

Information you need to know.
-1 vampire year= 25 human years (they will be shown in vampire years and just because they are old does not mean they are all knowing!)
-The vampires in this rp will be able to heal faster than humans yet not at god speed, pain is pain and scars are scars.
-I will be playing the Youngest Brother (the others will not be entered until later unless my partner wants them in at which time I may ask for some help playing them.
-Paragraphs are nice
-This rp is to be kinky and obsessive, simple things like no food when bad to bestiality are exceptionable; yet no water sports (they creep me out)
Vampires and MC

Youngest (PocketUke)
Name: Aura Ouu
Age: 17 in vampire years; 425 in human years
Color: Black hair the lighter color in the picture shall be a dirty blond; I must stick with the vampire theme and say he will have red eyes and a pale complexion.

Middle Child (OPEN)
Name: Kariumi Ouu
Age: 25 in vampire years; 625 in human years
A jump off his personality: A streak of separation anxiety made him crave physical acknowledgment, and his pride turned it from hugs to sex. They had all recieved, well, nontraditional childhoods, but though meaning well, Kariumi had come out a bit more twisted than the other two.
Color: Like his brothers he has black hair though he likes to turn it blond; he holds red eyes as well yet is slightly less pale because he goes out on missions with the 'king.'

Oldest (OPEN)
Name: Aloysius Ouu
Age: 32 in vampire years; 800 in human years
Color: Again, black hair though his has been grown out; Red eyes frame his eyes making them shine against his skin which is like the middle child darker than the youngest as he leads missions and goes out often.

History: All three children were brought up under the reign of their father King Darius Ouu; he ruled for 64 vampire years and died at the age of 83 or 2075 human years (a long rule). Still he was murdered in cold blood by a neighboring country and ever since then all has gone to hell. This was when Aloysius was 21 or 523 yeras old, Kariumi was 14 or 350 and Aura was only 6 or 150. Because of such blood shed Aloysius sheltered his two brothers though Kariumi quickly shot away and joined his brother. Aura on the other hand was not allowed to fight. Although he is a well trained fighter and one with a temper much like his brothers he is shyer and more innocent, unable to kill in murder or to even look at someone after they are dead. Lately though he has been growing restless and escaping into the palace more often; sometimes even into the city.


(taken from a YD rp...can not remember who)

Welcome to SFDDS!

CONGRATULATIONS Customer #XXXXX!! Today we are having a sale at SFDDS (Special Fetish Doll Delivery Service). Every purchase of a FD (Fetish Doll) is 30% off. All accessories are also 50% off. Take a look at our inventory to see what may interest you. If you're not sure, we have a simple and quick survey you can fill out that will allow us to help you find something that will interest you. Just follow the link to take the survey and our fetish experts will get crackin'!  Wink



Customer Profile

Sexual Position:
Delivery Address:
Brief History:

1. Doll Type
__ Human
__ Anthro/hybrid
(if you pick human please skip to Question 3; otherwise, continue to Question 2)

2. Species
__ Cat
__ Dog
__ Fish
__ Bird
__ Other:
(these are general categories; if you would like a specific species (i.e tiger, wolf, eagle, merfolk), please click one of the main categories)

3. Sexual Position
__ Dominant (seme)
__ Submissive (uke)
__ Interchangable (seke)
__ Doesn't matter (we will randomly choose for you)

4. Fetish Types
__ Specify:

5. Features Fetish
__ Specify:

6. Clothes Fetish
__ Specify:

7. Sexual Activity Fetish
__ Specify: 

8. Accessories
__ Specify:

Welcome to MY Forest (OPEN)

I have lived through many ages. Through the eye's of salmon, deer and wolf.  I have seen the Nordic men invaiding Ireland, destroying all in search of gold. I have seen sufforing and the darkness. Yet, I have seen beauty thrive in the most fragile places.

It could be more supernatural with a demon or military coming in, his blood is an almost transparent green and when spilled will easily grow miss and plants, he is a quiet creature who is not scared to fight and tease others and will need a strong hand.

 Ailill Gealbhan
 -- (he's lived through a ton)
5'4 (he is a spirit)
Spirit of the Forest
His hair of thick silver locks as grown passed his ankles.
He does not like human's coming into HIS forest.
If you ask for help nicely and do not hurt him he might just help you out.
He is petrified of human society, being inside wall's.
(will add more)

No One-Liners!
-I would love to get an rp with at least a two paragraph length!
-Proper English though I'm not super picky...spell things right!

