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Author Topic: Avarian⭐Academy (MxM) [closed]  (Read 719 times)

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Avarian⭐Academy (MxM) [closed]
« on: January 09, 2014, 02:19:24 PM »

Welcome to the school for all boys, a home of many generations past, and not to mention beautiful creatures with exceeding talent.
Avarian Academy

Avarian Academy is an all boys magical, and talented, school. Think of it as college that's similar to high school, where you have so many classes five days of the week, and a uniform fit for a prince! You're not children anymore. It's time to make you shine like the stars you are. Sing, dance, act, etc. You have the talent to change the world of art! Not to mention all the extra curricular activities during and after school!

There's a beautiful trail that shows the remarkable gardens that differ whenever you turn a corner. The sky is always clear and memorable, with clouds that tell a story with their wonderful shapes and sizes. Except when it becomes rain, but fret not! this school will forever paint an image in your memory, making your education one of a life-time.

And see our granduous playing fields where all students can attend their favorite sports whenever they desire. Basketball, soccer, football, you name it! plus our tracks for those that like to keep in shape with the gym. No membership required. You're a student of Avarian Academy. It's all yours for the taking and have a great time during your years of stay and learning to become a Star!

Got a good feel of what it's like in Avarian Academy? Great! So let's get started, shall we...?

First I like to put out some ground rules:

Players only allowed up to two characters
Players can play a student and/or teacher
Not one teacher will teach the same class
You are human
No posting within this thread (Will have OOC thread)


Mikane Bellnor ➻ Talra Di Deliren
Robin Roswell ➻ Angle1932
Devin Caspersen ➻ Spiral Spider

Dr. Seffen ➻ Talra Di Deliren


Academy deleted
OOC Threaddeleted
Approved Character Sheets (Found below)

⭐Academy Information⭐

Class Schedule Example
History in the Arts
Poetry in the Musical and Theatrical Form
Classical Performance/Public Speaking

Dorm 1:
Dorm 2:
Dorm 3: Devin
Dorm 4:
Dorm 5:
Dorm 6:
Dorm 7:
Dorm 8: Mikane and Robin
Dorm 9:
Dorm 10:

As you can see above, I will have a strict number of characters so that the game will stay clean at least. Fifteen will be my maximum with ten students and five teachers. The rooms that will be provided are open to everyone but the character sheets that are approved will be shown below read only. No posting on this thread please. The Academy is where students may go to classes and extra activities in and outside the school. Dorms is where everything gets fun. This is a yaoi roleplay, so I think you know where that'll lead.

Classes are held whenever you wish to attend them. They are required, though mainly they are to help you in performing your talent. They are there to take and attend. If no teacher is there, that is due to lack of staff and the substitute will provide for you. Meaning the Doctor can help, but know that he has other priorities and won't be around to teach much. You have your books, go practice.

Dorms I will have two players paired up in each room with a number, but that doesn't confine you in that room as also the building itself is there to your pleasure. I'll make additions along the way and set up some activities that'll be fun. For now, I'm awaiting for any interests.

Code: (character sheet) [Select]
[img]Character Photo[/img] (not so large please, max width 500)
[b]Talent/Class:[/b] (Talent for student, Class as for what the professor teaches)
[b]Offs[/b] (^just a brief reminder for everyone)
[b]Physical Description:[/b] (anything not shown in photo you like to add)

[b]Entrance Exams:[/b] (show me an example of your writing using this title, unless a teacher then give an example of a class time or whatever you wish to add)

[spoiler=Extra Photos][/spoiler] (again not so large images, but as many as you like to add)

PM me this code filled out on your character, please.
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Offline Talra Di DelirenTopic starter

Approved Character Sheets
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2014, 03:51:13 PM »
Approved Characters

Name: Mikane Bellnor
Player: Tarla Di Deliren
Age: 21
Talent/Class: Acting
Personality: With great talent in acting, the ability to repeat every line in a movie he just watched, Mikane is still shy and greatest fear of being on stage and being stared at by hundreds. It's not easy to have photographic memory and stay on the top of the class. He likes to skip classes most of the time and spend it in the nurse's office. The doctor is kind to him and helps him with his stage fright.
Ons Being teased, ticklish, submissive
Offs Pain
Physical Description: Hair bleached a teal color, originally blonde, to match his eyes. A few inches above five feet tall. Slender.
Background: Mikane grew up as an only child, famous parents where his mother was a singer and father an artist. His talent came from a long line within his family tree. Though his great memory helps him, he was always fascinated in the world of acting. He studied it, but never took on school plays due to his stage fright. His parents seen this as a waste of his talent, yet they never pushed him into anything he didn't want. Until his graduation of high school came and entered him in Avarian Academy where he can learn to push back his fear and become the star he always wanted. If only he stopped skipping his classes to visit the doctor.

