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Author Topic: Plenty of choice  (Read 971 times)

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Plenty of choice
« on: June 19, 2014, 04:56:47 AM »
Hiya, I am Blonde.

I like to write, and my posts are descriptive and detailed, and never just filler posts. Below is a list, basically I am after male characters for a few one x one role plays. However, on the fanfic aspect I do not mind doubling up. Please be able to write at least two paragraphs per post and know a little something about History (if the plot is historical). If anything tickles your fancy, let me know and we can flesh out some details :)

Ancient Rome/Britain/Greece
Medieval Britain/Europe
Medieval fantasy
Early, high or Late middle ages (476 AD - 1453)
Viking era (800-1100)
The Tudor Era (1485-1603)
The Baroque Era (1600-1750)
The Georgian Era (1714-1795)
The Regency Period (1795-1830)
Civil War era (1849-1865)
The Victorian Era (1837-1901)
King Arthur Legend

Below are also some fan fictions I wouldn't mind giving a go, if anyone fancies it.

Harry Potter
Game of Thrones
The Avengers
The Hunger Games
Vampire Diaries
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
True Blood
The Tudors
Lord of the Rings
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Three Musketeers

Ancient Rome
Gladiator x Gladiatrix
Gladiator x Slave
Gladiator x Domina
Dominus x Slave

Ancient Rome -
Rome in Britain
Roman soldier x Pict
Roman soldier x country girl
Roman Soldier x slave

Ancient Greece
Trojan war
Achilles x Briseis
Goddess and soldier

Soldier x nurse
Soldier x resident 

Period drama
Conflict of class (Upper class x Lower class)
Arranged marriage
Political drama/affairs

Outlaw x City girl/Prostitute
City girl x Native
Outlaw x Kidnapped female

Medieval fantasy
Elf x Ranger
Elf x Warrior
White Knight v Black Knight

Medieval/Ancient Britain
Invader x Farm girl
Soldier x Farm girl
Clan member x rival clan member
Noble woman x Knight

Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves etc.

Arthurian Legend
Lancelot x Guinevere x Arthur
Lancelot x Guinevere
Arthur x Guinevere
Sir Gawain

Robin Hood Legend
Robin x Maid Marion

Ancient Rome/Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall, built under the orders of Emperor Hadrian whilst in command of Roman Britain, a defensive move to keep the empire safe from both the Northern Rebels, and to keep safe one of Hadrian's legacies Defence before Expansion.
Commissioned in A.D 112, many of the Roman armies were deployed their to keep guard, and surrounding it often occupied farming communities to serve the Roman dignitaries and manors. The wall had many gates also, to serve as customs posts to allow for trade and levy taxation.
The wall itself was garrisoned by by auxiliary (non-legionary) units of the army (non-citizens) Their numbers fluctuated throughout the occupation but may have been around 9,000 strong in general, including infantry and cavalry. The new forts could hold garrisons of 500 men, while cavalry units of 1,000 troops were stationed at either end. The total number of soldiers manning the early wall was probably greater than 10,000.

Hadrian is the Emperor of Rome and a known humanist and is a well travelled, but he does not linger long in the cold realms of Britain.

Basically a plot to use behind two characters, a Roman (soldier/General etc) and a female woman from the native lands.

Dark Ages/War
1000 AD - Central Europe

During the high middle ages, there were knights and quests, kings and castles. But, one story you never hear of is the story of the Arcane Order.

What is the Arcane Order, you ask? The Arcane Order was founded by a man named Falias Northican in 100 AD. Falias was different from his fellow Europeans. He followed a different religion. A religion that worshiped a god by the name of Exitium. According to the texts written by Falias, Exitium is a god that loves destruction and death. His worshipers cause plenty of it in an attempt to please him. Also in Falias' texts, Exitium will descend from the sky in the End of Days prophecy to allow his worshipers to ascend to immortality while everyone else suffers before the universe is utterly destroyed. Then, Exitium will reconstruct the world the way he wishes and Falias will become its ruler. Anyone who heard Falias' stories scoffed. The government didn't take him seriously enough to prosecute him. Now, years later, the prophecy is coming true. Plague and hunger is ravaging the land. Natural disasters are running rampant. Now, heroes from all over the land are coming to find a way to put a top to the End of Days. Will they succeed?

Basically playing as two heros, two fighters. Yours will be a proud, arrogant but mighty swords man or a feral and fearsome clan warrior. Mine will be a female skilled in hunting and archery. Mostly plot driven, perhaps our characters can dislike each other at first and build from that.