Gamerz Heaven (OPEN)


In the modern age there is so much technology that people can get lost in their own worlds. This is also true for YC; a college student who is majoring in Game art and design. When an internship to one of the largest game production companies comes up YC jumps at the chance to show his stuff. The only odd thing is that your character is only given one assignment. Apparently the company is working on a new RPG game for girls and buy's of all sexuality and they still need a feminine male. Your character is given one month to come up with him. The criteria:
-teenage in years (between 17-23)
-a voice need's to be chosen by YC
-outfits (at the most seven)
The character that is created will obviously be MC.
Anyways so YC creates the character to his hearts content making a perfect boy in his eyes. At the end of his internship one of the workers gives him a clear CD case. Inside is a silver disk with the words 'Gamerz Heaven' scribbled in permanent marker. He is told it is one of the Prototypes of the game he helped to create. Of course YC has to play it! He needs to see how his character looks in graphics. Yet after the opening screen and his name being asked for followed by two questions he realizes something is wrong. The screen goes black. He tried to grab the controller yet it is gone. YC has been literally sucked into a video game and MC is waiting for him. An exact double-world except that if you die in the game; in ANYONE dies in the game, they die in real life as well.
OH and characters may get hurt in the game but as long as they do not die nothing will show in the real world. This goes for MC as well. He will save the game for you yet you may only save 3 times a day. Once your limit is up you are transported back when asked. Yet you will loose all data not saved. MC will recover from injuries after the game is saved and shut off.
(Based off of the manga: 'Gamerz Heaven)

Terra Divinity

Name: He has had several and is currently known as Kara meaning empty because he is such a well used slave, though people also call him Shiyo meaning used.
Occupation: Slave of any breed to whoever buys him
Position: Uke
Personality: Broken, he pays little mind to people and is very quiet, his soul was broken long ago though he is very good at begging when told; he is a bit of a doll, though if he doesn't get what he wants he is known for throwing a fit and on VERY rare occasions lashing out in anger.

Basic Idea
Terra Divinia was supposedly a wondrous place, but even it had it's problems. The more glittery the city seemed the worse the problems seemed to grow. Underground slave rings were Heiress's department. He worked to infiltrate and take them down. MC is just as I said I broken slave. For this rp I am looking for someone to play part of a police department who saves him or a kind master. Maybe you can convince me to enjoy something more sadistic. This is a most plot based rp though  I don't mind sex at all Kara is very broken and doesn't know how to interact in a normal environment.

Blood Bath

Alias Golan
Bottom (Aggressive and Submissive)

What would you do to be free? What would you do if everything you knew was a lie? If your parents sacrificed your, sacrificed your family in the blink of an eye? Alias wouldn't know, he doesn't know but what he does know is that he's crazy. His body and mind harboring a dark female demon. He's begged for help but no one will take his word. After what happened why would? He needs help, he needs an exorcism, he needs someone who knows what is going on!

An exorcism would be nice, maybe someone who had tampered in the dark arts themselves. I am very open to ideas in this plot as it is just getting started. Please feel free to contact me at any time. Don't worry I don't bite.

It burned. Oh god it burned so much! She was inside his mind! Her upper body the picture of sexual desire, her arm raised, blood coated her arms hair curled into one as she laughed. He took a step back, it was a head, his father head! He tried to scream but she only laughed digging into his throat as everything fell apart. He was just so hot.
I used to be normal, I used to have a great life, a loving mother and father, a little sister. Everything was great. Well not everything we fought and I got bad grades. My parents made us do some weird things I don't know what it was exactly but I know I miss it you know. I miss them all, my mother and father. My little sister Emily; I used to call her Emmy just to upset her. I wish we could just go back to the way it was before the incident.
"...police are not giving us many details but what we do know is that at around 3 am a group of unknown assailants broke into this suburban house and attacked the family inside. Police have had no word on the location on he families only son Alias who was been reported missing. Well will bring you updates as soon as we get them for UCM News I'm Paris Monagram."

The sirens roared in the darkness, their lights as bright as the stars above them. It was so did it end up like this?!
I don't know what happened, I don't really remember much but the Police have my finger prints, they have the weapon used and it is covered in my hands. I didn't kill them! I would never kill them! That didn't stop them from locking me away. It didn't stop a new voice that clawed about my mind that laughed and teased me, that gave me nightmares, no daymares of every detail of their death, their mangled bodies and the screams that tore through my nights. I don't sleep much anymore. The doctors give me medication but he tells me not to take it. I wouldn't dare disobey him. I didn't want to hurt anyone, I didn't want any more memories.

