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Author Topic: Parasite Eve World Setting (modern /w sci-fi horror & erotica) - F for M or F  (Read 387 times)

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Offline MoralineTopic starter

I've picked up a couple players so I'm going to lock this for now. 
Thanks for all the interest!

Parasite Eve World Setting
(modern /w sci-fi horror & erotica) - F for M or F
What I am looking for:  Male or Female players
I am looking for someone that can make a lot of posts in early evenings(US Eastern Standard Timezone). I am also open to additional scenes with other players so don't hesitate to approach me about a possible scene idea you might have.

My intent is to keep this mostly free-form but I will direct the story a bit when it comes to the actual interactions with the creatures (unless you play one of them.) This game may or may not contain long segments of detailed erotic scenes but it is not my intention for that to be the focus of the story. However, I am open to a romance with my character as well.

Our RP can be just scenes of us talking, or a date. It can be something action based. It doesn't matter. I'm intentionally trying to keep it open so we can discuss options.

Please contact me VIA PM if you are interested in discussing this. I will be screening applicants for compatibility.

General Info:
  • No real previous knowledge of Parasite Eve is required. (I can explain the basic premise)
  • We are going to be flexible on the canon/back story of the Parasite Eve setting as you and I will be creating our own shared story.
  • I'm playing Aya Brea a member of a special FBI task force
  • You can play just about anyone that you want. (Protagonist, Antagonist, Creature, Team member, innocent bystander.. anything you like! I'm open to discussion)
  • I'm looking for some fast posting this weekend.
  • Contact me via PM to discuss (and I have YIM, just PM me to request it.)
  • I'm open for anything from Light to Extreme as long as it doesn't cross my Offs (my Off's are simple, no scat, no vore.)
  • I will be doing multiple scenes with multiple play partners so contact me with your ideas and thoughts. I'm hoping to find some longer running partners as well as just this weekend's ones. I have had one person I've been playing with now over PM for awhile. (We'll be posting it all out soon.)
  • Posts: Some posts maybe be shorter for dialogues ect.. and others maybe a bit longer for explained detailed sequences or scene settings. (Ex: Dialogue might only be a few sentences each post, whereas normal postings are expected to have a paragraph or three.) 

...  The events about to take place occur shortly after the Parasite Eve Event, otherwise known as the Blockade of New York City.

The outside world knows that horrible things happened in New York city during the event. It was widely reported about strange creatures, mass hysteria, and thousands of people died. The sight of the fallen statue of Liberty on Liberty Island is still shown on the news when they talk about conspiracy theories.

Due to a swift response by government agencies they were able to evacuate Manhattan Island and Liberty Island during the event and keep most media away. When the public was allowed to return a couple weeks later the remnants of Parasite Eve were removed and reconstruction of city infrastructure had already begun.

Few people know of what really happened or about Aya Brea's involvement. <See below for the Second Parasite Eve event>

Even fewer people know of the new federal organization tasked with tracking down the infected remnants of the event. These infected are called Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures (NMC's) and are mostly made up of rogue infected animal life and few other unexplained creatures. More seem to be coming and in newer more complicated forms.

The Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team, known as MIST (a special task force of the FBI) are assigned to investigate incidences, hunt them down and destroy any parasitic NMC's that they find.

I will be playing the role of Aya Brea and you will play the role of whatever character that you choose to (another member of the MIST team, a police officer that reported an incident, a hapless victim, soldier that finds themselves involved.. anything that you wish to play.)

(source material )
Aya Brea (my character sheet)

Aya Brea

Name:  Aya Brea
Gender:  Female
Height:  5'8"
Weight:  119 lbs
Age:  25
Nationality:  Japanese/American-Caucasian
Hair color:  Blonde (short)
Eye color:  Blue (but has the distinctive Japanese shape)
Occupation:  Former NYPD Detective, now part of an FBI special task force known as the Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team or MIST.

Appearance:  Being of Asian and Caucasian descent, Aya displays features from both her Japanese mother and her American father. This gives her a unique appearance as she has many Asian facial features, such as the shape of her face and eyes, while possessing blue eyes and fair blonde hair.

While on occasion she isn't too timid to dress in anything fancy, Aya has a casual, modest manner of attire. This is mostly due to the fact that it's not practical to enter the battlefield in shorts, skirts, and dresses (unless circumstances catch her by surprise). For the most part, she dresses fairly simple and her casual attire consists of either black or white tee-shirts, and jeans. In colder weather, she tends to dress in her leather or jean jacket.

Aya is attractive, though she never uses sexuality to an advantage. She is small and little in figure, but not frail; she is fairly agile, and while she’s not exactly super strong enough to lift monoliths, she is by no means weak. She may be stronger than her appearance, both physically and mentally.

Personality:  Aya is portrayed as a strong-willed, intelligent, honest, compassionate, sensitive and kind heroine. She also tends to be pretty sarcastic, cold, and brooding, though she isn't without a sense of humor. It can be said that she fits more into the “deadpan snarker” category. It doesn't help that Aya has a bad habit of not being able to take people seriously sometimes, particularly when they express any sort of interest in her; she tends to brush them off. It's easier for her to pretend that people are just being insincere most of the time. Aya can be gentle and nurturing, almost maternal — especially with children. She does like kids, regardless of the fact that she's never had any herself and she treats Eve Brea in a caring, motherly manner. She approaches with a welcoming nature to most people.

