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May 27, 2018, 07:09:16 AM

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Author Topic: Vaulera's Elliquiy Solo Request Thread (The extreme stuff)  (Read 357 times)

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Vaulera's Elliquiy Solo Request Thread (The extreme stuff)
« on: July 03, 2014, 02:17:02 AM »
Ladies and gentlemen, this is an absolute first for me. Generally speaking, I only work with non-forum solo roleplays, and keep to the group stuff on the forum. And when I did do some solo rps, they died hard and fast (with one exception <3s to MetalZephyr.) This is the rebirth of my solo roleplaying career. I'm posting the ones that I most want to do, and I likely won't do any repeats, as it is higher maintenance on the forum than off of it. Without going into more, here are my roleplaying ideas!

Blackmailing the daughter, having the mother: This is currently the modern setting roleplay that I like most. The concept is that through some means, willing or unwilling, someone is having sex with the mother of a girl (possibly married, possibly not.) Or he is fucking the daughter of this woman. He uses a picture, or a video of their endeavours to blackmail the other one (mother or daughter,) into doing what he wants. Then, he makes a webshow, or a series out of the events. That's the rudimentary concept, and as with all of my roleplays, open to change.

Neighbourhood Slave-Play: At it's most core concept, this idea is a very hard dom/sub game. There will be one person in the relationship dictating what the other person does, and generally what's going to happen (not to say the other person can't, but it's Dom/Sub play, that's the kink.) The little twists we throw into it is what changes this RP from generally pretty bland to interesting and kinky. And I want it to be very kinky. For some reasons, (that we shall create,) our two characters can't avoid eachother. The prime reason, is that the two are next-door neighbours or live in the same abode. One character, being the hard dom, decides that looking only goes so far, and undergoes a long process of breaking, and training the more sub character into a more obedient slave-type. The circumstances between the characters, the age differences, the kinks and the characters themselves are all malleable, and changing them is what will make this RP fun, and not a boring, generic Dom/Sub play.

Beware the Internet: The roleplay starts with one woman. She's an avid goer on several forums and reddit. (To spice it up, she could be in a relationship, either married, engaged or taken.) On one of the different internet mediums that she goes on, she makes a bet with one of the other people across the forum over something or another. She has to make one post of his choosing. Whatever the post is, or whatever the request is, she follows through. Rather than just let it go, however, the man on the other end of the forum starts to blackmail her on her personal emails. She contacts him, outraged, and the fun begins. To save her (marriage,) career, social life and forum life, she has to bend to the whims of the man on the other end. She has to meet with him, be his sex slave, fuck him in public, make whichever posts he decides upon and whatever else he may desire. Heavy elements of public play and blackmail.

Breaking the Teen: This is a more long term and non-con game than I usually play. The concept is that there is a young girl (subject to the elliquiy age restrictions, of course,) being eyed up by a man (or group of men). For a reason we decide on, he, or they, decide to make things more extreme, and the fun begins. It would be filled with sexual harassment, public stuff, non-con, bondage, rough sex and eventually, the teen is broken. This would entail her being a loyal sex-slave to the man or group of men who broke her. As always, open to change.