Entrance Exams: The exams came up, and so many trying to enter. It was said that this would happen but they also said that not all of these boys would be able to enter. Mikane twisted his pencil in his fingers, the yellow painted wood's octagon corners pressing in his thumb and index finger with rhythm. Once the tests were handed out, the words melded into one, planting in his memory. They were fairly simple questions to those that began asking about famous singers and movies. He didn't know much of singing yet he knew the answers. Watching news really does come in handy. On the movies, many were lines that became important and memorable for the actors that starred in them.

The exam was over just as quickly as it came, though a lot of students still were on the second or third page out of ten. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea his parents got him into this after all.

Later that day, after the bell tolled to the end of the exams, there was an hour to wait for their grades and who was accepted. The professor in charge of the exam came back and called out names as well as their talents to be held within the school. Surprisingly enough, Mikane's name was called out and said to be an actor. He was accepted!

Extra Photos

Name: Dr. Seffen
Player: Talra Di Deliren
Age: 34
Talent/Class: School Doctor
Personality: A bit of a womanizer, Dr. Seffen is really into young men, especially the shy blue haired boy that always claims he isn't feeling well. The doctor only helps out the boy in order to keep him close.
Ons Needles, bondage, dominate
Offs Loud people
Physical Description: Over six feet tall. Dark hair and eyes. Light skin tone for not being outside much.
Background: Became a doctor at a substantially young age, Dr. Seffen isn't one to take lightly. It was rough to grow up with four siblings and an overprotective mother that wanted her children to be successful when she could not. Well she got two of her children to reach that goal while the other two found themselves still in the dumps with multiple jobs and already a growing family. To have this career pushed onto him from the time he could read to the day he graduated high school, he became a hard man to deal with.

Entrance Exams: From the point classes started to now, the academy's doctor became enthralled by the boy that comes in non-stop to his office. He appears to fake being sick, fooling many students and faculty members, but not him. It was easy to see past that act, obviously the boy has talent. His bleached hair always smelled good no matter the distance. Dr. Seffen wanted to bury his nose in it.

But the boy is a student and forbidden to interact with them as such, but he wanted it that his body may move on its own at any given point. He could only relax when he would leave, giving him relief from the tension that built up.

Name: Robin Roswell
Player: Angle1932
Age:   21
Talent/Class: Writing, particularly poetry
Personality: Normally polite, but somewhat withdrawn from others, he will almost always chose to stay in the corner and quietly write over interacting with anyone. Very rarely, if ever raises his voice. Also a romantic, mention troubles of love and he will always offer help or advice.
Ons Love, light touches, the smell of freshly washed skin, soft murmurs in the dark and and occasional moans.
Offs Roughhousing, anger, not appreciating what one has, swearing, reading his work without permission.
Physical Description: Isn't strong physically, but runs track, and is therefore quick on his feet.
Background: He met the person he'd thought he'd spend the rest of his life at eighteen. It was love at first sight, and soon the two were making plans for once they graduated. It was around here that he began to write, mostly poems for his beloved, and discovered he had a knack for literature. Right before the end of the school year, the man he loved grew deathly ill due to an infection, and passed away quickly in the night. Since then, Robin has written to him every day, keeping the unsent letters along with personal items such as clothes so as to have them nearby at all times. He's still suffering from grief, but he's resolved to keep his beloved's memory alive through his work.

Entrance Exams: A quiet sigh left the man as he sat down at the desk, the cool wood seeping in through his clothes and making him shiver. His eyes glanced up at the clock, watching the seconds tick by while he waited for the test to start. Yes, he was nervous, but also hopeful that this was his break. His chance to prove himself and start the process of getting out there, making his poems known to the world outside a small group on the internet.
After what honestly seemed like hours, though of course it wasn't, pen and paper was laid on the desk in front of him. At the sound of the tone, he had twenty minutes to write something impressive. After a final, calming breath, he set the led tip to the page and began to write.

