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Started by Ron Don Volante, July 06, 2014, 08:37:52 PM

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Ron Don Volante

Hi all, long time lover of Elliquiy but finally have some time to really devote to it now that my other projects are finally dying down. First off, if you're interested in any plot feel free to send a PM but also note that I strongly prefer going into great details on Yahoo Instant Messaging or an equivalent. Also note that MxF, FxF, and FxM pairings are my preference although in certain circumstances I'm willing to do MxM in a smutty situation. For genres including RPG-like action I've listed RPGs not because I want to run an actual system but as a tool to create characters with limitations weaknesses etc. This is just a guiding principle and not something we need to use lock-stock-and-barrel. Also, I don't care if you are male who wants to play a female character or vice versa.


A post every two or three days is what I'm expecting. If you get bored or don't like the direction the story is going in or real life is hitting you hard send a PM no problem. I understand that sometimes a muse can be active at the start but peter out or real life gets in the way. I won't get mad if you vanish without a message but I may not be too interested in starting up again with that or any other story in the future.

Also, since I'm not one myself, I don't expect Chandler, Hemmingway, or McCarthy (or pick any other epic author) but give me some good stuff to bite into! If a story should contain experimental or odd writing styles (which I know are more difficult) I'll be sure to note it in the description. Also, I get a big writing boner for anyone who knows his/her TV Tropes!

Currently Craving

The Agent (Espionage)
Moral Coral (Comedy)

BDSM-themed Realistic:

This covers things that are more on the realistic side without anything clearly unrealistic. While aspects such as non-con or incest could definitely be part of these scenarios if you like they are by no means essential to the plot.

The Sugar Daddy
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Victor Benson should be the poster child for successful businessmen. Early 40s, married to a beautiful wife, three smart ambitious daughters, well respected, very wealthy, generous, and influential most people believe his investment portfolio consists of luxury real estate, high end commercial businesses (jewelry stores and the like), and blue chip stocks. In reality, he makes a good 2/3 of his money from far shadier means. Low end strip clubs, check cashing and payday loans, sleazy fly-by-night banks, liquor stores, and bodegas.

The crown jewel of this lucrative poverty industry portfolio, however, is low rent housing particularly trailer parks. While contemptuous of all types of low class people, he reserves particular venom for the "white trash" that inhabit his real estate. He even agrees to let a film crew make a new reality show at one of his parks so he can have what is, to him and his twisted daughters, an uproarious comedy.

However, he notices one particular girl named Sarah (or whatever name you might want) on the show. Eighteen or nineteen years old, she is attractive (or would be when cleaned up),  somewhat smarter than the rest of the people at the park, and has a steady, if humiliating, job as a waitress at a nearby sleazy strip club. On a lark he goes to visit the girl at the club, while being pampered and toadied to by the management, he gets her to agree to be his girlfriend despite her being the same age as his daughters. Then he begins to sink his claws into the poor girl...

This story will include humiliation, mental manipulation, restrictions, nasty women, mostly Victor's assistants (see The Mentor below), and very possibly bondage and non-con (if you like). The idea is he controls the girl and sees her as a doll or a pet while her self-esteem is slowly sucked away until she realizes she's an utterly dependent plaything to a cruel, but handsome, older man. There will also be more than a little bit of fashion as Victor and co. "remakes" his new doll into something more "pleasing". Additionally, there can be some incest (or incest-like) scenes with Victor and his prima donna daughters although this is entirely optional.

Also note that this game lends itself a bit more to IM play but can be done either through YIM or on the board tthough ideally my partner would be able to post a lot and have a similar schedule as I do.

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Victor Benson:


The Mentor
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Victor Benson (see The Sugar Daddy above) is rather slothful these days and dislikes doing too much in the way of actual work. More importantly, there's nothing more intimidating for the slimeballs in suits he often has to deal with than a young, attractive, and aggressive woman. Victor spends a lot of time cultivating these "proteges" often spotting them as high school seniors or college freshmen.

One such girl is Tiffany "Tiffy" Quick, a brilliant young woman who got a scholarship to an elite private high school. Ruthless, ambitious, sadistic, and pretty as a picture, but with an embarrassing home life living in trailer parks and Section Eight housing. Victor offered her a full scholarship to an exclusive small private college on one condition: She had until the end of college to have an iron grip on the student body. If she could do that then a spot as his "Executive Assistant" was hers.

She surpassed his expectations when she took over the administration through seduction and blackmail of the school's president and provost. Victor should have been proud of her and he was...until he heard of her unauthorized plan to embezzle a lot of money out of the college. Before he could let her begin to work for him he has to "correct" his protege's improper behavior.

This story is immersive and will probably have me playing a multitude of characters aside from Victor. Tiffy is an atypical switch role, very submissive to her mentor, but extremely nasty and dominant to just about everybody else.

