Okay, some old ideas recreated!

Started by CriminalMinds, June 22, 2014, 11:50:44 AM

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So I have two ideas I want to restart now that I'm back from my hiatus:

1. Lately there is a new criminal around that has been leaving the police baffled. Bodies have been showing up all over the city with signs of human testing involved. All DNA traces of the killer or killers have been taken off and the identity of the person just from sight has been taken by what looks like acid burns to the face, hands and feet. Their identities are found via dental records. They call him 'Shadow' being as witness reports have only seen a shadow in the area. No one knows what he or she is trying to do. And no one would have thought that it was a top CEO of a technological company as the mastermind. But they're not the only one with a secret identity in town. There is a hero in town wanting to help. He has secret powers (which can be what you want within reason and have developed with your own story). But he's here to help protect those that are potential victims and try to find the culprit behind them. Until he meets her - Savannah, daughter of the CEO, David Williams. She's a complete ditz. They know of each other from university but aren't exactly friends, he teases her with nicknames all the time, and she finds him infuriating. She's all about boys, and despite being 21, doesn't seem to be focused on much more than boys and when his secret identity and her meet, its all about him. But it seems that Shadow is starting to target Savannah. Can she be saved? [This is to be a light RP]

2. The future is a harsh world now. The military are the new government after a final world war. Freedom was taken from the survivors. A new system came in to play to make super soldiers. At the age of ten, children are tested. If they are strong mentally and physically, they become soldiers, if they aren't, they become slaves. Mostly boys become soldiers and girls become slaves. There are a few exceptions. At the age of 18 for the women and around 21 for the men, they are to be mated up, so that they can create super soldiers. A computer system was built to match them based on genetics. The soldiers are bought up in a harsh place where for the most part, they think it's acceptable to use their mates for pleasure when they want and beat them too. Not all men are like that though. And the slaves are brought up in a harsh world believing all soldiers are like that and knowing if they mess up, they get punished severely. They know that they are to be pregnant in the first six months of being with their mate or they have failed their job and are thrown back into a life of hard labor instead. Freedom doesn't seem to be an option. There is no way out. Speaking of freedom will result in death. But there are settlements hiding out in the 'wild'. Soldier's are often sent to raid them and bring back the traitors for death - the children are then thrown into the system if old enough. Will anyone be able to get out of this harsh system and live their life freely if they want? After spending years being trained as a slave, can one simply not be a slave? [This is to be a light RP]