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May 22, 2018, 11:08:02 AM

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Author Topic: An attempt at a magic system - rules discussion  (Read 603 times)

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An attempt at a magic system - rules discussion
« on: June 26, 2014, 01:32:49 PM »
I am starting a group RP over in the group section. (It's the RP Sex Magick, sorry if recruiting is frowned upon here.) In it, I have devised a magic system. I'd like some feedback on it. Here it is:

Magic System
- It is a soft RP, except for magick, which is a homebrew system.

- The magicians' strengths are denoted by a Power Level stat. Your Power Level is the maximum amount of Energy you can have stored in your body. Your power level is also the maximum number of spell effects you know how to cast. They can be cast as often as you like, provided you have enough Energy in your body.

- A spell, in its most basic form, affects one person for a short duration (a "moment" or 10 minutes maximum). There are as many effects as there are stars in the sky. For every additional person you want to affect, or for every additional "moment" you want to add to the duration, you add another Energy point to the spell when it is cast.

- In the game, you regain energy by having sex (this is Elliquiy after all!) but let's not worry about that for now. Just imagine that Energy regeneration happens, and how is not important. Likewise, don't worry about going up in level. In the game, you get experience from different methods, but just presume that your character gets experience and goes up a level for every ten xp.

- Each level gives you another spell effect you can cast, and you can store one more point of Energy. There is no Power Level max.

- The magick system is not based upon the physical measurement of effects, but rather, how many people each spell will affect. This allows for a lot of leeway in descriptions of spells, though those descriptions will not allow for more people to be affected. Also, permanence of spells is almost unheard of: the duration of spells is a moment (10 minutes), and casting a spell to do something for a longer duration takes an additional Energy point per moment. For example, to set an alarm for a door for 8 hours of sleep is (8 hours x 6 moments/hour) 48 Energy.

- A magician casting a spell is obvious to other magicians; it is instinctively noticed in line of sight, as long as the magician is paying attention. A spell being cast in a crowded room, in one's peripheral vision, or while the observer is distracted, can easily be missed. Magicians can only identify other magicians once they touch - each magician immediately, magically knows of the other at that point.

Spell Examples

Alarm: Set some contingency situation (A door opens, someone enters a room) that sets off a loud noise upon completion. The alarm goes away after triggered once unless additional points are added. The alarm still only lasts one moment unless additional points are added.

Anti-magick: This spell is a very important spell, learned early. You cast, on yourself, protection from one opponent spellcaster's magick. Each opponent magician you want to protect against is one mana. This is reflexive and instant, and can be cast AFTER an offensive spell is declared in a previous post, successfully blocking a magical attack. However, this only protects the body and mind from magick, it does not protect from environmental effects that magick creates. For example, if someone tries to light you on fire with magick, you can then cast anti-magick on that one person. However, this means the clothes on your body are lit on fire instead of you yourself. The danger of damage is not as severe; you could put out the fire much easier since it is only your clothes that are burning, not you. The opponent named in this spell must be either line of sight, or you know the specific magician (including that person's name) in question, if not in line of sight.

Attraction: the most basic spell, and usually the first spell learned. Make yourself irresistible to one person. It doesn't mean they'd automatically have sex with you, just that they'd treat you the same way they'd treat the one person they want to lay. Standard duration (a moment or 10 minutes, additional points add another moment). Add another mana to make a third person the object of the victim's desire. (Remember the rule - one additional point per extra person or moment.)

Create Water: What can this water do? Quench one person's thirst, sweep one person off their feet, erode a hole in a mud wall big enough for one person, etc.

Create Wood/Fire/Earth/Air/Metal/etc: Spells similar to Create Water. Only one element per spell learned.

Magickal Attack: This could take any form you can think of: a twinkling light, lasers from the eyes, chi emanating from an open palm, ghostly apparitions swarming a victim, etc. An undefended target (anyone that does not cast Anti-Magick in the next post) can be hurt, seriously injured, or even killed, based upon soft RP rules. The attack can be broadened to multiple people, as per the usual mechanic.

Paralyze: Holds one person frozen in place (but otherwise cognizant) for a moment.

Protective Physical Shield: A shield that protects you from non-magical attacks from one person. Fists, knife, gun, whatever. If two people are firing at you and you want protection from both of them, spend two mana. The question arises: what if one person is using a really powerful weapon? I don't want to get into heavy math. I'd like to say that the shield still protects the caster, because it is the intent of the attacker that counts. However, if some better method for counting more powerful weapons without more math can be created, I'm all for it.

Repulsion: The opposite of the Attraction spell. Remember, making a target besides yourself ugly to one other person requires 2 Energy, because the spell involves 2 people - the target who appears ugly, and the target who sees the first person as ugly.

See Aura: You can see the Kirlian Aura of a person. From this, you can determine magicians and Malachs from a glance.

Telekinesis/Levitation/Flight: A straightforward power. You are able to lift and propel something as big as one person, at the speed an average person could run; it could even be yourself.

What you may notice about the system:
- It's fleeting. I'm making magical permanence difficult on purpose.
- It's the same difficulty to go up levels at any stage of your ascension. There's no exponential scale of power. This has its plusses and minuses.