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Author Topic: Fantasy, Modern, Future. (Story driven. Updated. Still looking! :D )  (Read 4616 times)

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Offline ValchyrieTopic starter

Welcome To My Thread.


Ideas can be found further down! This includes picture inspiration in the third post in this thread!

Hi there, I'm Valchyrie as you've probably figured out by now. I am 25 years old and have been roleplaying for years, I don't have a number on how many years, but its a lot. This section is just to tell you that I do not want a sex story, I want a story with an actual plot and story to it, where sex MAY be a part of it, but it is not required or even sure that we'll roleplay those parts. But more about that later down as well. So onwards!


What I seek in a partner, is this:
• Literate: That means, no one liners, 2-3 paragraphs at least.
• Grammar: I'm not a native English speaker, so I have my flaws. I do however, have a general idea of the grammar, and I expect you to have that as well.
• Mindset: Story-driven mindset, none of that smut story here, so if you are looking for that, it's goodbye time!
• Communication: I like, as many others on this site, to talk with my partner outside of an rp, either through PM or IM, the roleplay just flows better if we also get to know each other.
• Honesty: I will be brutally honest with you, when we discuss an idea or if there's something I don't like, and I expect you to do the same, instead of trying to navigate through it, it'll never end well.
• Imagination: I'm tired of roleplayers that don't add to the story, so please, if you PM me, and we get a roleplay up and running, add to the story. Come up with plot twists and adds and so on, we create the story, not YOU, or I.
• Pictures: I use pictures for my characters, so please accept that, some people strangely don't like it, but I do it, and it helps me describing my character as well, where my English struggles :)
• I think that was all for now in this part, one last thing though, I hold onto my right to ask you if you've read this, and make sure you do not want a sexual roleplay, people don't tend to read the important things these days, so you won't get angry if you have read this :)
• Posting Time: My schedule changes a lot, so sometimes I can post once a day, maybe more than once or twice, other times it'll be every second day, or once a week. So if you don't hear anything from me after a week, please PM me, as I have probably just been so busy that I haven't gotten around to the roleplay. But I expect the same of you, tell me your posting time, and I'll more than likely accept it, it's just so I know what to expect :)
• Characters: Be able to create and help control side characters throughout the game, so neither of us has to play the King, the demon, the evil spirit and so on. (These were just examples to give you an idea of what I meant). I usually stick to one main character, but may be convinced to add one more if needed.

Genres I like:

The genres I roleplay in tend to be the following:

•   Medieval.
•   Fantasy.
•   Western (like, cowboys, bandits, things like that).
•   Modern.
•   Futuristic/Sci-fi (not my favorite, but with the right story, I can be convinced).

The settings I usually roleplay are the following:

•   Post-apocalyptic (both in medieval, modern and future settings).
•   The good old classic fantasy setting with orcs, elves, dragons and all those things.
•   Modern world with magic.
•   Steam-punk worlds. (I’m not an expert on the whole steam-punk style, but I do like it).
•   Settings with dark characters, or characters that doesn’t have a good or bad way of living.

The creatures I tend to roleplay with or as are the following:

•   Demons.
•   Spirits.
•   Humans.
•   Anthros (of many different kinds).
•   Dragons.
•   Self-invented creatures (in cooperation with my roleplay partner for that specific roleplay).
•   Humans/Creatures with memory loss.

The roles I usually play as are the following:

•   Outlaws.
•   Guardians.
•   Killers.
•   Disturbed minded people/creatures.
•   Soldiers/warriors.
•   Mages.
•   People with strange abilities (like blind mysterious people).
•   As far as personality goes, I tend to switch between dominant and submissive, but I use those words loosely, as they for me, represents a sexual setting, and as stated above, I do not want that. And if I play a submissive personality, it won't be a pushover or anything like that, expect a hard toughened personality, with soft spots.
•   As for pairings, I prefer to keep it to M/F settings. I do like to play female roles, but at the moment, I have as big a craving to play males as females, so to me, it doesn't matter for now.

Now, before you make any assumptions to what I roleplay, I will have to say that nothing of the above is meant to say that it’s the only thing I play. It’s just to give you an idea of what I have done and usually do in roleplays. I am always open to mixing ideas together, genres and everything, so nothing is set in stone at all.

