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Started by Usani, June 20, 2014, 11:34:11 PM

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Read FIRST: This will be where I post all my F/F requests.  I prefer to rp with real females playing females BUT I am open to males rping as females and would like to rp with someone who posts a few times a day.  Please post at least a paragraph per post!  Also, I require play-by photos in intro posts!  Please don't post in this thread since I will be adding more and would like to keep it neat and tidy, PM me when interested in a rp!!

1.) My best friend is a sex surrogate!  (This one is a HUGE CRAVING!) Michelle was in a car accident when she was 15, her and her mother were hit by a drunk driver and her mom died on impact.  Michelle on the other hand survived but her spine was permanently damaged which is why she is now in a wheelchair.  She still has friends but even after the accident the 17 year old girl was looked at as a charity case and that just angered her and made her shut herself out.  But, there's only been one person who has been there for her since they were kids and she still is to this day, her best friend Paige.  Now that Michelle is 17 she got emancipated since she has no father and proven to be capable to provide for herself.  And with help from the government its definitely been a bonus!

So, she lives a decent life.  She's in high school, dreaming if studying art, lives in a nice apartment that is completely handicap accessible.  But lately the only thing thats been bugging her is that...she can find any sexual release anymore.  Michelle is a lesbian and she's known for years and so did her mom which her mom was very supportive.  Michelle's had girlfriends in the past but since the accident dating has been difficult. doesn't help though that you're in love with your best friend.  Paige is 2 years older then her and is in College studying physical therapy.  She's interning for a sex therapist that helps people who are disabled.  Part of the reason why she wanted to get into physical therapy was because of Michelle.  Well, one night they have a girls weekend and while at Michelle's place she opens up to Paige and tells her whats been stressing her out so much.  What happens when Paige offers to help?

2.) The Teacher And Her Student:  I haven't done this plot in a while so I would love to do it again.  Straight A 17 year old student who sits in the front row every week and takes notes all the time.  But she is very shy and quiet and doesn't speak up much in class.  But her teacher cares about her more then she knows and wants to find out why she is so quiet and what she discovers is that her star student hides a dark secret of her home life.  I would be playing the student.

3.) Being Bullied Because I'm Gay:  A young girl who is only 16 years old is living in a shelter after her parents kicked her out because she came out to them.  She was part of a very conservative home but never had the same views of course.  So, now she lives in a shelter and is bullied by students at school because certain students lived in her neighborhood and found out.  She gets beaten and verbally bullied as well, she goes home with bruises almost every day.  Until...one senior walks into her life who is openly gay and offers to help her and even invites her to the after school LGBT club.

She realizes the kind of life my character lives and asks her to move in with her and let her take care of her and protect her.  I'm playing the girl who's bullied so I need someone to play the 18 year old that helps her and protects her.

4.) Coming Out:  Brittany is just a 19 year old girl who has a dream to finish college and be a writer and one day be married...to a woman.  She comes out to her mom and her mother becomes furious and throws her out.  Brittany has no friends that are apart of the gay community in her area so she goes to the only person she knows will understand, her 30 year old neighbor.  She goes to her for comfort and her neighbor decides to take her in and show her what she's been missing both sex wise and community wise.  She helps her step out of that shy shell and become her own woman.

5.) We Can Fix You: A 16 year old girl is sent to a camp for people who claim to be gay and are sent there to be "fixed".  She has a best friend who is 18 and she told her about the camp they were sending her to and how scared she was.  She was sent there for almost a year and when she came back she was a completely different person.  She claimed to be straight and had even found a boyfriend but her best friend knew the truth.  The camp had brainwashed her and made her suppress her feelings and scared her into being straight.  Her friend decides to help her remember who she really is and prove that she shouldn't be ashamed.

6.) Bringing Her Back To Life:  A girl who was abused by men when she was bought in an auction as a sex slave.  She was beaten and raped by men and never treated with any kindness for almost 4 years, then when she was thrown out it happened again with a woman for a year!  Now she's alone living in a shelter and after all the trauma she's been through she has committed suicide twice and cuts herself.  A woman who volunteers comes in and sees her.  She offers my character a home and promises to take care of her and help rehabilitate her and show her that there is such a thing as being a pet but being treated with love and respect.  It takes my character time to adjust because she was trained to not speak unless given permission and little noises make her jump because it brings back bad memories. 

7.)  Don't really have a plot for this photo but maybe someone can help me come up with one? :D 

8.) (HUGE CRAVING!!) The Catholic Schoolgirl and her Lesbian teacher:  A innocent girl about 17 is attending a boarding catholic school for girls.  She has been there since she was 14.  When at 16 she heard about a new teacher who was coming in and coincidently she got her the following year.  Now she is starting to have naughty dreams about this teacher and doesnt know what to do about it. She attends a religious school that is against homosexuality so not only is the girl hiding a secret so is the teacher!  I would love for this to turn into a Mistress/pet story.

9.) Frozen: I am looking for someone to play Elsa to my OC. 

I was thinking my character Raven is homeless and has been since she was young because no one would take her in when they realized what she could do.  My character has fire powers and she was a foster child from birth, no one knew what happened to her parents.  Well, now she is 16 years old and she is scared and alone and there are people after her because they think she was the cause of mysterious deaths where she lived which of course she was but they were accidents because she was frightened and didn't know how to control it. 

I was thinking that maybe something happens when she gets taken in by Elsa she's very frightened and shy for a while since she hasn't been around people for quite some time.  And maybe somehow someone who is looking for her somehow tracks her down.

10.) I Have A Secret:  Rachel has a secret, she's a Lesbian.  She has a box hidden in her closet that has lesbian dvds and sex toys.  She even watches stuff online and talks to other women when shes home alone.  Well, what happens when her step mom walks in on her masturbating to a video?

Looking for someone to play the step mom.



Added a 6th idea!  Come on not one person is interested in one of these?? :(


Added a photo for a 7th plot!


Added an 8th plot which is a huge craving right now!!


Added a frozen plot, looking for a dominant Elsa!


Added a 10th plot!  Also, plots 1 and 8 are taken.


For people that are interested in my rp ideas.  Please be able to commit, I don't like having to wait too long since others are interested in certain stories.  Also, I prefer to rp with people who can post numerous times a day.  Sorry but I'm at home right now for a while and this keeps me busy and helps with certain things.  I've had too many people wait days and days to reply then come to find out they just dropped without a word so please be considerate and let me know!


Would still love to do a Frozen RP with someone playing Elsa!  ^_^


Reopening all these ideas with a new one added!


open to males playing females!