I’d probably play a number of other characters aside from Victor, including victims of Tiffy's wrath, people she needs to  intimidate, Victor's "playthings" (like Sarah or his favorite stripper etc.), as well as Victor's spoiled young daughters. This story will include heavy aspects of mental BDSM as well as much physical aspects as you like. Additionally, there can be some incest (or incest-like) scenes with Victor and his prima donna daughters although this is entirely optional. I've been craving this RP for a long time so I'm willing to be flexible.

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The Blonde Republican* Sex Kitten
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The * is to emphasize the girl in this scenario does not have to be blonde or Republican (though she can be both). The Sex Kitten is extremely attractive, right out of college (22-24), brash, over achieving, preppy, arrogant, extremely smart, and has an excellent job with The Boss. She's also an extreme ideologue for whatever belief you like (Tea Party, Occupy Wall St, Conservative Christianity... pick your poison). The Boss's position could be promoting it directly (as a politician) or indirectly (as a business owner or PR leader). The fun part is when he begins having a torrid affair with The Sex Kitten, specifically humiliating and tormenting her in a completely hypocritical way. Like, if she's an Occupy Wall St. type, having her blow him while he's signing pink slips. A conservative Christian is banged with a condom which she's forced to take off afterwards etc. This is meant to be a bit cheesy and could even lend itself to a briefer one-shot type RP but it's totally up to you. I'm flexible with this one!

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The Sex Kitten:

BDSM-themed Extreme/Unrealistic (Non-Con, Incest, Hentai, Bimbofication, Violence etc.)

This is where both unrealistic and more extreme aspects are essential to the plot. Keep in mind I obviously respect limits and O/Os so if you like most of a certain story except for one I’m willing to take it out if you like.

The Sisters (Incest, possible Non-Con and Violence) Partially taken!

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Victor Benson (See The Sugar Daddy and The Mentor) has three adoring daughters: Persephone, Andromeda, and Eris. They all take aspects of their father and have been extremely “loving” to him for most of their teen years. Their exact ages are variable keeping in mind that the character(s) in question must be sixteen years or older[/u] but none of them should be older than twenty one. The intention is you play one of The Sisters (this isn’t a group game) but if you want to play more than one…go nuts!

Persephone (aka “Perse”) is the oldest (or possibly twin to Andromeda) and is the diabolical ice princess and sadist of The Sisters. Obsessive with dominance,  fashion, personal grooming, and perfection she is Victor’s heir and acts according. She finds the act of sex with her as the Top, or even non BDSM-heavy sex, generally distasteful. Victor may be an exception or she may only have sex with him while he is dominating a third party (another Sister or one of his mistresses). The classic quote “Everything is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” sums Persephone up perfectly. It’s very likely she has a number of submissives and/or slaves accompanying her most of the time. If you’re looking for something a little more “down-to-earth” she could be a hypersexual and incest-loving version of Reese Witherspoon from Election or Sarah Michelle Gellar from Cruel Intentions (sorry for the 90s references).

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Andromeda (aka “Andy”) is the middle child (or possibly twin to Persephone) and is the masochist of The Sisters. Despite enjoying receiving pain and experiencing BDSM-sex as a submissive she’s spoiled, possessive, and a rather large brat. Anytime she wants somebody, or more actually someone, she will push them to act and dress in a specific way and to fawn over her constantly. She’s very much a “topping-from-the-bottom” type. Andromeda adores being dominated by Victor and even by Persephone or Eris though rarely without Victor commanding it.

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Eris is the youngest and is a chaotic sado-masochist of The Sisters. She enjoys dangerous “pranks” and “jokes” and revels in chaos more so than sadistic or masochistic thrills. Her fashion sense tends to reflect her wild personality. Sex with her often makes right club look tame but she finds the affair boring if she doesn’t both dish out and receive rather harsh pain. With Victor she puts on the sweetest and most innocent of faces and outfits. It’s a game they play as Victor is well aware of how his daughter really is but let’s her get away with pretending to be a perfect church-girl type in front of him.

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(more to come)


Any interest in cyberpunk will usually land in a custom world that combines elements of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Jennifer Government, Prometheus, Person of Interest, and Shadowrun. General rules and classes etc. come from Shadowrun 5e.

