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Author Topic: Rhotic's Role Play Requests: M/F, M/M (F seeking doms)  (Read 5738 times)

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Rhotic's Role Play Requests: M/F, M/M (F seeking doms)
« on: June 29, 2014, 09:18:38 PM »
Tentatively accepting: New Role plays, World/Character Building, Future Role Play discussions.

Hello everyone! I'm Rhotic but you can just call me Jam.

A little about me—I'm 25, I've been role playing since Middle School, and I'm online just about every day. I joined Elliquiy in June 2014 and I've love it ever since.

I prefer role playing over private messages on E OR over Discord. However I will role play over the E forums, I just prefer the other two over the forums because it's faster and more private.

Also I like to make sure my partner and I click while chatting. So before we dive head first into a new RP I would love it if we could explore the plot and character creation together, not to mention world building! It just makes the role play 1000% better if we're on the same page.

Onto another important thing, my motto for E is “Real life first, role play second.” If you're having troubles offline, just send me a little message before disappearing. I won't think any less of you or our role play and I will do the same for you if I'm in the position. This works if either of use need to put the role play on hiatus or stop the role play completely, please don't just leave me hanging. That's bad manners and we're all adults here, I'm going to understand if you're not interesting anymore.

I would also like to put this out here, I am a Part-time working pushing nearly 40 hours every week. I am working pretty much most days and my days off I generally try to make up on sleep or cleaning I've missed out on. I still try my best to RP but right now it's a little hard with having to survive paycheck to paycheck sadly.


O/O's Thread. | O/O's in detail | F-List.
Please, please, please look these over before coming to me.

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten potential partners coming to me asking for things that I have placed in my Off's list, I find it's really disrespectful if you're going on and on about how much you think we'd make great partners and then ask for things that are specifically uncomfortable for me to play.

Samples of Writing:

'Contagion' with Doedie
Specific kinks for partner:
Transformation, Size Difference, Pregnancy (Later)

The stranger was strong and it only turned the young woman on even more. His breath hard against her face whenever they parted from the kiss for a gulp of air, which was generally quick since neither of them seemed to wish to be apart from the other for too long. No complaints for Alex for that idea as she nipped on his lower lip, eager for more than just a mere taste. A sharp but excited whimper came from the girl as her bra was ripped away, it wasn't cheap but at this point she really didn't give a fuck.

Her fingers hurried, sloppily really, gripped at his suit, trying to tear it at it's weakest points and succeeded enough to be greeted by bare flesh. Attacking it with love bites and laps as her hands busied with the rest of his suit until they were both free and on the ground. Her breaths came out in shallow huffs, pupils blown to the point that there was practically only pitch black irises for Andrew to stare back into as she quickly ripped the last shred of clothing off her petite but delicious frame. Her arms found home behind his neck as she pulled him back to her body, mouth to mouth once more as their savage kiss couldn't quite be called that anymore.

Alex just need she needed him, nothing else would help her right now. She didn't care to know what was going on outside - honestly she couldn't make herself care about anything else but the man on top of her right now. How rough and physical he was being with her just made her wetter as her nails called into his back, legs open and inviting him to drive into her like an animal. Their scents mingling, almost as desperate as they were to become one.

'Who's Your Daddy' with Mr BadGuy.
Role Playing.
Heavy petting/Foreplay
Specific kinks for partner:
Corruption of Innocence, Size Difference, Demon/Trans Woman

The little witch let out a sharp, high sound when he pressed against something somewhat foreign inside her body. With her fingers not being as dexterous and large as his she rarely fingered herself like this, toys however, she'd used toys to bring her pleasure but he seemed to be out doing them. Already drawing her closer and faster to an orgasm than any of the times she tried. As he played with her, the little human became more bold - her mouth working over him. Kisses, licks, suckles, most unsure at first but now she was laving over his cock. Squishing her breasts together just to get a taste.

Tongue lapping experimentally against his cockhead, gathering up the bead of precum there. It was salty but made her feel warm. Her whole form felt a bit like jelly for a moment, malleable and wanton of his stimulation. Rocking her hips harder against his digit now, practically fucking herself and making the lewdest of mewls.

"M-mph!" She started, mouth open to say something but over shadowed by a loud moan as she came. Cum spurting forth from her little cock with surprising reach to paint her cute tits and stomach, she tensed around him. Twitching once, twice before coming down from her high. However she wasn't flaccid yet and after she caught her breath, glancing up at him. "M...more?" Kiara mumbled, a lopsided smile over her lips. "Please... I-I want more." Her over stimulated body still rocked, movements a bit sluggish before she was on his cock again. Lips wrapped around the head of his cock, this position a bit complicated but she was managing as she tried to work more of the demon's tool into her pretty mouth.

