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Started by Retribution, June 30, 2014, 04:04:44 PM

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I have been short of inspiration for personal RP for heck a year. I guess there reached a point when one has just been there done that. So I have been mostly taking on RPs when I read a setup that interests me. Having said that a bit of inspiration has struck. I started reading A Dance of Cloaks first in a series by David Dalglish. It reminded me how much I love the assassin/thief genre set in a sword and sorcery type setting.  The premise of the book follows an assassin who is the most talented of his age and his son who has the potential to be even better than him.

I do not have mind mind this exact setting. Indeed I have just started reading the book, but what I do have in mind is a similar type character. Arguable the most gifted assassin/thief of his age of course those like that are not exactly household names unless one is a street person.  They also tend to be very retiring and secretive types as a matter of job requirement. In other words more lonely than one could imagine. What I envision is the opposite character gets close to him. It could be a lesser thief, someone who interrupts him as he works his trade, an apprentice pick your poison. A friendship and possibly more develops in a setting that is by nature ruthless, brutal, and unforgiving. More details can be worked out in discussion.

If anyone is interested please PM me.