living with my girlfriend(s) male seeking female

Started by azzmeister89, June 28, 2014, 07:18:20 AM

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Ok so my character goes to a club one night with his friends and meets the perfect girl. She's gorgeous, flirty and seems to know all the right ways to get him going.

They dont go all the way but instead exchange numbers and spend the next few months going on a few dates and texting.

Six months after they meet they decide to move in together. This is where the fun starts. The reason they went on so few dates and spent most of the time texting is because she has a major case of multiple personality disorder. Living with his girlfriend allows my character to find out for himself.

The number of personalities would be up to you and that would also go for which personality is the real one and even how the change is triggerd but personaly i think the more personalities she has the better.

Each side of her will be utterly unique in all aspects including their feelings for my character and even their names. One may hate him and another may just use him for carnal means. The only thing they all have in common is that they all feel something for him.

I'm hopeing this game will be light hearted and fun, my character not knowing what personality he has to deal with that day or even how many he will need to deal with