The next thing I’ll have to say is that I weight the story before the sex. I love the sex scenes, but there has to be a good story behind it, and I don’t want a roleplay that is being played, just to get to the sex scenes. This means I’d like a story with drama, some fighting (depending on the genre it could be against monsters or other creatures, but also girlfriend x boyfriend troubles and so on), and a story which always leaves room for inputs from both roleplayers. :)

Quick Note: If you think you've seen the above before, it's because I have an IM thread with these same explanations in it, but I liked it, and it keep things simple :).
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Offline ValchyrieTopic starter

Re: Fantasy, Modern, Future. (Story driven!)
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2014, 01:12:56 AM »

Okay, so this post pretty much gives itself away (because of the headline lol). It's for my ideas, and I will update this thread as time goes on and I actually get some ideas. All roleplays can be modified to suit both of our desires, so nothing is set in stone! :) As you can see I don't have that many ideas at the moment, as I decided to edit in my thread and clean it up a bit.

Also, from now on (5th of May, 2016), I will post the new stories I make, at the top of this post, so it's easier to see what ideas are the newest :).

While I say that in all my stories, I'd more or less prefer to play the female, that doesn't mean I can't be convinced to play another character than the one the idea is created around! If you prefer to play the character the idea is made up about, we can talk about it and see what we can figure out! :D

I will now move all the ideas that I am currently playing, into a new section of this thread, so that you know which are taken, and which are still open. Should you be interested in one of the roleplays I'm already doing, it's highly possible I will be interested in doing it with you as well, so just pm me about it! :D

I know that I already have a section of current roleplays, but it's to give a quick and better idea of what is taken, and then I will taken them away from this section :)

  • CRAVING: Sweet and Romantic story: Music Of Life (Road to success): This is a story about a girl who wants to be a musician, but it's a difficult road, and she's gotten stuck in the same daily routine now. Without contacts and without any education, she's got no way to move forward with her music. She took a job as a bartender in a bar, in a small town called Redwood. There's a few thousands citizen in the town, so not a very big one. She plays her music in the bar, but it's not getting her anywhere, and she has started to become more sad about her situation, and don't know what to do with herself anymore.

    Now for this roleplay, I would play the girl, and I'm seeing this as a romantic roleplay, not an action one (which is a new thing for me, but I'm very interested in it!) and I would play this girl, called Lulu: SFW.

    Inspirational Music:

  • Dark Fantasy: Underworld Commander: She was a general for the underworld’s army, a fearless warrior and sorceress that no one could defeat. Her armies were created by her magic, and she had conquered and ruled many areas during her time as a general for the King and Queen of the underworld. The heavens and the holy creatures in the world feared her, though mortals knew nothing of her, as they had never seen her up close. However, after 3000 years of commanding the armies of the King and Queen, she was thrown out of the underworld. She was no longer needed, and since she had questioned the King and Queen’s motive for ruling the underworld, she had been sentenced to walk amongst the mortals. Though she never lost her powers. Her problem now, was that the heavens got news about her sentence, and they sent out hunters to find the general. Their orders were clear; capture the Commander of Chaos, dead or alive, and bring her back to the heavens.

    In this roleplay, I’d play the commander from hell, and I’m seeing you as a person from the Heavens that is hunting her. But we can discuss it. Hope it caught your interest!

    This is my character:
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

  • The End: The end of days finally arrived. The doors to Heaven and Hell opened up, and all manners of powers were let loose onto the world. It was a battle that raged for more years than any other war had ever been going on. After 200 years, it was over. The humans were still alive, but now they held the lowest rank in all of the existing creature hierarchy. Neither Hell, nor Heaven, had won the battle, and after they had nearly destroyed the very world they were fighting to take control of, they had decided to stop the war for now, and live in relative peace. Hell had been given half of the world, to rule, and Heaven had the other half to rule, which meant there were only two countries, or kingdoms, if you would prefer that term. The world had changed in look and in every other possible way. Though, as the world had come to a halt in the war, something else had opened up, the world between life and death, between Heaven and Hell. The State Of Limbo.