Extra Photos

Name: Devin Caspersen
Player: Spiral Spider
Age: 23
Talent/Class: Theater (acting first and foremost, then singing)
Personality: Devin is a bit of an enigma, as it's hard to get to the center of who he really is. He is a social chameleon, able to blend seamlessly with the ranks of just about any group setting. He first studied psychology and now is able to use that knowledge to help him fine tune his acting. Devin is very concerned about getting into the true spirit of a role and will research and practice until he believes he gets it just right. Because of his tendency to fall in line with whatever should appropriately be displayed and desired in any group, he is regarded with some suspicion by many. It generally fails to fall to him that others might be curious about and want to get to know the real Devin and he finds very little of interest in himself. Underneath the layers of other people he builds around him there is an easy-going, curious soul who delights in life and new experiences. He is also quite the romantic, but self-consciousness left from abuse he suffered in his youth has lead him to keep those dreams wrapped and hidden behind a lighthearted smile. His sense of humor is open and he is not one to play a mean-spirited prank on someone else... unless it's in line with one of his characters.
Ons: experimentation, roleplay, cosplay, beauty, sensory exploration, mild-moderate pain (receiving)
Offs: (Players offs) as well as boredom, sensual scenes that have taken on a "routine"
Physical Description: At 5'10, his height is fairly versatile for several types of roles in the theater community. He has a scar on the left side of his back that is rarely seen.
Background: Devin's father was very controlling. The paternal side of his family was very well off and his Dad lorded their status over himself and his mother, who was a member of the Sami people, native to Scandinavia. His father was also an officer in the Army and he was stationed in many places around the world, which helped spark Devin's interest in other ways of life. Upon reaching adolescence, the abuse he had been receiving escalated and his mousy mother finally worked up the courage to leave. Living in obscurity for the rest of his childhood, he was reliant on social welfare for help with food and housing but he took it seriously and received perfect grades in High School which is why he is able to afford attending Avarian Academy now. 

Entrance Exams: There was somewhat of a shake in Devin's hand as he furiously wrote the essay portion of the exam before him, his pen leaving deep crevasses on the page below. His past left him ever worrysome about being worthy of a place like this, even if he was confident in his skills and knew his grades were up to par. He brushed back the long strands of gray hair that hung in his face, revealing deep blue eyes that studied the question again and again to make certain his answer was perfect. He knew the students were only allotted a certain amount of time to finish their test and had done well pacing himself through the math and multiple choice sections but the essay would be the final impression he could leave the Dean of education - his Curtain Call of sorts. And if he hoped to get called in for an encore, he had better get it right.

Extra Photos

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Offline xPeachyPuff

Re: Avarian⭐Academy
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2014, 04:55:32 PM »
I would be interested in playing Student position. Do you want profiles posting here or PMed to you?

- Rainbow ♥

Offline Talra Di DelirenTopic starter

Re: Avarian⭐Academy
« Reply #3 on: January 09, 2014, 08:53:42 PM »
OOC thread is now open. Anyone that like to participate may enter as well as ask any questions or anything you like to say if not PMing me. Thanks.

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Re: Avarian⭐Academy
« Reply #4 on: January 10, 2014, 11:31:14 AM »
I would be interested in playing Student position. Do you want profiles posting here or PMed to you?

- Rainbow ♥

I've sent you a PM with my answer but I don't know if you got it...

I'm trying to keep the thread clean but that's okay.

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Re: Avarian⭐Academy (MxM)
« Reply #5 on: January 13, 2014, 03:44:17 PM »
Rooms ready and linked in Light group forums. Still in progress for more players to enter.

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Re: Avarian⭐Academy (MxM)
« Reply #6 on: January 14, 2014, 08:09:37 PM »
Changed a couple things. Dorms are limited to 10 so that everyone can choose. What's your favorite number between 1-10?

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Re: Avarian⭐Academy (MxM)
« Reply #7 on: July 07, 2014, 11:04:42 PM »
I am, unfortunately, dropping this game. Once I have a better hang of Group RPs, I will be making a better thread. Thanks for those that did take interest and sorry it didn't last...