Loose Ideas

1) Medieval/Dark ages
2) Ancient Rome
3) Prehistoric

001. Set in Medieval/Dark ages, could perhaps be in a fantasy realm. Using two characters that are part of a small chosen army, the finest warriors and such, sent on a voyage to retrieve something, escort, perhaps even kill of the dark forces (going the other route to the major armies). My character would be an archer, the finest there has been. Your character could be an excellent swordsman, or perhaps a clan leader who fights with an axe. This would go in Light as it would mostly be about the story, with sex happening. It would be interesting to have the two characters dislike each other, or have a banter-fuelled relationship and build from there. Maybe he doesn't like women fighters or doesn't believe it is their place. Lots is open for discussion.

002. Set in ancient Rome, we would use the "Rape of the Sabine Women" As a basis for plot. The Rape is supposed to have occurred in the early history of Rome, shortly after its founding by Romulus and his mostly male followers. Seeking wives in order to found families, the Romans negotiated unsuccessfully with the Sabines, who populated the area. Fearing the emergence of a rival society, the Sabines refused to allow their women to marry the Romans. Consequently, the Romans planned to abduct Sabine women. Romulus devised a festival of Neptune Equester and proclaimed the festival among Rome's neighbours. At the festival Romulus gave a signal, at which the Romans grabbed the Sabine women and fought off the Sabine men. The indignant abductees were soon implored by Romulus to accept Roman husbands. Now the word rape here is meant in the sense of the Latin word Raptio, as in abduction. So you'll be playing as a Roman man, and I as his abducted Sabine woman. Maybe this will go in NC for now, open for discussion.

003. Set in the times of BC. Two tribes live in constant disharmony, until one conquers the other. Rather than slaughter them all, they make a pact to keep the peace. The son of the chief of the victorious clan will get a mate of his choosing from the other clan, uniting them. This has happened for generations, and now it comes to your character. A feral and hardened warrior, he is not the delicate type. His attentions are taken when he looks upon the youngest girl of five, her rare blue eyes grabbing him. It is customary for him to take her in the chiefs crib of the losing clan, to remind those who might forget who is superior. NC maybe for this one I think.


Ancient Greece / Zeus
Something involving one of the many stories where Gods meddled with mortals. How many mortal women writhed in pleasure and screamed in ecstasy whilst riding Zeus? How many children were spawned from his loins on earth? Zeus was above anyone and could have his way with whoever he so wished.

Below are some of the old Myths that we can toy about with and explore. Perhaps non con, but either way he will be dominant and definitely take control of her. If neither of them, then we can produce our own using a regular mortal (perhaps a temple maid) and explore a sexual story between the King of the Gods and a mortal girl.

Europa (Latin for Europe) was a lovely Phoenician princess who happened to catch Zeus' roving eye. Zeus went with a zoological approach in her case, and transformed into a big, beautiful white bull, that just happened to be grazing in the very same meadow where Europa and her girlfriends were picking flowers. Europa, impressed with the beast, approached him, stroked him, and (of course) mounted him. At which point, the bull took off, went straight for the sea, and didn't stop going until they'd reached the island of Crete.

Leda, queen of the ancient Greek city-state of Sparta, was already married when Zeus set his sights on her. He'd probably figured out early on that she wouldn't take any... bull from him, so he took the form of a swan, pretended he was being pursued by an eagle (a symbol of Zeus), and very conveniently landed in Leda's lap as she was bathing in a lake. Their relationship, such as it was, was promptly consummated, and resulted in two eggs from which hatched four children: two boys, Castor and Pollux, and two girls, Clytemnestra and Helen, the latter also known as Helen of Troy.

Ancient Greece / Ares

The powerful and stoic God of War, battle-lust and manliness. Even those driven by war and fighting have wants and desires. He had many lovers according to ancient legends, and I think it'd be fun to put a most poweful and deadly God against a female, whether it be Goddess or mortal. Of course, his encounters with Aphrodite were perhaps the most famous, and she being the Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality, I think it would be a fun match.

Here is the link to a page that lists all of his lovers, we can go with a Myth or maybe a new creation. But Ares will be dominant (unless with Aphrodite, than it will be a mix of wild lovers performing ever more crude acts etc)

Ancient Greece / Apollo
Apollo was known to have had a very prolific love life. He had romantic relationships with both gods and mortals, men and women. He was also a jealous and, at times, a spiteful lover, who often punished those who did not return his affections. Apollo was obviously a very lustful and vengeful god, though he was mostly revered by the ancient Greeks. He was notorious for sleeping with his priestesses, though he was often shunned by them.  Again, there are loads of myths listing the lovers he had and stories behind them. But I would like to explore a story line about perhaps a temple maid (server of Apollo) who rebuffs his advances. As such he toys with her and makes her into his sexual slave.

