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Author Topic: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)  (Read 9682 times)

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Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #175 on: October 30, 2014, 05:29:09 PM »
Hey Angie, youre character is approved, I think it would be best if she started out as a X-student.

I need to re do the Bios this weekened and post them up for the group.

I will do a new folder for created characters like Myth, Faye, Lady Anarchy etc...

Offline Angie

Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #176 on: October 30, 2014, 05:30:05 PM »
Hey Angie, youre character is approved, I think it would be best if she started out as a X-student.

I need to re do the Bios this weekened and post them up for the group.

I will do a new folder for created characters like Myth, Faye, Lady Anarchy etc...

Yay! So, start at the X-Mansion, I assume?

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Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #177 on: October 30, 2014, 05:31:28 PM »
Yes.  :D

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Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #178 on: October 30, 2014, 06:08:09 PM »
Congrats Angie, looks like Gambit has someone else to flirt with now! ;)

Offline Angie

Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #179 on: October 30, 2014, 06:08:50 PM »
Congrats Angie, looks like Gambit has someone else to flirt with now! ;)

As long as you don't mind her randomly shapeshifting on you, that is.

Offline wander

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Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #180 on: October 30, 2014, 06:55:58 PM »
Might be fun ;)

Offline Angie

Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #181 on: October 30, 2014, 07:21:18 PM »
While I wait for others, I shall also make my villain!


Yes, that is the Black Hand of Sauron. It fits him perfectly.

Name: ???

Alias: Aether-Walker

Age: 35-ish?

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: ~200 lbs.

Orientation: Straight, but too busy to bother (usually)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown


He doesn't use his name. He is Aether Walker. That is all anyone needs to know.

But as for the rest of his life, Aether started out as just your average kid. Average student, decent athlete, not much unique about him. That changed when his mutant power to create and control a powerful bioelectric field developed. At first, he used his powers for good-to an extent. The bullies of his school learned to fear him, and under threat of death, they did nothing to displease him. Having had a taste of power, he decided to have more. He could get whatever he wanted from anyone.

That changed when a student reported him to the police. They arrested him on a myriad of charges, and more got stacked on as the fearful students united against him. He was tried as an adult, and at 16, thrown into prison for 10 years. They tried many ways of controlling his electric powers, but since the barest hint of skin could allow him to project the field, they eventually decided to chuck him into solitary confinement until his sentence was up. In the intervening years, he discovered a new power-with a thought, he could suddenly jump about 20 feet ahead in a flash.

After his time was done, he disappeared. He reappeared later as Aether-Walker, and engaged in several crimes to build both his own finances and his legacy. From theft to murder, no crime seems to be too much for Aether-Walker. And now, he's been contracted to find and kill a specific someone. Wielding the powerful Electrocuter blade and his own electric powers, he will fulfill this contract, whoever it may be.


Bioelectricity: There's likely a better name for it, but he manipulates his own internal energy into an electric field. Touching him is a bad idea, though he usually keeps it to just his hand.

Aether Step: His name for it, he has learned to jump ahead about 20 ft. However, he has limited control-he can only move in the direction his body faces, and he has no control over distance.

Electrocuter: This blade is a sword, about 4 feet in length. It is colored blue, and Aether-Walker can project his electric field through the sword.

Master Swordsman: He's a master of bladed weapons, though he favors his Electrocuter. His mastery of such martial techniques make him deadly in close range.

Gunman: While no expert, he can use most pistols and shotguns at a competent level. He tends to keep a 9mm on him, although he's well aware that such a weapon is next to useless against other mutants.

(Yeah, he's a villain. What do you think?)

Offline Juggtacular

Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #182 on: October 30, 2014, 07:24:25 PM »
CODE NAME: The "Unstoppable" Juggernaut
REAL NAME: Cain Marko
AGE: 70's
HEIGHT: Variable, Usually about 7 feet
WEIGHT:  Variable, Usually 900lbs
AFFILIATION: Himself, Brotherhood
FACE CLAIM: Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

Superhuman Strength: Cain's strength is vast. Simply put there is no known way to actually fully measure the full extent of his strength, and there may well be no limit as he seems to be as strong as necessary. He's knocked down a cosmic entity named "The Stranger" who is a match for Galactus and was 50 feet tall at the time. He's tangled with Hulk and Thor multiple times, and punched through dimensions.