The Rebel
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In a fascist corpocratric (rule by corporations) New York City a young rebellious girl strikes a blow for the forces of Anarchy when she films herself destroying the Atlas statute outside 30 Rockefeller Center (seen by many a symbol of corporate largesse and arrogance. While hardly the only terrorist action, this one spread like wildfire on the ubiquitous social networks until it's become something of a phenomenon. The Powers That Be have decided that since hushing the incident up is impossible they do the next best thing: Hunting The Commie, the new 3-D TV special running on WNYC! Everyone's invited with an incredibly generous offer to the winner. Is she brought in Dead or Alive? YOU decide!
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The Clone
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Clones are the bleeding edge of biotechnology and laws have only begun to sketch out the details. As far as the law is currently concerned, clones are patented material belonging to the corporation that created it. The Ganesha Project is under the personal direction of CEO Victor Benson. The object: create clones specialized for different tasks. The task could be anything from investigations to assassination to sex or a combination of the above. Psychic and technological powers could also be involved as well. (This is inspired by the board game Android and its cardgame Netrunner)
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High/Low Fantasy

Tons and tons of loves here. Game of Thrones, Conan (the original one not the movies), Dragonlance, and about a hundred other inspirations. Pathfinder is still the best fantasy RPG set there is.

The Daughter Taken!!!
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A powerful wizard has interests throughout the corrupt and factious "Free Kingdoms" and reliable mercenary and assassins are hard to come by. Along with a desire for experimentation and a general libertine attitude he develops a plan: Capture a nymph and have it impregnated by a minor demon summoned from Hell. The resulting half-demon half-Nymph is raised as his daughter into the perfectly loyal, powerful, and deadly assassin.
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The Lord
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This was written for Westeros (aka Game of Thrones) but could be put into any Low Fantasy/Historical setting. By hook and crook, a third son from a noble House gets control of a small fiefdom by opportunistically marrying the young daughter of a recently deceased lord. He singlehandedly turns the fiefdom into a money making machine for himself and his own lord allowing him great reign to do what he likes so long as he keeps the gold coming.

One possibility is that he "married" the very young daughter of the previous lord so he could act as regent. He treats her kindly and sweetly but in his personal life has a number of dalliances and keeps a particularly beautiful and vengeful bastard daughter of the previous lord as his chief courtesan. Another possibility is that the daughter is old enough to rule in her own right but is meek and submissive to her husband.
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(The courtesan)

Space Opera

I do have interest in space opera and advanced science- fiction. These adventures can take place in the Battletech, Firefly, or Honor Harrington universes with some customization. Firefly RPG rules would work well with this sort of world but A Time of War (the Battletech RPG) works as well.

The Captain: Taken!!!
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In the far future, Faster-Than-Light travel has propelled humanity forward militarily, technologically, and economically but, ironically, backwards politically. Slow communication, long travel, and remoteness of control has led to a great rise in absolute monarchy and feudalism. Taking a page from the history of ancient Terra, The Star Republic has just recently broken off from the Terran Empire and has created a grand experiment: The first truly interstellar democracy. Cut off from both the control and protection from The Empire, The Republic must defend itself against other hostile empires and pirate kingdoms who are capturing Republican ships and raiding Republican colonies at an alarmingly increased rate.

Enter The Captain. She's a rising star in the Republican Navy and has just been given a small command to assist with defending Republican ships from slaver attacks. Lots of bondage and non-con potential as well as bad assery. This is supposed to mirror many of the events of the early America's foreign relation (the Quasi-War with France, the Barbary Pirates war, and the War of 1812). The background is a bit of a mix of Mass Effect, Honor Harrington, and Battletech.
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Film noir and Pulp

Basically any noirish element you can think of usually taking place between the 30s (Chinatown), 40s (Maltese Falcon), or 50s (LA Confidential). This will usually be less smutty but can contain elements of BDSM and other taboo topics like many neo-noir films/books. Related, but slightly different, Pulp Fiction is always of great interest to me especially combined with Steampunk. Spirit of the Century is an excellent set of rules for either Noir or Pulp Fiction. Note that these tend to be very focused when it comes to writing, often emulating writers like Cormac McCarthy or James Ellroy but I can try and tone it down if need be.

No current characters yet though Riverside below is a combination of this and Urban Fantasy if you're interested. Also love to hear about ideas in this vein!

Urban Fantasy

Usually in the Boston and/or New England area this encompasses Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, Faeries etc. in the modern era (high/low fantasies are obviously separate). The Dresden Files RPG has replaced new World of Darkness as my favorite system for this with it’s very heavy emphasis on character development as part of the character creation process.

Riverside: Magical PI Taken!!!
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Riverside's is a popular upscale night club in Boston near Boston University called Riverside's. It's owned by the eponymous Jane Riverside who is quite an elegant older lady along with her life partner/wife. She stays in the background these days but she's got a very long and very interesting history. She's actually a Mage that is ninety four years old and was born a he.

Riverside has a TON of background and is best explained in PM/YIM but any RP with her would include rping in the 40s and/or 50s, magic, gender bending, noir detective work, and lots of passionate pulpy sex as well as taboo topics she encounters. This has elements of urban fantasy Harry Dresden, classic Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, and the philosophical sci-fi of Robert Heinlein.
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Young "Jane" Riverside

Young "John" Riverside


Louise Belcher All Grown Up!
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Okay this is a weird one. As I'm in love with psychotic girls I love the character of Louise from Bob's Burgers. I found this picture of an older Logan and Louise particularly adorable.

