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May 24, 2018, 03:33:45 AM

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Author Topic: Atlantic Rim (Light, Small Group, any sexual orientation) - Interest Check  (Read 334 times)

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Offline CycleTopic starter

Okay, so this is an idea that's been percolating in my head for some time now and I've finally decided to take a chance on it.  Ever see the movie Pacific Rim?  This game is based on it. 

If you haven't seen the movie, here is a synopsis:  Earth is being invaded by extradimensional aliens.  They send giant Godzilla-like monsters (called Kaijus) through a Rift in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean which then go about stomping on cities.  Humans, being mildly annoyed by all this, build giant robots (called Jaegers) to go beat up these Kaijus.  At the end of the movie, we nuke the Rift and the heros kiss.  Yeay.

Here's the part that got me:  piloting the battle machines requires two people to sync together.  They share thoughts and memories through something called the Drift.  The closer the two connect, the better the Jaeger responds--and hence, the better they can fight the big ass Kaijus.  (If you want to see the scene from Pacific Rim introducing the concept, you can find it on YouTube here.)

So, what if we take a bunch of hot shot pilots of mixed genders and sexual orientations and tossed them in these Jaegers, but limit the amount of thought/memory sharing to flashes?  You don't get to see everything in your partner's head, but you see some of it.  What is shared is incomplete, and sometimes involuntarily.  Imagine the fun you can have RPing that...  Husband and wife team sync up.  She sees a snippet of his thoughts.  "Oh, so you want to sleep with that strumpet, do you?!?!"  Pow!  Boy and girl team fighting to save Time Square.  "You think my ass is hot?  Really?"  Grope!  "Hey watch out!!"

Of course there needs to be a fair amount of action as well.  Big ass monsters stomping on cities, robots firing missiles, the New York skyline ablaze, etc.  ;D

I don't want to be tied to the movie's plotline 100% so I'm going to set the game out 10 years after the end of Pacific Rim.  The aliens are back.  This time, they've opened a Rift in the Atlantic.  And they've learned a few new tricks...

I'm looking for 6 players.  Ideally, a good mix of genders and sexual orientations so we can get that chemistry going.  You'd all be fully trained, but brand new pilots.  Probably around 20 or so in age.  Tech advances have allowed people to sync to fight without fully sharing thoughts & memories.  So the 6 players can (and probably will) pilot with different people on different missions.

This won't be a pure hack and slash game.  There will be combat (freeform system), but the thing that makes this concept most interesting to me is seeing the interplay between the pilots when they see snippets of each others' thoughts.

As players, I'd like you to (a) decide on a background and choose something your character is good at:  e.g., ranged combat specialist, hand-to-hand combat specialist, system repair specialist, enhanced perception, etc.; (b) be prepared to reveal bits of your character's thoughts over the course of the game, when you start syncing; (c) be able to execute combat commands; and (d) follow the Oath of the Drake.  I'll GM and run the NPCs and big ass monsters.

If there is enough interest, I'll start crafting the world and designing your Jaegers.  It will be a three unit-team with one machine  better suited for speed, one better suited for firepower, and one better suited for armor.  And just because I like NYC, your base will be set there.

Thanks for reading, and post if you'd like to apply for the game!

Offline BarbaraGordon

I'd certainly be interested in something like this if the right partner was about

Offline Juggtacular

I'd be up for it.

Offline ArtemisHighmore

Put me down as interested. Can't say no to piloting giant mechs. Haha