Superhuman Durability: Cain's durability matches his strength and he can handle physical assaults from pretty much anybody, while giving as good as he gets.

Superhuman Stamina: Cain is powered solely by magic, so he has an unlimited amount of stamina, able to exert himself and fight as long as necessary. Furthermore, as he is fully sustained by magic, he is immortal, has no need to eat, sleep, breathe,  or drink(although he still can and does), and is immune to poisons and diseases as well.

Superhuman Speed: Once Cain gets moving, he can really build up some speed. His top speed isn't known, but he can run at least 600mph, although he usually has no reason to go that fast.

Mystical Powers: While Cain focuses almost primarily on physical combat, he does possess additional powers granted by Cyttorak. For example, the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak is a spell that binds people in nearly unbreakable metal shackles made of the same material as his own arm bands and helmet. Beyond that, he can fire off mystical beams of energy and more, although he mainly just blasts things.

Healing Factor: Should he be injured, Cain is capable of healing at an extraordinary rate. Once he was flayed down to a skeleton, and his anger actually kept him alive.

Force Field: This is more for convenience than actual need. Cain possesses the ability to erect a forcefield and expand it outward to cover his body or even a group around him. He mainly uses it in case he doesn't want something to touch him, but it proves useful if he wants to protect friends and teammates.

Unstoppable Force: As the Avatar of Cytorrak, Cain is the physical embodiment of Raw Power, and one of his greatest abilities is unstoppable momentum. Once he begins moving, there is almost nothing that can stop him. He can be slowed down, redirected, and momentarily halted. But once he begins on a path, the only person who can truly stop him, is him.

WEAKNESSES: Cain only has two known weaknesses. The first and foremost being telepathy and psionic intrusion. He has absolutely no defense from telepathic assault, and any decent telepath can take him out of a fight or turn him to their side with ease if they make it past his helmet. His second is ironically himself. A well known fact is that no outside force can stop the Juggernaut once he gets going. He can be slowed, but never stopped. If someone or something could slow him, and then suddenly move...well unstoppable momentum certainly has it's drawbacks.

HISTORY: Cain was born to Dr. Kurt Marko and Marjorie Marko. For the first few yeers of his life, everything was tolerable, but eventually his parents divorced, and with his father being too busy for work, and his mother off doing her own thing, he was sent to Boarding School. He got expelled from each and everyone one. And  by the time he came back, his mother had died and his father had remarried, and was now living with his new wife and her son in a mansion out in Westchester. Turns out dear old dad married his partners wife after he died during a research expedition. Sharon was loaded though, and Cain had a pretty good idea that that was why little Charlie got better treatment than him. Besides treating Charles like a king, Cain's father beat him mercilessly, which of course caused him to hate Charles even more. After it was discovered that Kurt only married Sharon for her money, she died from a broken heart.

Now Cain was stuck with his deadbeat dad, his step-brother, and a shitload of cash. During his early teen years, Cain got in an argument with his father over money of all things, and during that argument he accused Kurt of being behind his partners supposed accident. It turns out that it really was an accident, and while Kurt didn't cause it, he didn't save Xavier either. that got a rise out of dad, and another beating ensued. Finally, Cain got fed up and he tossed a few vials against the wall of his dad's lab; that was a bad idea though, since several volatile chemicals mixed and caused an explosion. Kurt saved Cain and Charles(who'd been eavesdropping at the door) from the fire, but died in the process.

He died from smoke inhalation, and his last words were a warning to Charles about his son. Even to the end he never had a nice thing to say about Cain. So unsurprisingly, Cain could care less that he was dead. Now it was just Cain and Charles, in a big ole house and a  bank account with more cash in it than either of them could ever spend. One day Cain got so pissed he got into a fight with Charles, but his little brother could read his mind and knew every move before he made it.

Needless to say, Cain's hate hadn't died down any, so he took all of the money left to him in the will and left. Well what happens when a guy full of rage and hatred is out on the streets; usually he turns to crime. In this case though, it was legal. All Cain was ever good at was fighting, and even with more money than he could count, he was bored and restless. He joined a mercenary operation and ended up in a third world gulag when the revolutionaries who hired him suffered a crushing defeat.

