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Author Topic: Obarion: Tales of Resistance and Woe (Interest Check!)  (Read 350 times)

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Obarion: Tales of Resistance and Woe (Interest Check!)
« on: July 02, 2014, 08:00:58 PM »
Obarion: Tales of Resistance and Woe
          A chill wind blows from the North to declare the coming of suffering. Long has the world of Obarion stood, a place of injustice and strife. Undeserving commanders send sons and daughters to die in foreign mud. Those who are strong of virtue are those who most often fail to see the knife in the shadows. Treachery stalks every great hall and minor village as the Land ever produces those with darkness in the heart. Bleak seasons mark the passage of time and the coming death of all things. While the corrupt lords play their games of power, it is ultimately the common man who suffers the most. War, disease, and starvation stalk the Four Corners like heralds of a painful age that will last for centuries. Such is the face of the God of Woe.

          But despair is a bitter foe as it has yet to overtake the entirety of what is known. Farmers can enjoy a simple meal with their loved ones, despite the days of toil and draining weather. A simple coin can fall into the cup of a street beggar, granting the treasured gift of another day of life. Knights stand up in defense of even the most sinful of humanity so that redemption might be found in their pitiful souls. Courage, Loyalty, and Pride bind brother and sister across the land in a tale of defiance that refuses to succumb, refuses to fall into the maw of oblivion. Every moment of existence is another chance to exert change upon a cruel world. While Fate holds sway over so many, there are those who will never surrender to its whims. Such is the Hope of Resistance.

The Story of Therses

          Therses, The Village of Strangers, lies near the coast on a massive island that sits in the center of the Ring Sea. It sits far to the south of the Red Peak, a presumably dormant volcano, and the rocky desert that is even further north. The entire Island of Red is one that is unusually undominated by governments. Superstition over the land's lone, smoking peak have proved strong enough to discourage most men of status from trying to lay claim to the surrounding land. Beyond that, most of the remaining area is too barren to even consider living up. But Therses is one of the three settlements that have managed to scrounge out a living on the sad territory. The people there survive and that is all they seem to wish to do.

         Therses, The Town of Foreigners, is one filled with a diverse group of people. Consisting of only several hundred citizens, the majority of those living there are refugees from centuries past who fled to the island after a sweeping war that caused chaos across much of the Western World. Men, Elves, and the unusual Beast-Bred were all part of the group that fled across the salt water to find a new home away from the fighting of their own nations. They have been relatively successful in that pursuit. The group where they settled was one of the few usable plots and no one harassed them for many years. While hardship is a constant in the world, their lot was less harsh than others. Even the occasional foreigner or criminal sought out the settlement to hide among the populace.

          Therses, The Hamlet of Hope, tries to be a place of acceptance and pride. The many unique people who live there do their best to keep their community tightly knit against the horrors of both Man and Beast. Yet, the wind from the East brings with it bitter stories. People whisper of smoke on the horizon. Rumor speaks of a Dread Army from the Far East that seek unknowable things. Whatever the case, any news is often bad news in the World of Obarion. Will Therses survive what the wind brings with it? Or will it be culled from the ground like wheat before a reaping scythe? None can see the true lay of the future and only time will tell what may come. But now you have the power to choose, to live on against all that is laid upon you, serve those who would kill what others hold most dear, or stand aside to let things fall as they may.

What May Come

          This is the adventure and tribulation of the village of Therses and the unique people who inhabit it. The township is inhabited by Men, Elves, and Beast-bred who appear as a strange mix of humans and animals. These people live simple lives as farmers, bakers, and other expected trades in a harsh world. These people have generally been free of the tyranny that crushes much of the world. Change is coming as people claim an army from the East approaches. How this will change things is unsure.
OOC Details
The above text is by my friend who I would like to credit for this brilliance. Anyways, me and him are checking interest for a roleplay in this setting.

We're using a simple system based on tokens. Everyone starts with 100 tokens, which they may bid to get their way whenever a roll would usually be called for. The characters get traits, which boost bids when they are applicable. Events have a target bid that must be reached for "success" (much like a DC), whereas individual contests between characters are resolved in favor of the highest bidder. Further details are forthcoming.

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Re: Obarion: Tales of Resistance and Woe (Interest Check!)
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2014, 08:55:46 AM »
This peeks my interest - but I'd really like to know more the races and their village. I'm just not sure what to ask  :-\

Offline Vaulera

Re: Obarion: Tales of Resistance and Woe (Interest Check!)
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2014, 10:12:56 AM »
I would be interested as well! But I too am curious about some details on the RP itself. Can I presume we would just assume the roles of some prominent (or hidden) heroes among the population of Therses, fighting foes of all sorts, both within and without?

Offline Terian

Re: Obarion: Tales of Resistance and Woe (Interest Check!)
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2014, 12:27:36 PM »
Interested, but I'll need more before I figure out what kind of character I'd want to play as.

Offline Sephanopolis

Re: Obarion: Tales of Resistance and Woe (Interest Check!)
« Reply #4 on: July 09, 2014, 03:46:50 AM »
The inhabitants of the town are largely simple folk. They spend a lot of time keeping to their livelihoods. I wouldn't describe characters as hero's, as I imagined the game being more focused upon common people in a hard situation. But there will working against those who would do the village harm, or helping them if you have a mind to. The humans make up the majority. They fill most roles you would imagine of a medieval village; fisher, farmer, baker, guard, etc. Elves make up a small minority and are more down to earth than typical Tolkien elves. Though, they do still remain more insular and haughty. They typically fill the more important or technical jobs; cobblers, glass maker, high merchant, healer. And the beastmen are a mixed lot. They are another minority, but larger than the elves, and form up the more labor intensive jobs as they are stronger than most humans. Their beast heritage can take the form of fur, ears, the usual sort of things from a variety of different animals.

The role of the players would be to be such villagers and pursue whatever their agendas are while facing the oncoming adversity of the world.