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Started by Spiritfox09, July 01, 2014, 05:17:06 PM

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Hey guys. I'm looking for an RP, as the topic states. I don't really have an idea or preference at the moment. So if you have an idea, please PM me. I'll reply to all PMs, even if it is just to say no thank you. Feel free to check out my O&O and ask any questions you may think of.

Edit 8/31/14:
I had this idea and thought I might give it a try. Still open for other ideas though! Or help edit this one! I kind of threw it together.
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In a ancient forest, hidden away from the modern world lives some of the last surviving creatures of legend. One such creature is a kitsune named Zephyr. He is young and has had to learn to survive on his own since the sudden death of his mother as a child. A mere teenager, with no knowledge of the world outside this ancient forest, Zephyr is fascinated when a small band of humans stumble upon his territory. He's never seen humans before. He's been trailing them for days, watching as they study the plants and creatures around him. And though his interest and curiosity urge him to make contact, he stays hidden for now with his mother's voice ringing in his ears.
"Beware of humans, my son. They are by far the deadliest creature in this world..."

What am I looking for?
First off, I suck at summaries. *shrugs* I'm looking for one or two people for this. I need two more main characters to interact with Zephyr.

Character #1: Can be male but preferably female.
A scientist studying species from the old world. She/he hopes to make a discovery that could change the world for the better. When the humans discover Zephyr, she/he is fascinated by him and wants to introduce him to the outside world and essentially "tame" the wild fox boy. A loving and parental role.

Character #2: Male
A member of Character #1's team. Has interest in Zephyr as well. But he wants to tame the boy in a whole different way...and wants him for himself. He's a closet sadist. :P

Other Characters: Male or female
Members of the team and random people met throughout the story. Can be played by you or me. You don't have to ask to introduce side character but if you want them to be a bigger part of the story please ask so we can fit them in. I will work with you. :)

Umm... What else what else... I guess send me a PM if interested or have questions?

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I had this dream and thought it might make an interesting rp...

My character (male or female) has been alone most of their life. Finally, they meet someone, fall in love then after a night of passion... They awake to find the life they had known, was nothing but a dream. They wake up as a completely different person, no one has even heard of the person they thought they were. The first time they think it was some odd hallucination or that they've gone mad. They learn to live in the life they've woken up to, move on and eventually find someone else... And it happens again. Every time my character has a sexual encounter with a person they've grown to love, they wake up in a new life.

Weird right? I think there is potential in it. :)

Edit: 8/14/16
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I really want to do a M/M story where the 'sub' is a feisty, fiery little jerk who bosses his bigger, more laid back 'dom' around in public. But in private the roles are reversed. The dom is aggressive and domineering, basically treating the sub as his personal fucktoy. The sub acts out and treats him badly in public because he knows he'll be punished for it later. They kind of act like they hate one another, but they really care for one another deep down.

I know. It's vague. But I really want to do something with this... I'd prefer to be the sub but I can work with being the dom as well. I'm up for any ideas as always. :3




Just bored and looking for an RP.