While imprisoned, he met a man named Black Tom Cassidy who revealed himself as a mutant and helped Cain escape. They became the best of friends. Years later Cain ended up serving in Korea, and in a seemingly cruel twist of fate, he and Charles were placed in the same unit. Things were going great until Command sent them into an obvious ambush just to try and gain some ground. They were outnumbered and outgunned; Cain had never been stupid, and he knew staying meant death.

He deserted and Charlie being the goodie goodie that he was, went to bring him back. Cain found himself in a huge cave that housed a temple of some sort. Little did he know it was the temple of Cyttorak. Once inside, a gigantic ruby drew his attention. If he made it back, he could sell that thing and get millions at least, as it seemed flawless and was bigger than his fist. It rested on the lap of an idol of Cyttorak, and Charles found him just as he lifted the gem and read the inscription on the altar.

 "Whosoever touches this gem shall possess the power of the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Henceforth, you who read these words shall become forevermore a human Juggernaut!" A blinding flash of ruby light filled the temple, and when it faded, Cain stood transformed. Bigger, more powerful than ever. Before Charles even got to say anything, a mortar strike shook the cavern and caused the entire cave complex to collapse. Charles made it out, but Cain was buried under several thousand tons of rock and debris.

 It took a few years, but he eventually dug his way out and hitched a cargo container back to the US. The first thing he did was seek out his brother, and he fought through all of his X-Men to get to him. He was the Juggernaut, and they couldn't stop him. But the Human Torch melted a portion of his helmet, and when they got it off, Charles put him in a psychically induced coma.

 A series of events after that trapped Cain in the Crimson Cosmos, where simply by existing and being the avatar of Cyttorak, he unlocked mystical secrets that he never knew about his powers. While attempting to free himself, he wound up in Nightmare's dimension of dreams and helped Dr. Strange save the cosmic entity known as Eternity. After that, he attacked Eternity to force him to send him home, but was instead banished back to the Crimson Cosmos.

Eventually a scientist accidentally sent Hulk into the Crimson Cosmos and Juggernaut traded places with him in a specially designed Hulkbuster Cell. The machine malfunctioned and Hulk came back, and along with Juggernaut they escaped the facility. Only when Cain started terrorizing the people, he and Hulk got into a brawl.

 Hulk caught him off guard and grabbed his helmet, and the force snapped the helmet off and sent Cain flying. Before he could come back for a rematch, Charles found him and once again put him into a coma. Later, he was freed and after a series of adventures ended up in New York where he battled Spider-Man. The web head couldn't beat him, but he tricked him into a deep pit of wet cement.

It took Cain months to tunnel his way out and he ended up causing immense structural damage under the East River(he'd later repair it as Captain Universe). Over the years Cain has been through a lot; constant fighting with the X-Men, crimes a plenty, he's even fought Gods and Monsters in Hulk and Thor several times.

He went good for a while and fought with the X-Men and tried to kill his best friend Black Tom while undercover(for the X-Men) when his mutation went out of control and he killed a little boy named Sammy who Cain had befriended. He stopped a plot by Cyttorak and the other members of the Octessence to take over the world, fought and became Captain Universe, was possessed by a demon and ran rampant through multiple dimensions and more.

Right before Charles death, Cain got into a scrap with the X-Men. He lost his helmet and was knocked out by Charlie. He was then transported to Ryker's Island and put into a cell designed by his brother. He was kept in a psionically induced coma, and beyond that he was completely immobilized in an inertial liquid to keep him from moving even in his sleep. Talk about overkill.

PERSONALITY: Cain is a hard man, and that's from having a hard life. As a child, his father abused him, while at the same time treating his step-brother Charles like a prince. He eventually found out that his old man did it to suck up to Charlie's mom and get the  money she inherited from her husband when he "died".  It didn't make it any better, but the money he got when his own father died took away the sting...just a bit.

The constant abuse and neglect had two results; one being that Cain is for the most part mean as a defense mechanism. The other being that he has an intense hate for Xavier and anyone associated with him; well he used to. Recently he's finally come to terms with the fact that none of the pain in his youth was Charles fault, while all of the pain he caused Charlie was his own.

