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May 23, 2018, 12:42:27 AM

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Author Topic: Please Don't Stop The Music! (Or, Caski's Musically Inspired Ideas!)  (Read 350 times)

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Offline CascalenceTopic starter

Currently not seeking new roleplay partners.

Hi, everyone!
I'm stepping back into the roleplaying world after a ten month hiatus, and I'm coming back swinging!

This link contains my ons/offs, along with an explanation of what sort of characters I roleplay.
The kinds of roleplay partners I seek are those that understand 'quality over quantity.'  Having said that, I will not tolerate someone who only makes two or three sentences a post.  It is understandable for this to happen from time to time, but happening for many posts (or pages) in a row is distressing and upsetting.
I'm all about communication, too.  Private messages about what is going on in our roleplay, or what you would like to see happen, or even a notice of an absence, for whatever reason.
For characters, I will admit that I use (and very much like) reference artwork (and on rare occasion, pictures).  If you're uncomfortable using one, that's fine.  I'll do my best to keep your character's features in mind via your description of that character (my memory isn't all that great sometimes).  In addition, I should warn that, from time to time, I can be a bit of a sadist to my characters and cause them to undergo some pretty traumatizing things.  I apologize if you don't like that, but it is the way my twisted mind works.

Most of my ideas/plots are inspired by music, but in the future, they could be inspired by a picture, something I've seen on TV...any number of things.
So, then, let's take a look at my ideas!  For more information on what you're interested in, PM me...I don't want to spoil the surprise publicly!

She's always been a little flighty.  Nothing holds her attention for very long, whether it be jobs, games, television shows, or even sexual partners.  They all come and go, and she is flippant about the entire situation.  The only thing that can attract or maintain her focus, to the best of her knowledge, is music.
He's an angel of the guardian class.  He's watched over many a human, but he's been without a ward for a few years.  He is suddenly given the task of watching over this human, but is warned there is something unusual about her and that Heaven's eye finds it difficult to follow her movements.  He accepts the case, curious as to what would cause her to be so evasive to the watchers at the gate, and heads down to Earth.
For a bit, he's content to perform his job as he normally would, watching over her invisibly, in the corner of the room, a good few paces behind her as she walks...always hovering, never interacting.
Something begins to change shortly, however, and he is no longer content to watch.  He takes on a human form, wanting to know her more personally.
Say It Right
Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland
In another realm, ruled primarily by the goddesses of the sun and the moon, twins were born, each baring a birthmark indicative of one of the goddesses.  These girls have been raised, locked inside a temple all of their lives.  It is their 27th year, and they are troubled.  Their respective goddesses have quieted to them, and they sit as they hear the prayers of the people, unable to give them an answer.
And then he arrives.  A mercenary, maybe?  Or a soldier?  He is dressed in light armor and carries a sword at his side.
They do not hear his prayer or request, for all at once, their ears are filled with their goddesses.  The twin of the sun nearly weeps from the sound she'd feared she'd lost, and the two girls look at each other, knowing that the other has heard the same words.  They take one another's hands, then look to the man before them.  They have a mission, the three of them.

Danity Kane
It's person A's first day on the job (working as an ER doctor in a hospital), and A can only hope that (A) can keep (A-self) from getting into trouble again.  All of A's previous relationships have been devastating, and the latest one was bad enough that A had to start a whole new life on the other side of the country.
Person B becomes infatuated with A, and begins to seek A out, flirting, asking A out, and B does all (B) can to seduce A.
Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine
A is an up-and-coming DJ, and visits a new record shop to check out the selection.  While browsing, A finds a strange old vintage record in a plain white sleeve, clumped in dust.  A is tempted to brush it off but is more curious than dismissive.  A winds up buying it, and takes it home.  At some point, A finally plays the record.  And then B appears, claiming to be a music (god/goddess).

Dead Memories
He'd never wanted a partner...I mean, come on, why would an assassin have a partner?!  Still, the organization assigned them to one another.  They had been together for only six months, before they became something more.  Before he trusted his partner, and loved him.
And one day, it all ended.  His partner was shot and killed.  He'd held him as he died, and went crazy for a little bit...he killed everyone in the vicinity without prejudice or mercy.
He left the organization, living off the money he'd earned in the past.  He kept himself in shape, mostly because the exercise helped him fight back the looming emotional pain.  But he did little else.  Three years passed like this, until one day, he runs into a man on the way to the gym.  And the man claims to be his lost lover.  He's infuriated.  This new man looks only loosely like the one he'd lost, though his eyes are the same.  Suspicious, angry, and disbelieving, he ignores the man as he continues to try to convince him.

Whispers In The Dark
He's hungry again.  It's been centuries since he's been sated.  But his kind, the incubi, were nearly wiped from existence because they would stick with one of their prey until there was nothing left to feed on.  It was the best way to get the nourishment they needed, and after they'd finished their 'meal,' they could go months without need for more.
But when the humans rose up, found a way to kill them, they had to change their prey nightly.  His kind soon understood that, in draining one single human, they took far greater nourishment than they did in changing partners nightly.  Still, it was a way to continue living, to continue existing...and it became a habit for them all, even as they fell into human myth and legend.
She's beautiful, despite the bruises.  She sleeps next to her abuser, though her sleep is careful, and it's hard to approach her.  Her heart aches and cries, and is a strong beacon for what he craves.  Throwing caution to the wind after observing her for a few nights, he decides to enter her dreams anyway.  What will happen there will surprise him.
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