Aya is shown to have very humanitarian and altruistic attributes. Aya believes that a human life is priceless, invaluable, and is worth saving no matter what. This is quite understandable considering the situations she finds herself in, which often involves the extinction of humanity. Aya despises all pain and suffering of any sort — she has seen enough death and carnage in her life, having witnessed hundreds of lives, both human and animal alike, massacred in front of her. It's impossible for Aya to turn a blind eye to suffering and ignore it.


Aya was born in Boston, Massachusetts on November 20. She is multiracial; her father whose name is unrevealed is a journalist, is Caucasian while her mother who is known as Mariko was Japanese. Aya was also born with an eye defect in her right eye. She had a sister named Maya who, along with her mother, died in a car crash when Aya was only five years old on December 23. One of Maya's kidneys was transplanted into a girl named Melissa Pearce.

After the loss of her sister and mother, Aya was raised by her father. Maya's organs were preserved, which allowed for one of her corneas to be transplanted into Aya at St. Francis Hospital when she was seven years old. Unknown to any of the doctors, Maya's mitochondria were highly evolved and began changing Aya and Melissa's genetic structure. As separation of the same species occurs, the two strains underwent different evolutions.

As a young woman, Aya studied criminology at the University of Virginia between for a couple of years, and was involved in their ROTC program. She later relocated to New York City and became a police officer for the N.Y.P.D. and worked for three years, eventually being promoted to the rank of Detective. Within the first six months of working at NYPD's 17th precinct, Aya became involved in an incident known as the New York Blockade Incident to the general public. As an officer, she became part of the "father and daughter" team where she was partnered up with Daniel "Bo" Dollis, a veteran cop, who can be considered overly protective of her at worst.

Parasite Eve Event

On December 24, <last year by this RP's time line>, Aya attended an opera performance at Carnegie Hall with her date, which starred Melissa Pearce as the lead. During the performance, Maya's advanced mitochondria, which had lain dormant in Melissa for years, awakened and transformed her into Mitochondria Eve. As her first act against humankind, Eve killed everyone in Carnegie Hall via spontaneous human combustion, except for Aya who was immune to the effect. Aya instead gained Parasite Energy. This event became known as the Opera Theater Incident and New York was evacuated for safety.

During the next six days, Aya fought Eve and the creatures she spawned, known as Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures or NMCs, all across Manhattan, greatly assisted by the incredible powers she started to exhibit. Aya would later discover that she was granted abnormal abilities due to the fact that she possessed Maya's mitochondria, transferred to her body during the corneal transplant, but it was unable to take control of her as it did Melissa either because of their symbiotic nature, of Aya's evolved cell nuclei, or because Aya never had to take immunosuppressants due to cornea's poor blood supply. The exact cause of which is unclear. She also experienced her sister's final memory about the hospital. Aya fought and destroyed a neo species of rapidly evolving mitochondrial life that threatened to enslave all humanity and other life.

Eventually, Aya engaged Eve in a showdown beside a fallen Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, in which Eve was killed. After this, however, she had to destroy the Ultimate Being that Eve gave birth to. After an ongoing battle between her humanity and evolution, Aya successfully managed to destroy the creature with a little help from Daniel and Kunihiko Maeda, a Japanese scientist assisting them with advice in these matters. She soon became a heroine among the government ranks for her courageous acts while few civilians were aware of the details of the event.

After the events in the Chrysler Building when Aya defeated the Truebred Eve, Aya loses her mitochondrial powers but comes to terms with her sister's death.

A few months after Eve's rampage in New York City, Aya left the force and joined a newly-formed branch of the FBI known as the Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team or MIST. The purpose of MIST, based out of Los Angeles, is to hunt down and destroy any remaining NMCs.

MIST, a special task force in the FBI formed as a result of the Parasite Eve Event.  (Contains some playable characters info - players are not limited to those listed.)

The Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team, known as MIST, is a branch of the FBI.

Since the New York Blockade Incident, there have been more reports of Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures that have surfaced. Its main function is to find and suppress these sporadic incidents throughout the United States, and to hunt down any remaining creatures.

The team operates within an office building where Eric Baldwin and various members of the team can call each other in the field. There is a shooting gallery in a training area that is next to the weapon depot run by Jodie Bouquet. The parking lot is next to the weapon depot and has a pay phone.

IC/OOC information about relevant characters:

Eric Baldwin

Eric Baldwin is the leader of M.I.S.T. He is a strict man who expected excellence from his agents. He had a cold and calculating demeanor, which made him push his people to finish the mission, but congratulated his people on a job well done at the end of their missions. All that he wanted was to let people to be able to live their lives in peace. He was the superior of Aya Brea, Jodie Bouquet, Rupert Broderick, Pierce Carradine, and others.

Aya and other members were unsure about him and his background but never said otherwise. Some of them also respected him enough to call him "Hal". He gave orders to Aya and the others through the phone in the game. He discussed tactics with Aya, Pierce, and Rupert.