 He respects strength more than anything, seeing as that's what he's all about; so if you can show him some kind of strength, he'll give you the time of day and not look down on you. If he thinks your a pansy, well you got a couple chances to prove him wrong.

EQUIPMENT: Crimson Cosmos Armor: Through a mental command, Cain can summon his mystical armor at any time around his body. The metal is made of an unknown composition, but it's found only in the Crimson Cosmos Dimension where Cyttorak makes his home. It is incredibly durable, and on the chance it is damaged, Cain can repair it with his magic.

Crimson Helmet: The highly identifiable helmet that Cain wears on his head is more than just a cosmetic choice, the metal wreaks hell on psionics of all kinds and even the most powerful telepath can't get through. It's also very durable, but can be damaged and destroyed.

KNOWN ENEMIES:  Charles Xavier/X-Men, Hulk, Thor, Black Tom Cassidy(All formerly), The Serpent, D'Spayre, Nightmare, Exemplars, Cyttorak, Spider-Man, etc...

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Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #183 on: October 30, 2014, 07:25:50 PM »
Hey guys, I'm the new Juggernaut...BITCH!  >:)

Offline Angie

Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #184 on: October 30, 2014, 07:27:15 PM »
Hey guys, I'm the new Juggernaut...BITCH!  >:)

I can't help but think of the bulldozer from PAYDAY 2. "You're up against the wall, AND I AM THE FUCKING WALL!"
« Last Edit: October 30, 2014, 07:32:38 PM by Angiejuusan »

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Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #185 on: October 30, 2014, 07:33:25 PM »
Hehehehe. Yeah. He's a wall...with legs and arms and a penchant for knocking down other walls, lol.

Offline Batman4560

Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #186 on: October 30, 2014, 11:28:06 PM »
And at last, I got this done.

Character Name: The King
Real Name: Sebastian Shaw
Age: 45
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210 lbs
Affiliation: Hellfire Club's inner circle/ Shaw Industries


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


Sebastian Shaw was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. His powers manifested shortly after he was accepted to engineering school. Devoting himself to his studies Shaw created "Shaw industries" and became a millionaire at age 30 and billionaire at age 40. Shaw became engaged to a woman named Lourdes Chantel, also a mutant, and was soon initiated into the Hellfire Club thanks to his vast fortune along with Warren Worthington, Jr. (father of Archangel), Howard Stark (father of Tony Stark) and Sir James Braddock (father of Captain Britain and Psylocke), having caught the attention of Ned Buckman, then White King of Hellfire Club's New York Branch. Shaw became part of the Council of the Chosen, earning the rank of Black Bishop. Lourdes did not trust Buckman, and feared that Shaw's ambition and the nature of the Hellfire Club would corrupt him.

Lourdes is soon killed by Sentinels in a battle. Upon discovering that Ned Buckman, the White King of the Council, is supporting Steven Lang's Project: Armageddon and its Sentinels, he executes a coup, using Emma Frost's telepathy to make Buckman kill all the Council of the Chosen, including his own White Queen, Paris Seville, and then himself. Shaw proclaims himself Black King, remakes the Council of the Chosen into his Inner Circle and gathers Emma Frost, Harry Leland and the non-mutant cyborg Donald Pierce as the Lords Cardinal of Hellfire Club.[5] At Shaw's side is Tessa, who, unbeknownst to him, is a spy working for Charles Xavier.  As the leader of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, Shaw starts plans to dominate the world through force, money and power. His connections to top officials of corporations and government, acquired via the Club and through his position as CEO of Shaw Industries, make him a powerful enemy. Shaw becomes a major supporter and builder of Sentinels. This activity brings him into frequent contact with the major players of Project: Wideawake, Senator Robert Kelly and Henry Peter Gyrich, to whom he appears to be an anti-mutant bigot


Energy Absorb: Shaw has the unique ability to absorb energy to increase his strength, speed, stamina, Endurance and recuperative abilities to super human levels. He absorbs the energy of direct blows from anything from a punch to knives, bullets and less successfully concussive energy blasts. 