'The Minotaur and The Whore' with Dizzi.
Role Playing.
One of many smut scenes.
Specific kinks for partner:
Size Difference, Monstrous Men/Human Woman, Voluptuous Dame

Fiern's sudden thrust forward was enough to jar a loud squeak from her, "Gods, yes!" Rina returned as he set a nice, rough pace that was wonderfully harsh but still sweet in it's own way.

The lewd, wet slap as his hips made contact with her ass was heavenly and she couldn't imagine a better way to live. However as he pulled out and she felt the quick rush of air leave her as he flipped her onto her back. Looking up at him in all his horny glory before pushing back in was so much more amazing. She reached out for him, managing to grip him by his long horns and giving him a playful smirk. Generally Rina only grabbed him there for balance as he lapped at her cunt but it felt right with their moment, giving her a tiny bit of control so he didn't accidentally gouge her mattress again.

"You... feel so good, hun." She cooed out to him in such a sweet tone compared to how she looked in the moment.

'Hell Is A Family Run Business' with sixleft.
Specific kinks for partner:
Demon/Maiden, Size Difference, Virgin, Corrupting Innocence, Pregnancy/Breeding

Poppy knew full well she should not be doing this. The book clutched to her little frame bound in a chain and lock but just brimmed with knowledge she'd yet attained. She enjoyed what her mentor, Lady Aella, taught her but it was just so slow. Her mentor was one of the few witches in town which meant jobs a plenty, running off to aid in midwifery or aiding a faefolk deep in the forest. It was noble world but the young woman hadn't expected it to be this slow. It had been weeks since she'd learned a new spell, nearly a month since learning something new! It was tugging at her nerves, eating away at her patience. She wanted to be useful and grow up to be smart like her mentor who was away on business now. Sure, she'd been trusted to over look the shop but all the potions had been made so there was no need for her to flex her brain.

Which had lead her to where she was now. Standing in front of the summoning circle in the back room, hugging the book to her small bust. The candle light flickered off her dark dress. As law by the little village's mayor, each cast and job had it's specific color. Her class just happened to be dark grey and more often than not jet black. It wore on her after time, she was so much more bubbly than these colors it made her sad she couldn't wear something cuter. Even brown, the color of tillers and farmers, would be better than this depressing hue! But that was really her only qualms of this class, everything else was amazing.

Setting the book on the ground as she sat down, unlocking it with the key she'd found in her mentor's room. The old leather creaked, the pages smelt of aged ink and dust - it didn't seem that foreboding as she flipped through it. Finally stopping on a certain demon, finding herself oddly drawn to him in more ways that one. Her cheeks flushing as she looked over the picture which distracted her from reading more deeper than what was needed to summon him.

Little Poppy looked back to the circle, taking a deep breath to steel her nerves before she picked up the dagger. Her sweet voice recited the words without so much as a waver before piercing her hand and dribbling the crimson fluid into the center, stepping back to finish the chant. Knowing full well that it was dangerous to be in the protective circle while summoning anything, no self respecting conjurer would make such a silly flaw but then again... No self respecting conjurer would have summoned anything without reading everything.

Note: Just because these are HUGE samples doesn't mean I expect or demand this kind of posting in return!! I just have a tendency to write a lot and expand on details, it's just my way of getting my post through in the hopes I've covered all the bases thoroughly.

Below I've provided some plots, ideas and samples for role plays.


Monster/Human (Extremely NSFW)
High Fantasy. M/F, or M/M.
Romantic themes, Comedy, Hurt and Comfort, Heavy Smut.
No actual plot just an idea of a brothel that caters to monster or faefolk.

Unimaginative title is unimaginative.
Low to High Fantasy. M/F, or M/M
Action/Adventures, Romantic themes, Violence, Tragedy, Comedy, Hurt and Comfort, Heavy Smut.
Again, no actual plot. So this idea would need hashing out.

Not So Knightly
Low to High Fantasy. M/F/M, Knight/Lady/Knight's Mount.
Action/Adventures, Possible Romantic themes, Possible Bestiality, Violence, Comedy, Hurt and Comfort, Heavy Smut.

My idea for this is that a knight (or just a general adventurer's) mount is coming into breeding season, rather than wait for this time to blow over and pay high boarding fees he buys himself and his companion a little company. Generally in the form of either a (consented, think like BDSM) slave or a brothel dame. Now this could be a one-shot but I do enjoy the idea of following them on some grand adventure.