    In this one, I would play a creature from Limbo, who has arrived to try and gather information about the new world. What you would like to play, is completely up to you. It could be a human, that would join forces with her, because he/she is tired of the Heaven and Hell state, and sees an opportunity to maybe influence the balance of the world, with the arrival of this new creature. Or it could be something else, it's up to you, and let's discuss the possibilities :) .

    I would play this creature in the picture. Please note that it's not a sexual roleplay, just because it's a nude picture, I simply like the picture a lot. NSFW
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

  • At Sea: A beautiful world made of water and sunshine. Catarina had signed up for up for that life. She was an explorer and researcher of the world. She loved different cultures and their ways of doing things. She had learned a lot, and she had travelled a lot. It was the life she wanted, she had never seen herself as a person to settle down anywhere. The blue waves, the mystery of unexplored islands and jungles, meeting exotic new animals, the world was a wonderful place for a person like her. She loved to sail, and she had just signed up for another trip out on the open sea, with the White Sails ship. It was a huge ship, which housed the Royal Family of Lehous, the capital city of the country Treves. She was excited about this journey, as it was the first journey with the White Sails. She wasn’t very famous, but her name had reached some peoples lips, after all of her travelling and all of her published books and documents on the world and her travels. This was a new adventure, and only fate knew what was in store for her.

    As for what character you would play, that would be up to you really. It could be a person from the ship, working on it. It could be a fellow researcher, or it could be a royal person or something else. My only thing is, if it is a royal character, then at least make it a bit different than normal royal roleplays, as I am a bit fed up with that ;)

    I'd like to play the woman in this picture. SFW.
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

  • Meeting the nature: The people of the jungle had always been a curious people. Their society was created around the nature and the way they lived was very different from the rest of the world. They didn’t use technology like the rest of the world, instead they used the jungles resources, on the Island that they lived on. They had been at war a few times, with people that had tried to conquer their Island, during a few wars, but no one had ever succeeded in defeating them in their own home. The jungle was thick, and they knew how to take advantage of it, when strangers came to their lands, especially dangerous strangers. They were a peaceful people, and many wanted to come and visit them. However, the people living on the Island, didn’t want the strangers to come and ruin the nature, so they had denied entrance to everyone that had come to their Island so far. People were still trying though, and some believed it was only a question of time before they would let someone onto their Island, to either study them, or learn from them.

    I'm imagining that you would play a person from the technological evolved world, who comes to the Island and tries to find a way for him/her to stay on the Island. Whether your character is human or something else, is completely up to you :)

    I would play the woman in the picture. SFW:
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

  • Grey Worlds: The world had fallen into darkness. No light were shining anymore. The skies were grey most of the time, though it wasn’t raining, it was just, grey. Castles lay in ruins, alongside with cities and villages, which were now occupied by undead creatures of all kinds. There were only a few place left in the world, that could keep one safe in these dark medieval times, and it was tough to get by. Many had tried to journey out to defeat the dark lords that had the power in the world. These lords were creatures of darkness as well, undead creatures, demons and other things that no one had ever seen before. It was a horrifying world, and everyone were trying to survive. This is where our story begins.

    Now this roleplay is loosely based on the Dark Souls games, though you don't have to know anything about the games at all, as this was just inspiration really. I would be playing this woman: I'm imagining her being locked up in a castle somewhere, when some travelers stumble upon her. She won't be a normal human being, but I have yet to decide what she is exactly. I'll figure that out once we have discussed the details of the roleplay hehe.[/NSFW:
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

  • The open waters, the smell of the salt water, the high waves and the storms, this was the recipe for a true pirate life. Pirates were roaming the oceans, plundering royal ships and civilian ships as they pleased. Some followed the pirate code about not plundering the civilians, others didn’t. There was no law, only the code, and you could only be punished if you were caught. Therefore, if you didn’t follow the code, you just had to make sure you didn’t get caught. Xiao Shu was a pirate from the eastern side of the planet. She didn’t have a big pirate ship or a big crew, she just commanded a small ship, with only two cannons on each side. She had about fifty men under her command, which was seen as a small amount. However, she had always been able to survive in combat, no matter where she had been engaged in combat. On sea, she could outrun anyone, and if it came to a close-quarter combat with handheld weapons, well, there was no one better who could fight with a sword and a dagger than she her. Her name meant “Little Tree” when you translated it. People thought it funny, as it wasn’t a real pirate name, but she refused to change her name. Xiao Shu, was Xiao Shu.