Endurance: By absorbing consecutive blows Shaw has even absorbed attacks from adamantium attacks but only for a short time. This is however super human in it's own right.
Strength: Shaw has endured enough during combat to be able to purely over power his foes from increasing his own strength.

Speed: When he absorbs attacks, Shaw can outpace most of his opponents and strike before they get the chance to counter attack. 

Stamina: After storing enough energy Shaw has been shown to be able to forgo sleep completely.

Resources and Business: Shaw also has a successful business acumen and access to sophisticated weaponry. He not only prides himself on his power and the connections it allows him, but on knowing his opponents and how best to defeat them, whether in battle or in business. He also possesses technology that can block telepathic intrusions by Professor X.


Energy fade: Shaw's stored energy fades at different levels depending on what he uses it for. It drains fastest when he is forced to endure harsh conditions for humans.

Human: When he doesn't have energy stored, Shaw is simply a healthy man who seems to work out regularly.

Personality: Driven, Ruthless and cunning are only a few words that describe the leader of the hellfire club. Sebastian always has a plan and is willing to do whatever it takes to get his job done.

Equipment: Whatever Shaw can get from his company and whatever form of the Hellfire Club at his disposal.

Notable Enemies: The X-Men, Nimrod and anyone opposing his goals.

Offline Angie

Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #187 on: October 30, 2014, 11:35:14 PM »
Ooo, King and Aether-Walker could so team together. Can he absorb electricity?

Offline Batman4560

Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #188 on: October 30, 2014, 11:41:09 PM »
It's possible but he most likely wouldn't be able to absorb much of it at any given time. It's mostly physical blows. But it would be better for Shaw to find someone like that and keep them close so they don't become a problem in the future.

Offline Angie

Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #189 on: October 30, 2014, 11:43:19 PM »
As long as Shaw isn't Aether's target. Which is left intentionally vague for anyone who wants to mesh character stuff.

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Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #190 on: October 31, 2014, 07:27:16 AM »
 Removing Pyro from my character listing and substituting Maggot. Let me know if I should change anything.

Creature Feature:  Maggot
Real Name: Japheth
Group Affiliation: X-Men, Generation X, Neutral Character
Age: 20
Height: 6'8''
Weight: 350lbs, with slugs. 280lbs, without slugs.
Orientation: Heterosexual
Arch-Enemies: Magneto, Mr. Sinister, Afrikaners, the Ru'Tai.
Nickname: Japh

Powers: Sentient Digestive System: Maggott's digestive system consists of two enormous, sentient, techno-organic slug-like creatures, nicknamed Eany and Meany. Whilst Maggott himself can not eat, his slugs can devour any form of matter with incredible speed. When they finish feeding, they return to his abdomen and impart the energy from the matter they absorbed into Maggott’s body. This energy nourishes Maggott, temporarily granting him enhanced strength and turning his skin blue. If Maggott is separated from the slugs for an extended period of time, he becomes extremely weak and risks death.

Maggott's slugs can act autonomously from him and appear to be highly intelligent. They communicate with him via a telepathic rapport, and are extremely sensitive to magic.
Enhanced strength and durability (made even greater after Eany and Meany feed depending on what they feed on).
Psychometric Recall: Can reveal the past events of the objects they absorbed to Maggott, also it allows him to read the past events of a certain area.
Speaks fluent Afrikaans, a West Germanic language, spoken natively in South Africa.
Bio: Born the youngest of five in a small South African village, he never grew at the same rate as his siblings. He was constantly ill and threw up every bit of food that was given to him. There were many times he couldn't even keep down water. His family feared he would die slowly and painfully from starvation if something wasn't done. The family could not afford doctors to treat him, but the few times they did see him, they stated he had some form of stomach cancer.

Unable to bear the pains that sent him into shock most days anymore and the burden he was on his family, Japheth ran away at the age of twelve, intending to commit suicide in the desert. It was there that a man saved his life. He came down from the sky and sliced open Japheth's stomach, revealing the cause of his pain. Out came Eany and Meany. The beasts who had squirmed and fought to free themselves for twelve years from his body. They fed and returned to him like well trained dogs. The moment they reentered his body, Japheth had never felt better in his life. The pain was gone.