Mount could be non-sentient or sentient, fantasy creature or just a horse - all depends on your personal preferences. Though if I were to give my own, I'd prefer sentient and fantasy creature but that's just me.

Twisted Fairy Tales
High to Low Fantasy. M/F, or M/M.
Action/Adventures, Romantic themes, Comedy, Hurt and Comfort, Violence, Tragedy, Smut. (Open to any idea)
These wouldn't be your 'Disney character' version Fairy Tales, much more our twist on them.

The Little Mermaid

Beauty and the Beast
(Anthro or Monster possibility)

Little Red Riding Hood
(Anthro or Werewolf possibility)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
(M+/F, or M+/M, Multiple Male Characters, Anthro or Monster possibility)

Suggestions welcome.

Wizard's Apprentice
High to Low Fantasy. M/F, or M/M.
Action/Adventures, Romantic themes, Comedy, Heavy Smut.
Interested in the idea of a Wizard taking on an Apprentice, for a multitude of reasons.

The wizard could be disgruntled about having to discipline and educate a young mage barely out of their training wand. Or they could be eager to explore the useful qualities in having another set of hands around the shop.

Monster Slayer/Monster
High to Low fantasy. M/F, or M/M.
Monster Slayer (F or M)/Monster (M), or Monster Slayer (M)/Monster(F).
Action/Adventures, Romantic themes, Comedy, Hurt and Comfort, Violence, Tragedy, Smut.

I have two ideas for this tidbit:
One being, well known monster hunter in disguise as a village tribute to dispatch of said creature.

The other goes as a young hunter going out on their own for the first time in search of big game to bring honor to their family name/clan, "unfortunately" they're then caught up by the beast that roams the area.

Though, rest assure there will be more monster laying than monster slaying.

Witch or Wizard/Summoned Monster
High to Low Fantasy. M/F, or M/M.
Summoned Monster (M)/Witch, Wizard/Summoned Monster (F), or Wizard/Summoned Monster (M).
Action/Adventures, Romantic themes, Comedy, Smut.

Idea ramble:
Young summoner makes the mistake of conjuring up a powerful demon/monster, the lines between who is master and servant begin to blur.

Or a more experienced wizard seeks advice (or just companionship) in a demoness.


Space Between Nations
In Space. Future.
M/F, or M/M. (F or M) Salvage Junker/ (M) Lost, Re-animated Rebel Leader
Action/Adventure, Comedy, Hurt and Comfort, Possible Violence, Possible Death, Romantic themes, Smut.

Long ago there was a great war between the Inner Planetary Alliance and a people group known only wrote as ‘Renegades’. The history books told of these wayward mutineers as nothing more than radical space pirates who wanted to destroy the Alliance so that all the planets wouldn’t be united and they could rule over the galaxies with fear and greed. No one actually knows what happened to them, though, the insurgent leader just disappeared after nearly taking the Alliance’s main port. What they do know is that when their leader vanished the revolutionists went to pieces and were defeated, allowing justice to reign.

Sadly, justice looks a lot like a plutocracy galaxy run by the rich of the inner planets while everyone else just tries to stay alive in whatever way they can possible. Roves of space pirates, scavengers, crooks, and gangs rule the outer planets.

In a time of such scavengers and piracy it’s not uncommon for junk crews to gut abandoned, derelict ships and ports for extra credits. Which is where our story begins. When a crew of such scavengers pulls in a haul from an abandoned military port they expected to find human-sized canisters full of credits and loot, but what they got was an actual man. Inside one of these canisters their captain finds a man stuck in suspended animation who bears the mark of the mutineer forces, but little memories of who he is or where he came from.

Obviously based on Serenity/Firefly, Star Trek, and pretty much all other space movie plots you can think of. While I've only seen Serenity once I really enjoyed it and would love to do something along the lines of it and the TV show.
*For added fun, said Rebel leader could be from an alien species of our own design.

Aliens Are Real And This One Is Trying To Kill Me
On or off Earth. Modern Time.
M/F, or M/M. (F or M) Conspiracy Theorist/ (M) Alien Mercenary
Action/Adventure, Violence, Comedy, Romantic themes, Possible Smut.

A stoner or general layabout who works at a shabby diner and compulsively partakes in alien and government conspiracy theories has taken the notice of a mercenary-for-hire from an innovative intergalactic alien society. Obviously this idea needs to be expanded upon.


Last Blood
M/F, or M/M. (M) Vampire(s)/(M or F) Human(s).
Action/Adventure, Violence, Comedy, Possible Hurt and Comfort themes, Possible Romantic themes, Possible Smut.
Based on the webcomic: LAST BLOOD.