    In this roleplay, I'll play the character Xiao Shu. You can see a picture of her underneath here. What you are playing is completely up to you. I don't have a bigger plot planned out for this one, as I would like to create one with whoever wants to do this roleplay :)

    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

  • Cyber Killers: The year is 30.550, and the world has evolved and fused with technology on a high level. Humans are organic machines now, that have the normal body function that the old humans had, but they also have enhanced reflexes and movement speed because of their cybernetics. However, most people are still living daily lives as always, going to their jobs, making love, finding friends and so on. However, the world is so different. Warfare has changed as well, using robots and machines to do the fighting, and while this should be a safe way to fight, it isn’t. Humans that are connected to the robots and machines through technology, control the robots and machines from an army base. If the robots are destroyed or the machines are destroyed, there’s a big risk that the human controlling the robot or machine, will die as well. However, this was not the only thing that had changed. People were also exposed to being hacked, now that they had fused with technology, and that had created a completely new kind of hackers, or well, assassins. These were called “Cyber Killers”. They were a group that took on jobs to kill people, through technology. It was a painful process for the victim, but it was almost impossible to track down the person who killed the victim. Sierra was a Cyber Killer, though she didn't belong to any faction yet, and she was damn good at her job.

    I'll play Sierra. I'm imagining your character being either from another faction of cyber killers, or a police officer/agent that tries to track down who has done what, and somehow runs into Sierra. I'm also open to suggestions, so let me know what you think!

    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

  • The Criminal minds: 
    Tess was a young woman with a tough life story. Her father was a drunken psychopath and had killed her mother when she was just three years old. He never got into jail for the murder, as the police had trouble proving it was him that had done it. Many years later, Tess had learned how to stay out of her dads way when she was home. When she turned 18, she killed him by shooting him in the head. Tess, unlike her dad, was caught and convicted for the murder of her dad and got 6 years in prison, though she came out after 3 for good behavior. Since her dad had done a lot of other bad things since her mother’s death, Tess could get away with a rather low prison sentence for murder.

    Though she had not been able to let go of her criminal ways, it was impossible. So when she got out of jail, she emptied her bank account for what money she had, and went to Hong Kong to start a new life there. A life of new crimes and factions to join. She starts working in a bar, and do small criminal side jobs during her time off. One day in the bar though, a man/woman strikes up a conversation, and they start seeing each other a bit. The only thing Tess doesn’t know, is that this person is an undercover agent in the Chinese Triads, who Tess has sometimes done business with. However, this agent doesn’t know that.

    For this roleplay, I would play the woman as seen in the picture below. Kind of craving this one, so I hope someone is interested in it!

    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
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Offline ValchyrieTopic starter

Inspirational Pictures!

So here is the post with the pictures that I feel inspired by, though have no story for as such. I'll gladly hear if any of you have an idea where one of them could fit, or maybe more than one of them, so just send me a PM if that is the case!

All pictures are SFW: (The first one a little NSFW, but only a little, you'll see why).

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

All pictures underneath here is NSFW, and I have no ideas for them yet, but I am interested in playing either as them, or having someone else play them! I'd like to remind you that even though they are NSFW, I am still looking for plot-heavy stories, not sexual ones. I simply like the way the characters are drawn in these pictures. Some are posted as links, others as pictures.

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Offline ValchyrieTopic starter

Current Stories!

Life In Color and Valchyrie: Dragon Age: The Following Years.

Nimander and Valchyrie: Crystals Of The Universe.

E1Alpha and Valchyrie: The Ambassador.

RhinSama and Valchyrie: A Chaotic Change.

AngelsSonata and Valchyrie: The Lady and the Mechanic.

Unbreakable and Valchyrie: Princess Charming.

summoner2183 and Valchyrie: Guardians and Secrets.

