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Author Topic: House Goodfellow (a kinky, strange family tale)  (Read 311 times)

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Offline TheMamlukTopic starter

House Goodfellow (a kinky, strange family tale)
« on: June 24, 2014, 04:27:00 PM »
Disclaimer: If you haven't notice I am new to this group. This does not mean I am new to roleplaying but its been a while since I was playing on the computer. I am rusty with the ways of formatting a post to make it took pretty. My hope is that the story will speak for itself. Also I am a big fan of collaboration, so what I am presenting is just a story seed. It is something that I will hope will grow into something bigger. Also I am fairly busy in real life so I would like the pace of the game to suit the pace for which I can post which is at least three times a week but not every day.

Setting: Off the main road, there is a house unlike any other. From the outside it looks like an old plantation home, run down but majestic. Purple ivy climbs up half the walls and rusted ruins of old cars litter the backyard. Inside is a different story. The rooms are not run down or dirty, but filled with oddities and knickknacks. Every room has character and history. Some items you might find look like they are from another time, but they are never dusty. Of course that alone is not all that strange. The strangest thing about the house is a feeling you get inside, its a nagging kind of feeling that something is not quite right. The house feels bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Doors that once went to nowhere lead down halls that are longer than they should be.

The family that lives in the house are an odd bunch too. They are an interesting mix of artist, petty criminals, teenage runaways and savants all lead by the mysterious Goodfellow. Known only as  Goodfellow (or Mr. Goodfellow if you have pissed him off) is the strangest of the lot, he never leaves the house, never needs to sleep and appears to be ageless. The house seems to bend to his will and calls out to the world, to bring him the strange so that he never gets lonely. Love, passion and kink are very common in the house, his family follow their own rules. The outside world is always threatening to come in, and discover how different they are. Thankfully Goodfellow has a talent for making problems disappear.

Style and Mood: This is a modern day urban fantasy with a healthy dose of kink and sex. It is a family drama built around a non traditional family. While few of the characters are related by blood the house still has an incestuous vibe to it. My desire is for the game to be a mix of mundane and surreal. Some mythology I already have worked out in my head but I am open for other suggestions.

The house itself is loosely based on the book House of Leaves. It is a living, breathing character. It is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. It can shift and create new rooms. In fact in many ways the house is Goodfellow, and Goodfellow is the house. There is also a fae element to the property and Goodfellow has a protector that can change form. Many things are possible, its the kind of setting where a vampire is not uncommon nor werewolves, witches, demons, and angels. The unusual qualities of the characters are the extra fun parts but at the forefront is always human drama.

At its core though this is a story about outcast coming together to create their own family, a family that is more open to sex and more open to power exchange. Some folks take a more dominant and parental role in the family while others are more submissive. There can be teenagers 16 and over living in the house. Blood relatives are allowed as well. I am going to write down a list of characters with more details to come soon. All the characters in bold will be played by me. Everyone else is really subject to change. If you have a better idea for a character than go for it. I mostly created the list to give folks an idea of what the game would be like. If you do create your own character be aware of the role they might play in the house and we will replace the character that is the best fit. Characters that tend to only want one partner will not fit in well in this story.


Goodfellow (30ish, Male): Strange, ageless man that never leaves the house. He appears to never sleep, has a vast amount of unusual knowledge and has a special connection to the house.
Robin (27/Female): Robin has lived in the house longer than most. She is a musician and muse. People are inspired when they are around her. She has dark secrets that keep her from leaving the house much. She is somewhat of a maternal figure in the house.
Puck (23/Male): A con artist and petty thief who is on the run from the law. Hides out at the house when he is not finding trouble.
Snug (22/Female) Snug is an odd young woman who might also be the feral hound beast that protects the house. Nobody ever sees the two of them at the same time. She is otherwise sweet, strange and soft spoken. (I might be down for someone else playing this character if they work it out with me)
Charra (19/Female) A former runaway who has lived at the house since she was 14. She sees things that others can't, has prophetic dreams and has terrible luck with those she falls in love with.
Kerra (F) and Alex (M): These 17 year old twins share a strong connection with eachother. They can see through the others eyes. They are also very much in love with eachother. Both are very talented artist. (Would be willing to give up one of these for the right person that likes to switch)
Willow (16/Female): She is new to the house. From an early age she has been reckless, fearless and strongly connected to pain. This lead to a bad situation with a very bad man. She was on the run when she found the house, now he new family protects her from forces that are beyond mortal.