Rupert Broderick

Rupert Broderick is Aya Brea's partner.

Rupert’s daughter was killed during the New York Blockade Incident in New York City during Parasite Eve. At the end of the incident, Rupert Broderick joined MIST to fight NMCs. His attitude is focused and determined to deal with the NMC threat due to his loss.

Pierce Carradine

Pierce Carradine is in charge of MIST's training area and usually delivers news to Aya Brea when they're on the phone. He doesn't like guns and does the technical work. He's rather laid back and considers Aya a close friend, trusting her words even when she can't prove herself at the time.

Jodie Bouquet

Jodie Bouquet is the only other female M.I.S.T. member besides Aya Brea and considers her a dear friend. She runs the weapon depot alone.

Brief description of the First and Second Eve incarnations. (This is just here for general info)
The Eve Parasite

All the Eve incarnations have many powers, but they all possess a single, common power: the ability to cause mitochondria of other living animals to produce excessive adenosine triphosphate to allow spontaneous combustion.

The first Eve was cultured from liver cells of Dr. Toshiaki Nagashima's dead wife(Kiyomi), the cells, labelled Eve 1, eventually form a new body and proceed with a plot to birth an organism that can change its genetic codes according to its own will, which she hoped would drive eukaryotic life forms(us) to extinction.

The second Eve was, in essence, two humans: Maya Brea and Melissa Pearce. Like Kiyomi, Maya Brea was killed in a car accident. Her kidney was transplanted into an eleven-year-old girl named Melissa Pearce and her cornea was transplanted into her sister, Aya Brea. Maya's mitochondria spent eleven years in a dormant state within Melissa Pearce. During the time after Melissa's transplant, she fell constantly ill and was advised to take immuno suppressant drugs; This was done in order to prevent her internal systems from rejecting the new organ (Melissa believed this was why she was sick). However unknown to Melissa, it was Maya's mitochondria that caused her illness and the immuno suppressants Melissa took allowed Maya's mitochondria to gain a greater control over her (This persisted and worsened her sickness).

Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures (NMC's) <Selected info about creatures that MIST is hunting>
Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures (NMC's)

Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures (sometimes called Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures) or NMCs for short are enemies found in the world randomly. NMCs are encountered frequently but are usually hushed up by federal law enforcement as they fight to contain the outbreak of the parasite.

Neo Mitochondrial Creatures were first created soon after Melissa Pearce's transformation to Mitochondria Eve. After escaping from Aya Brea and causing everyone in an Opera theater to ignite in flames, she wreaked havoc throughout the city of New York by transmogrifying every normal animal she came in contact with into NMCs. This in turn, caused an invasion of the City populated by numerous creatures, from mutated snakes to transformed Cerberus-like dog creatures.

Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures are mutated animals or otherwise normal life forms taken over and controlled by their Mitochondria. After the mitochondrion has been 'awakened', it generates extreme amounts of ATP energy, causing drastic changes in the cell nuclei, as well as the death of the host organism. This results in mutations such as growth, extra limbs and/or appendages, as well as a rather horrific "disfigured" look. They also exhibit increased hostility in their behavioral patterns. Most Creatures are driven by the most basic of needs, such as to feed on anything in the vicinity, which usually includes humans. They are alarmingly efficient in teamwork in most situations and will work together to attack a "normal" creature. However, if presented with no prey in the environment; they will not hesitate to attack and consume each other. During the New York Blockade incident these creatures included but were not limited to:

    Monkeys - the result from Eve's manipulation of the monkey's genes bears no resemblance to its prior form. A bipedal creature standing as tall as a man, the NMC monkey is deadly at both long and short range with its left arm possessing an appendage that works as a sort of boomerang towards its prey.

    Frogs - the NMC frog which Aya encountered in the sewers of Manhattan is a man-sized creature with a prehensile tongue. Slow and dull-witted, the speed of its darting tongue more than make up for its weakness.

    Bats - though not powerful creatures, the NMC bat's sonic attack make it a monster to be wary of. Capable of disorienting creatures far bigger than itself, this attack effectively negates an opponent's ability to fight, making them easy prey.

    Rats - the first of the NMCs Aya encounters, their relative weakness make them easy to disregard, though their flaming tail attacks may be cause for concern in tight quarters such as hallways.

    Scorpions - the massive NMC scorpions that Aya first encounters in the American Museum of Natural History, are a well armored and dangerous foe. Capable of shrugging off large amounts of damage and dishing out the same with its pincer attacks, poison gas breath and tail, this NMC's only weakness is its slow speed.

    Snakes - the genetically altered snakes Aya first finds at the Zoo in Central Park improve upon all their previous strengths and eliminate all their weaknesses. Now capable of surviving in freezing temperatures, their lightning strikes and poisoning attacks make them formidable creatures.

    Velociraptors and other dinosaurs (extremely rare) - by manipulating the fossilized remains of certain dinosaurs, Eve was able to bring some of these long extinct creatures back to life. With their speed and strength, the Velociraptors are among the deadliest NMCs Aya encounters in the New York Blockade Incident.

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