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Author Topic: Loving of Wolves (F lf M)  (Read 661 times)

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Loving of Wolves (F lf M)
« on: July 01, 2014, 11:15:52 PM »
Okay, I have plots that I am searching for male writing partners for.

1. Mongrels
There are two different kind of werewolves. Purebloods who are born, and Mongrels who are bitten and created. How the first Mongrel came to be is a forgotten story, but having the wolf suddenly pushed on a human creates a monster of sorts. They lose their humanity as the wolf fights for supremacy and soon the animal takes over.

Soon, Mongrels had become such a problem that the werewolf council, Alphas from packs all over the world, met and decided it would be best to kill these beasts on sight before humans caught onto the killings and realized that werewolves existed. It went on like this for centuries, until one man figured out how to control the wolf.

He began finding other Mongrels and teaching them to control it. Now, he went to the council and asked for permission to allow his wolves to join pureblood packs, and learn what it is to truly be a werewolf. One pack Alpha heard him speak out and decided he would take on the first group. Thus starting the integration.

Five Mongrels are sent to this pack, to learn the ways and show them that they aren't the beasts they had once been. The alpha of this small group, meets the pack and a scent wraps around him. When he finds the source, he sees the Alpha's daughter, and his wolf howls for her.

I need a male to play this Mongrel.

2. True Mates
My character is in an abusive marriage. One night, her husband came home drunk from the bar and decides he wants a little lovin'. He tries to force it on her and when she fights back, he hits her, blacking her eye and swelling her cheek. He basically rapes her and after he is passed out unconscious, she needs to get some fresh air. So, she leaves and walked the block to the park. She is swinging, trying to figure out how her life had gotten so bad.

Your character, the beta in his pack, has just relocated to this town, needing a bigger home due to the large influx of pup births. He is taking a walk that night to check out the area and stumbles upon the park. As he begins to walk past, a breeze blows his way and a scent fills his nose. He freezes and his wolf is instantly on it's feet because it knows that scent. It's mate is near.

What happens past this, the initial meeting and how he gets her away from her abusive husband can be discussed.

3. Little Red and her big bad wolf
An old lady who lives in the woods has been murdered. Savagely ripped apart and her heart eaten by what the townsfolk fear is a werewolf. My character, a lovely redhead, whom her family calls little red, has come into town from the city to help her mother, who is taking the death roughly, with cleaning out the house and getting it ready to be sold. 

As she is outside tending the small garden her grandmother kept, a man comes up to her. He is a large, well muscled man, tanned skin, hair black as pitch, but what calls her attention is his eyes. A gorgeous green that she can't help but fall into.

Little does she know that this man is on a hunt and it so happens he is hunting the werewolf who killed her grandmother.

This man though, is also a werewolf, enforcer to his pack.

Those woods are home to his pack and the wolf who murdered her grandmother is a rogue and a danger to not only the humans in town, but to his pack and it is his job to take care of it.

But as he comes up to the house, a scent unlike any that he has ever breathed in before, fills his nose, clouding his senses and speaks directly to the wolf. It whispers one word inside his head. Mate.

So, on top of his duty to the pack, he can't help but try to take what is rightfully his and because she is human, this will be an extremely hard courtship.

I'm thinking modern time and she will be a city girl, having moved out of the small town as soon as she turned eighteen and graduated to go to college in the city. But little does she know, something in this town is calling her back and it just might be a certain wolf who howls for her.

Okay, so please check out my O/O's in my signature to make sure we mesh then PM me if you are interested and think we can write a great story together.
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Re: Loving of Wolves (F lf M)
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2014, 11:21:50 PM »
Alright. Bumping this. Going to try and see if I can get a good partner for either one of these. Hope to talk to you soon.

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Re: Loving of Wolves (F lf M)
« Reply #2 on: December 26, 2014, 08:39:46 PM »
Added #3 and marked one as taken.

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Re: Loving of Wolves (F lf M)
« Reply #3 on: December 26, 2014, 11:48:17 PM »
Another taken. These are going fast.  XD

Offline wolventearsTopic starter

Re: Loving of Wolves (F lf M)
« Reply #4 on: December 28, 2014, 03:02:38 PM »
Adding another.  :D

My character is a curvy, plus sized girl. She's not fat, just not model thin with her ribs and hip bones jutting out. She has a large chest and wide hips and has a slight belly, but nothing that'd make her obese by any means. Yet, her boyfriend of the last five years, a man who she had hoped to marry one day, dumps her because she doesn't fit his celebrity image.

So, she finds herself at a bar after work, deciding to drink her sorrows away.

In comes your character. A werewolf, born and bred, he is tall and well muscled and any woman would fawn and fall over herself for this man. He goes up to the bar and takes the empty seat that resides on the other end. A scent tickles his nose. It's faint but calls his body and wolf to attention. He begins looking around the bar for the source. He sees plenty of bottle blonde, fake breasted women sitting and tossing back their drinks as they laugh and talk amongst themselves.

The sound of heels clicking on the tile hits his ears before his nose is filled with that delicious scent and he turns to look at the woman walking past him and he has to force his tongue back in his mouth or else it'd be hanging out just like in those cartoons. That ass, those curves and when she sits in the empty barstool down at the other side of the bar, he gets a glimpse of her face. Gorgeous. But as he looks at her, he notices her red and slightly puffy eyes, as if she has been crying.

He gets up and takes the empty seat beside her and that close to her, her scent hits him like a punch to the face. His wolf begins trying to jump from his skin, needing to taste, to claim it's mate.

So, what I'd like to happen here, is them meeting, him trying to make her feel better and beautiful, especially after he finds out the reason why she's sad.

Then we can get through the relationship and discuss how she finds out what he really is.
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