So in this wacky scenario Louise Benjamin, not the same character but "heavily inspired by" Louise, is a mischievous trouble making sociopath that loves stirring the pot and is way way too smart for her age. She also has "the Look" and is recruited for runway modeling at a young age. She does this more to support her father's restaurant and, at first, to mock and humiliate the models, photographers, designers etc that take everything way too seriously. But she finds out she likes it, particularly the wackier shoots. By the time she's eighteen she's gracing Vogue and other high end magazines but she's still her crazy prankster sarcastic self.

Enter Logan Berry. He used to bully Louise when they were younger but since they had similar personalities they became allies later on. The age difference was far too much for any relationship to blossom, and Louise never even really had a crush on Logan, but now he's out of college and doesn't stop talking about the girl he knew in school that's gracing Victoria Secret catalogs among other things. He's now an entertainment reporter and just so happens to take jobs that land him in wherever Louise finds herself.

Other potential ideas would be going home to meet mom and dad (Bob and Linda) or having one of her siblings (Tina and/or Gene) or her aunt (Gayle) come visit with her during a shoot or even just going out on the town or other wacky adventures.

This will probably be more of a one-shot sorta thing but I'm really craving it! Lots of comedic mischief, wacky dialogue, quirky romance, and fashion. A lot of my favorite things!







Moral Coral (Craving!!!)
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"Coral, this midterm is going to be a bitch. I just hope we do good enough so I can have a decent grade going into the final."
"Becky, if you pray you get your way. If you hope the answer is nope!"

This is heavily inspired by the fantastic and under appreciated show Moral Orel. Coraline "Coral" Boardington is from a Bible Belt town in the midwest filled with the sort of Christianity that Rick Santorum and company embrace. Coral is a very good and moral person (hence the title) but she's blinded by the biases drilled into her by her parents and her town at large. Naturally, she's so naive and unaware of the real world that she comes off as almost child like in her misconceptions and her observations. She eventually leaves her town but instead of a Bible college or other Christian school she specifically picks a party school (Your choice but I was thinking University of Miami). Coral does this so she can both evangelize and gird herself against temptaion in the most sinful place in the world: a secular university dorm! The other main character would be Coral's roommate and only good friend outside the school's Christian Bible Club. The Roommate would be a much more typical college freshman but still wants to get Coral to act somewhat normal.

First idea: Based on the episode "God-Fearing"

In a discussion with either the roommate or with an atheist student in one of her classes Coral gets hit with a conundrum. Coral says she isn't scared of anything because God is always on her side but mentions what it could be like to feel scared. When it's pointed out to her that the scripture says one can just ask for forgiveness after every sin she could get God angry with her and then just ask for forgiveness the next day. Excited at the prospect she vows, over the course of Friday and Saturday night, to indulge in all seven deadly sins. And it being Rush Weekend there are quite a few frat parties going on.... This could include some bondage (in a rather hilarious scene I imagine as she would have zero concept of BDSM) but mostly wacky naive sexual escapades.

More to come!




The Agent (Craving!!)
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The year is 1968.  The Cold War is in full swing. Every agency with three letters and government backing is fighting every terrorist group with a cause in every corner of the globe. But while East battles West and the Eagle fights the Bear there are other factions at work. Ones with roots that go back to the 30s and the worst ideology this side of Hell.

In the Middle East, it has been a year since the fateful six days that changed everything. Terror against Jewish targets worldwide have been stepped up and Israel's (in)famous Mossad is operating on overtime. Although stretched pretty far they do have one rather notable asset: Deborah Jael. A twenty eight year old former soldier, Deborah is experienced, ruthless, gorgeous, brilliant, deadly, and a master of social manipulation. So when intelligence comes in through the CIA and MI6 about a group of matriarchal fascists have gathered strength on a mysterious island with not just Israel, but the entire world, in its sights they know exactly who to send in.

This game should evoke everything between the early James Bond films (Sean Connery) as well as 60s sexploitation cheese like Million Eyes of Sumuru. I think of Deborah as sort of like James Bond but she's BDSM-happy, a lot more ruthless, sadistic, bisexual, and Israeli instead of British.

I would love just about anything to do with Deborah but I'd mostly prefer if somebody would take up the mantle of "GM" and the rest of the characters than her but so long as somebody plays her I'll be thrilled.

Deborah Jael

My character and plot repository

Feel free to PM me if you'd like to chat about my or your characters, plots, your work or anything that interests you.

Ron Don Volante

Changed the thread around, added "cravings", added Moral Coral.
My character and plot repository

Feel free to PM me if you'd like to chat about my or your characters, plots, your work or anything that interests you.