"After zombies take over the Earth, vampires must protect the last surviving humans so they can live off their blood."

This would take place with our own small group, or pair of humans and vampires in another country besides America. Preferably Canada or America, since I actually know very little of other places. This could either be a traveling group, resting in the daytime and moving at night or a localized group that doesn't move and protects what they have from zombies (and other violent humans).


Hollywood or Bust!
M/F. Inspired by this pin-up. (SFW)
Action/Adventure, Comedy, Possible Romantic themes, Possible Smut.

While I don't have anything set in stone, I like the idea of an adventure role play with a pair of characters traveling across state or the whole country. Getting into mischief and falling in love/lust along the way.

Pretty Little Witness
M/F, or M/M. (M) Bodyguard/(M or F) Witness
Action/Adventure, Violence, Comedy, Possible Hurt and Comfort themes, Romantic themes, Smut.

A person thrown into witness protection after coming into information that would put an end to the biggest drug ring in America. Now with the cover as a newlywed/soon to be married/new neighbor in the peaceful suburbs, they have to cut strings with old lovers, family, and friends to save their life. But they're not the only one roped into this game of cat and mouse...

Their new husband/fiancee/roommate is actually their personal body bodyguard, charged with keeping them safe at all times. With every move being watched by possibly threats AND nosy neighbors they have to play the part as a couple/roommates while actual attraction either builds or dissipates between them.

Miscellaneously Modern
No real ideas/plots for any of these so a lot of discussion would be needed. Generally these fall under One-Shots unless we really feel like continuing.

Mafia Don/Innocent Bystander
M/F, or M/M.
Action/Adventure, Comedy, Possible Violence, Possible Death, Romantic themes, Smut.

Pretentious Art Student/Student Druggie
M/F, or M/M.
Action/Adventure, Comedy, Romantic themes, Possible Smut.

Drug Dealer/Drug Addict or Policeman/woman
M/F, or M/M.
Action/Adventure, Violence, Comedy, Romantic themes, Smut.

Corrupt Politician, Policeman, or Etc/Prostitute, Rent Boy, or Call Girl
M/F, or M/M.
Action/Adventure, Violence, Comedy, Romantic themes, Smut.

Modern Goldilocks and the Three Bears
M+/F, or M+/M, Multiple Characters, Reverse Harem.
Action/Adventure, Comedy, Possible Violence, Possible Romantic themes, Possible Smut.

Inspiring young singer/artist ends up making a contact deal under the name 'Goldilocks', gets famous nearly overnight thanks to the publishing and needs extra protection. This could be three men in different positions: Goldilocks' bodyguard, personal trainer, manager. Or the men could just be all bodyguards.

Obviously needs hashing.


M Pokemon/F Trainer, or M Pokemon/M Trainer
Action/Adventure, Romantic themes, Smut.

I've actually got an idea for this, involving the original (read: Japanese game version) Ancient Sinnoh myth about Pokemon/Human marriage. It's something I'm rather interested in playing out.


Three's A Crowd
Action/Adventure, Comedy, Possible Hurt and Comfort themes, Possible Romantic themes, Possible Smut.

I don't have a plot or setting in place for this but I would like to play a duo of submissive/switch Male and Female characters paired with a dominate Male. The sub/switches could be siblings, friends, etc.

Could be in fantasy, sci-fi or even something modern themed.

Open to suggestions!

Something "Tarzan" Themed
M/F, or M/M. "Feral" Human/Human.
Action/Adventure, Comedy, Hurt and Comfort, Romantic themes, Possible Violence, Possible Smut.

I don't really know where to go with this but I like the idea of it.

The Beast and His Pet High School Girl
Link to Comic
Link to Redux Comic (Both 100% SFW)
M/F, or M/M. Anthro/Human.
Comedy, Romantic themes, Hurt and Comfort, possible smut.

This is just a really cute comic and I kind of want to do a role play based on the idea. I wasn't really sure how to categorize it since it's both Sci-Fi and Fantasy in a way.

Role Play Craving:
Big Dom/Small Sub pairings

NSFW Craving:

Not Craving:
Incest (Any pairing)

If any of these tickle your fancy please feel free to drop me a PM. If none do but you have an idea/plot you think I'd enjoy drop me a PM as well.
Anyway, I think that's about it. I hope you enjoyed the read!
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Re: Rhotic's Role Play Requests: M/F, M/M (F seeking doms)
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2018, 03:47:44 PM »
Still super busy, mostly interested in one-shots and partners that understand I have a job that kills my muse.