Quinz128 and Valchyrie: Strange Times.

On break!

Blissy and Valchyrie: Of Blood, Sweat and Steam.
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Re: Fantasy, Modern, Future. (Story driven. Updated. Still looking! :D )
« Reply #4 on: June 25, 2016, 10:00:36 AM »
Ideas that are taken!

  • Fantasy-Futuristic: It is the year 9.999. New years eve is coming, and everyone is excited for the events. The world at this point, has been destroyed and rebuild more times than anyone can count. Each time, few or no survivors made it through the destructions. Everytime, a new race came from the destructions, letting the world continue it's life. But all the ruins, all the technology, everything that was left behind by all the other races, are still buried on the planet. It doesn't look like the planet that once was, now, there's a lot more desserts, more tropic islands, and more dangerous animals to take care of. Magic has appeared as well, and has existed for about 4000 years, as far as the researchers these days have been able to figure out. But still so many things lies buried on the planet, and no one has any idea of the things that awaits them in the future. Destruction always repeats itself, races will wage war, this race is no different. There are different cities and countries all over the planet, and while they might not have the same kind of weapons that other time periods have, they now have magic instead. The destructive force that may or may not have been the reason behind the other civilizations dooms, will be approaching soon. It might not be at new years eve, but it will be soon. Some countries are at war with each other, others try to live peacefully through political means. But they all have military power, magic imbued cannons, guns, swords and so on. Life will take a turn for the worse, the years to come. (I would play this girl:
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

  • Modern Fantasy (Earth, or we create our own modern world): The world is as it's always been, busy, filled with wars in different parts of the world. Magic has been long lost and all the fairytales that parents tell their children, or authors write in their books, are just that: Fairytales. However, that is far from the truth. Magic existed long before the human kind did, other species existed before the humans, intelligent ones, but the humans have failed to notice the signs of these former inhabitants of the world. However, one day, in one of the many wars that's going on, a soldier blows up a building with explosives, and what they discover underneath, changes everything. It's an old temple of a sort, one that nobody has seen before. It doesn't look like any of the buildings from the old days, this temple looks more like, something taken out from a dark fantasy story. Inside the temple, a woman is imprisoned by magic, and when they somehow release her, they also release all the dark forces that were imprisoned with her. Picture:
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

  • Angels and Demons (Modern times): Our modern world continues as always. People go to work, they go drinking and partying, and they form a family. That’s the cycle that keeps being repeated, even though the earth has become overpopulated. Everyone knows about it, and nobody cares. However, there are things lurking in the shadows, things that humans no longer believe in. There are demons of all kinds, such as vampires and werewolves. However, there are also angelic creatures, such as guardians and angels. These creatures live secret lives, as they have to look human when they go on about their life. Some of them work daily jobs; others are hunters and just want to prey on the humans. The year is 2026, and the world is still functioning as always. Ling Mei was a guardian, sent from the heavens. She had clearance to do as she saw fit, to make sure the demons didn’t get the upper hand in their wicked attempts to take over the human world. She would do all that she could, to make sure it didn’t happen. Her human age was 25 at this point, but her actual age was around 314 years old. She worked as a translator for airports, traveling companies, tourist guide companies and so on. She spoke fluently Chinese, as she had been made in the picture of the Chinese people, and she spoke fluent English as well as French. So far, her kill count on demons was at 15, but she knew there would be more. There always was.

    I would play this chubby/bbw Asian woman, as you can see in the picture below. What you would play, is completely up to you :) I think it could be fun with a human, or a werewolf, as that is not often seen with an angel, but it is up to you, and I would love to hear your suggestions!

    For this roleplay, I would play this woman: SFW:
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

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Re: Fantasy, Modern, Future. (Story driven. Updated. Still looking! :D )
« Reply #5 on: June 25, 2016, 05:07:21 PM »
Updated with Music Of Life! CRAVING!

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Re: Fantasy, Modern, Future. (Story driven. Updated. Still looking! :D )
« Reply #6 on: June 26, 2016, 05:00:37 AM »
Updated with: The Wrong Witch story. :)