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May 23, 2022, 10:00:20 pm

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Author Topic: GM seeking F(s) Or M playing F. For a harem craving: Under construction  (Read 615 times)

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Hello, and good day to you. My name is Garuss, you may call me gar if you wish. Or my real name, Jesse. ^^ . I must start by stating. I am a gm, searching to gm for men or women, willing to play a, or participate in a female harem. For my character, in my constructed world(s). Why? Well, after a conversation with a friend of mine, talking about Harem anime, vn's and etc. I just simply had the sudden and urgent craving to have a harem role play! Am I shameful for wanting one? No. For asking? No. Honestly. We all at one point seek one, especially us who love anime. It is natural. Some want a bunch of women. Some want the reverse, a bunch of men. No matter whom you are. You have at one point or another, went to seek this kink out. For your self. Or for others. No matter how, the why is just the same. It's a childish fantasy we all have. :P No seriously. All women at one point want men to fight over them, or vie for her love. And, men want the same in reverse. Homosexuals have this fantasy of men, and so do lesbians for women. It is pointless to deny it. For it is a lie to do so. We all want it. The point is, I am searching for a partner ready or willing to give me this elusive and rarely given kink.

  Play her anyone? ;)

What am I after? Well, other then the obvious  :-[ . story of coarse! This is constructed out of the craving to play out a rp, in the style of a harem anime. It could be dark. Action packed. Bloody. Or just playing Cheesy. No matter. All results are the same in one aspect, a harem of girls. I am more then willing to, besides playing the male. Also play the world. Especially to help with and make up for the burden of 'you' playing more then one women. I will not offer myself for a reverse. (I say so with pause. Id hate to seem selfish. But, the sad fact is. That no matter how bad you want something, the second you offer it to others it becomes near impossible to get the return. And In my case I end up playing nothing but reverse harems, and no one wants to please my craving. I am thus left with a sad face. :( . For I will avoid this inevitable end. And to do that, I must keep this thread specifically, Female harems. If you want to play a reverse. Feel free to ask me. But this thread is for me. And, to express what I am really after at this time. Well, other then my already active rp's. That said, what you give to me, you shall eventually receive in return. A harem for a harem? Yes.)

What is A Harem?
It is not a story all about having sex with many women. Although that may happen. Hell the character can end up being with and loving just one! It is actually, just an aspect to a plot. Where the character has many beautiful females in his life. Or a women has many men in hers. And sometimes chaos, and perverted things ensue in the process.

Now, here is my O/O's page. Do read it. It is simple and to the point. ^^

Settings and genre's of note
Fantasy, Mech, Magical girls (Dark twist?), Demon's, Succubi, Modern Fantasy, Sci Fi, School Girl (High school. 18)

Canon settings
Shuffle!?, Bleach, Mass Effect, Fate, Dragon Age, Resident Evil, : Or any you can can note down, or offer. I know a lot of anime, and games.

School girl (High School, 18), Demon/Succubi, Magical Girl, Shuffle!?

Now, I would rather work on a plot with my partner. So that I may gm better for them. But, I will begin to produce some fleshed out ideas, as time passes.

(Under construction.)

Oh no! Here comes the legion of angry female role players. >_< I was only ask-
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Now, the rest of this is still under construction. I am forging full on Ideas! And, gathering pic's, to express and garner interest. So, please. If your already interested. Give me a pm. ^^
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