The man revealed himself to be a mutant named Magneto and expressed interest in the young boy joining his cause. Japheth, ever loyal to his family, said he could never leave them again the way he had before. With that in mind, the pair traveled back to his village only to find that the rebel group known as the Afrikaners had killed his father and taken the rest of the villagers as prisoners. Japheth begged Magneto to help them and the man slaughtering everyone. Filled with anger, hate, and disgust he swore he'd never join Magneto. The man told him that he would change his mind one day.

Two years later, Japheth met a geneticist named Nathanial Essex who expressed interest in helping the strange colored mutant. Eany and Meany fed five or more times a day and to do so they had to tear through his stomach and then burrow back in. It caused him horrible pain and was a terrible mess (what with the blood and all). Essex made a deal with him. All Japheth had to do was hand over a DNA sample and Essex promised to make it easier for the slugs to feed. Japheth agreed, willing to do anything to ease the pain. Essex installed a door type panel into his abdomen after carving out his insides to make space for the two growing creatures. The panel was made of bullet proof glass and could be opened and closed to allow the creatures out.

Japheth was thankful, at first, but later found out that Essex was not the great man he claimed to be. It was only after traveling with several other mutant groups that he learned Essex was also known as Mr. Sinister. He's yet to track the man down, becoming sidetracked when Eany and Meany are accused of killing a member of the mutant group he was with at the time. It was later revealed that the slug like leader of the  the Ru'Tai was the one behind the killing. The monster was never caught and Japheth fled the group, fearing they would try to kill Eany and Meany. He soon ended up at the Xavier Institute.

Now in his late teens, he spends most of his time at the Institute. He still intends on finding Magneto one day, as well as Mr. Sinister and  the Ru'Tai. But for now, he would prefer to spend his time flirting with girls.

Slug Profiles
Loyalty: Japheth and anyone Japheth trusts.
Height: 1'6''
Weight: 35lbs
Gender/Sexuality: Technically, slugs are hermaphrodites, but Eany considers himself male and heterosexual.
Nickname: Slimeball, Moron (by Meany), Idiot (by Meany), Eww, Ick, Oh My God.
Arch Enemies: Morton Salt Company
Distinguishable Marks and/or Traits: Eany is the constant bane of females in the area. As such, he's been shot at, had things thrown at him, been set on fire, and kicked. Due to these love injuries, the metal parts of his body are covered in scratches and dents.

Name: Meany
Loyalties: Japheth and she has a little crush on a certain X-Men man.
Height: 1'6''
Weight: 35lbs
Gender/Sexuality: Technically, slugs are hermaphrodites, but Meany considers herself female and heterosexual.
Nickname: Unlike the Moron, she knows she doesn't have a nickname and that the names other than her own are mean words to describe her by humans.
Arch Enemies: All females.
Distinguishable Marks and/or Traits: Due to her hatred towards human/mutant females, if one of them is growling at you and you're a female, it's Meany.

Maggot: Despite the hardships in his life, Japheth remains open minded and enjoys every second of every day. He's out going, boastful, and not shy when it comes to girls. He's fiercely loyal to his friends. The only worry he has is that the Ru'Tai will come back and Eany and Meany will be in danger again. He's also shy, at first, when meeting a girl and telling her what his ability is as most have a bad reaction to the thought of it. But once he gets to know them, he opens up easily.

Due to his upbringing and severe mutation, Japheth is more street smart than he is book smart. He doesn't let this get him down though.

Eany: Eany only wants what is best for Japheth. He wants Japheth to be happy and find love one day. He's also a terrible flirt, always crawling up to pretty women and cooing, purring, and clicking at them. He doesn't understand why they usually scream or kick at him, or run away. He just wants to be pet.

Meany: Meany, likewise, wants what is best for Japheth. However, she becomes horrible jealous when he flirts with women or when Eany tries to as well. She knows that no woman will ever really accept Japheth and she only wants to spare him the heartbreak. Because of that, she usually tries to chase women off, even going as far as to lash out at them.

Power Grid

*Heightened strength when empowered by slugs

More Images

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Re: X-men DOTD rpg: Welcomes Canon and created characters (LGTB)
« Reply #191 on: November 05, 2014, 01:34:10 AM »
Still kinda wondering if Aether Walker made it in...