"Alias? Alias, are you listening?"
Eyes turned slowly, dark red eyes looked at he tell man before him a sick smile of his face. Who the hell did he think he was?! He blinked a few times, lips parted as he spoke quietly.

"Shut up, I'm thinking you stupid man." 'His' voice was sharp, higher than it normally was. Her body aches in pain as she shivered slightly. He never let her out anymore why knew that this kid would be so mentally strong. Never ever, but why now? She was just trying to do what she was good at. He was such an annoying prat! She should just kill him...but that would mean getting sent back home, waiting for some poor fool to summon her again.

The doctor was speaking again, 'his' eyes turned to look at the man. "Baphomet, Baph for shot darling." 'He grinned, teeth exposed, canines sharp as 'he' lunged forwards suddenly. The doctor was screaming again, teeth dug into flesh, hips ground down against his own groin eagerly; hell at least humans would fuck their own gender.
He didn't know what happened but now he was laying here a disgusting taste in his mouth, body bound by a straight jacket, eyes dull, his breathing weak as he coughed and spat the taste out. What the hell was that taste?! Oh god what had he done? Tears filled blue eyes, twisting his head he cried out. "Hello?! Is anyone there?! Help! Please let me out! Please let me have some water!" He screams were met with a laugh, his eyes clenched shut. "Leave me alone...please stop, just leave me alone." She laughed at him her words like poison right in his ear. "Never." His lips moved on their own his breathing caught in his throat as he spoke quietly a poem he had known since he was a little. His mother used to make him say it before bed...

"We stand armed and dangerous before the bloody fields of history;
Devoid of dogma – but ready to carve, to defy the transient:
Ready to stab forth with our penetrative will,
Strain every leash, run yelling down the mountainside of Man:
Ready and willing to immolate world upon world
With our stunning blaze.
And let them all sing that WE were here, as Masters
Among the failing specimens called Man.
Our being took form in defiance
To stand before your killing gaze.
And now we travel from flame to flame
And tower from the will to the glory!
Agios o baphomet. Agio o baphomet.

Palace Ghost

X3 I just had an idea for something happening in the Edo period (if you don't know.....1603 to 1867.........Edo is the ancient name for Tokyo. During the reign of the Tokugawa Shoguns, Japan's emperor reigned in secluded majesty at the imperial capital in Kyoto; however, the true center of power, government, the economy and social life was Edo, where the Shogun lived and ruled the country. For most people in Japan, Edo is more than just a historical city. It also has a symbolic image and meaning. It represents nearly everything that they consider a part of their "traditional" culture. For the Japanese, Edo has a romantic image that one could compare to the Italian's image of Renaissance Venice, the British image of Victorian London and the American image of the Wild West, all rolled into one.)

Anyways Kioshi (means quiet) Katsurou is a young boy living in one of the palaces that occupies the era, though no one knows he's there. It was one of the palaces seized during the war and then left to the elements crumbling and old it makes for a good refuge. Though it is not stable he calls it home. With his family victims to the war Kioshi has made a living of himself living in the palace and living off whatever he can find and has a wide knowledge of the edible plants, medical practice and making something out of nothing. He often hides from wandering travelers and war groups who use it was a place to rest though he never talks to them when caught. With pale skin from not being out in the sun to much and the traditional black hair yet nontraditional length; his hair reaches just below his shoulder blades though it is always pulled backing a small ribbon fashioned from grass, yet instead of black eyes he has a rare blue, his father was a foreigner who was mapping the area when his mother and him had met but they were both dead now...Kioshi is 17 years old and is quiet happy and content living the way he does away from the war and in his own secret palace.

(seme needed feel free to think of any idea though I can~ Either a Samurai comes and takes him along after all he is a healer, or he could be stolen for his bright blue eyes. Taken by the Emperor...)

Merman Plot (no name yet)

These aren't the mermen and mermaids you know of. The sweet kind type that are curious about humans and eat kelp and small fish. No they need something larger, something full of delectable meat. They need you. Not that, that ever stopped humans from trying to figure out everything about them!

Settings Available
-Pirate Setting in which when Pirate find a sinking ship they watch as the humans abord are violently torn apart my mer-creatures and work on capturing one or two.
-Aquarium going out of buisness and have a group of Mermen and Mermaids going to Private collectors.

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