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May 16, 2022, 01:11:22 pm

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Author Topic: Seeking Female/Futa Characters for Relationship Focus RP (F/F/Futa)  (Read 437 times)

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Hello to you! Thanks for coming in and taking a peek~ If you find yourself interested and want to talk about a pairing or idea, please PM me. I'd like to keep this thread tidy for update announcements.

As the subject heading says, I'm looking for someone to play either a female or futa character opposite a female or futa character of mine in a relationship focused RP. I have a few wonderful action and adventure, character/plot focused RPs going on at the moment, but I'd like to fill out my current selection with something a bit more closer to life--with a few embellishments. The focus of the RP, again, should be on the relationship between the characters and that includes the mental, emotional, and, of course, the physical aspects. I'm looking for some drama, I'm looking for some struggles, and I'm looking for feels. I love me some smut, and depending on the couple we produce for a game there will be a good chance of some (or maybe a lot) of it, but I'm really interested in the mental and emotional components. I've found that taking the time to set up a strong connection between characters generally leads to more gratifying sex scenes--more than just lust goes into those scenes as a result after all.

Here's a shortlist of what I'm looking for and hope to get out of a game:
  • A compelling exploration of a relationship.
  • Consensual relationships
  • Character-centric drama
  • Multi-dimensional characters
  • Character development
  • Up to heavy-bondage (depending upon what we do, we might even run into my more extreme kinks)
  • A D/s dynamic in and/or out of the bedroom (I'm looking to either play switch or sub--for the right partner, I may be convinced to play more Dom, but not until after some switch play first)
  • Fun~
Somewhat related to the list above, how I play my futas, and how I prefer my futa partner characters, is with both a penis and a scrotum. I know others prefer the penis and vagina variety, but my preference is very much cock and balls.

For a complete overview of my Ons and Offs, please see my matrix here:

Posting rate: I know I haven't been the best lately with some of  my current partners with posting regularly, so I honestly can't complain if it takes a while for someone to respond. That said, I am hoping for a pace of three to four posts a week as a satisfying minimum. I work about 40 hours a week as a technical writer, so some days I come home, look at my computer and boot up Steam after checking in on my posts--I am sure we all have those days where we're just too mentally-drained to write, even if it's for fun. I fully acknowledge that you have a life and likely other avenues of entertainment that you may need to unwind to, just as I expect you to acknowledge the same of me. If you need to take an extended break from our game, please let me know and I'll look forward to continuing it when you get back~ ^^

Setting: As my other games are set in fantasy worlds, I'd like for the games produced from this thread to be set in a modern setting. If you suggest a compelling enough character dynamic that can only be facilitated in a fantasy/sci-fi or historical setting, then I might be convinced to give it a go. A happy compromise may be urban fantasy settings. All that said, this doesn't stop the possibility of more fantastical beings to be used.

If you spot it in my Ons or Want to Try, then it is likely a safe bet that I'll consider a game with it. The only thing that is in my Ons that I don't see working for this is Incest. I love the taboo nature of it, but honestly, in my past experience, I haven't been able to make a meaningful exploration out of it--it's mostly been smut-bait for me, unfortunately. That said, if you ever catch me in the mood for smut, it's very much on the table. Or floor. Or dungeon.

A Short List of Pairings I'm Currently Interested In
  • Anthro (personal favorites are of the canine, equine, and lizard varieties)/Anthro
  • Anthro/Human
  • Anthro/Neko
  • Older woman or futa/younger woman or futa
  • Mistress/maid
  • Gender-swapped Couple: Female to Futa/Male to Female


I don't have any concrete ideas at the moments. Once I do, you'll find them here. For now if you need some inspiration, look at my currently listed interested pairings and my Ons and Offs.