The lovers of Apollo

12th Century/Mild Fantasy
The forest of the northern borders, holds with it a great legend. Stretching across the lands of ancient Britannia, its vast and extensive life of green and beauty has always been a great attraction to the travellers that pass through it and along side it. However, into the very depths of the forest is what is known as the Valley. A part of the forest that is always in shadow and mist. Always in a grey light due to the fog, the Valley is rumoured to be haunted by the rider. He is said to be the shadow of a fallen warrior, slain in the valley and his spirit never left. Riding through the forest of the Valley,ensuring that all stay clear from his territory. For all those that come in his path, are seen as the enemy and he takes your life. Those that enter the Valley, never return.
Well, surely this was just a legend? An old myth and story to give reason to the mist and shadow. A fairytale told to children for entertainment.

That was what a Legend was.

The year is 1103, and the young maiden Ellenis is one of an inquisitive and sprite-full nature. Always a lively and friendly female, she was popular amongst her clan for her tales and happy ways. Ellenis had always been fascinated by the tale of the Dark Rider, and she wanted to hear it again and again as a child. Always fascinated by anything that wasn't the norm, stories of magic and grand adventures. And as she grew, Ellenis never forgot the story of the Dark Rider. Only now, her curiosity grew.

Upon the turn of her sixteenth birthday, Ellenis and her friends walked through the northern forest, laughing and talking as they did so. When they walked through to the depths of the forest, to the outskirts of the Valley. Ellenis looked across the lagoon in the Valley, to the other side where the mist weaved through the trees and vines. Curiosity, and a need to know took over her, and the inquisitive blonde walked across the fallen log that crossed this part of the forest to that. She ignored the calls of her friends, and the further she walked, the more distant they became. Until Ellenis was walking through the mist, and in the territory of the Dark Rider.

He had plans to kill her as he did the rest, but something about the innocent beauty had him. So he spared her, on the deal that she would become his. 

16th, 17th or 18th Century England
Born the daughter of an Earl, she is a lady to the public and true to her role.
Born the nephew of a Lord, he is a lady killer and master of the mind.
A simple attraction soon turns to a dangerous game.
Infatuation becomes obsession.
It will kill them.

It is a story of two people born of nobel rights, one a refined lady and one a male that has access to nobility through his uncle. The lady becomes the males latest infatuation, however it turns even more and soon he begins to play mind games with her. Their relationship turns more into a twisted game, coming and going. Now for this, I don't mind if you have the male as someone who is dealing with mental issues, or demons of his own. You really can go all out on him, to just make him a dark and twisted person. We will discuss more on the plot when someone is interested, but I do need someone who can play him as described. The sex will be extreme, lots of taboo issues etc.

Vague plot ideas
PLOT 1 A little Vague, open for change. Period Drama

The King of England. So ruthless and assertive, aggressive and untamable. Un-suited for just one woman, he desires himself many a mistress. Some he loves, some he does he despises, some he only sleeps with for political gain. However, one noble women gains his interests, but she is not so willing to give in, she wants to be Queen before they go any further, but he does not want marriage.

PLOT 2 Again a little vague, but also open for change. Ancient Greece or Rome/War/Battle/Violence

It will be set back in either ancient Rome, Greece or Britain. Based around a great battle, your character will be the most feared and respected warrior. Both arrogant and violent, he commands the respect of his nation, but the bitter hatred of his enemy. As a prize he is given a female as a personal slave, or maybe he takes her for himself. Either is cool with me.

PLOT 3 Pretty much fully formed. Pirate/Action

Many years ago and still now, pirates roamed around in the vast waters of the Spanish Main, or otherwise known as the Caribbean. This story takes place in the past, before machine guns and weapons of mass destruction were invented.

From two sides of the law, a whole different scenario is about to begin. The young daughter of the Governor and the fearsome captain of an infamous pirate ship would soon meet.

One dark night, after a lovely celebration of a wedding between two of the local, noble, residents, a pirate raid ensued. The pirates took everything that they could gets their grimy hands upon, including the beautiful daughter. Cannons blew, destroying the city of Port Rashelo, the girl being left in tears of the horrid news of what fate beheld her home. Leaving only the Captain to hold his hands proudly behind his back in success with a sly grin on his dirtied lips.

How could a vile pirate captain deal with a prissy daughter of a governor? Maybe this could work out in more ways than one.

Plot 4 Dark Ages War/Romance/Politics

A King of a fictional realm has been killed, and his son held accountable for the Murder. Executed for the murder, it leaves only his sister and the cruel and dangerous Right hand of the King to take his place on the throne, as he planned. To seal the deal, he takes the young Princess for his bride to quash any doubts anyone has over his new place on the throne. Or we could use the same story, but have the brother in the place of the Right hand  and he uses his sister for his own perverted needs and wants, her being the prettiest in the realm.

Dark ages/Politics/Power
This isn't a fully formed plot. Just an idea I have been toying with. About a powerful man that becomes King. Could be by force, inheriting the throne or politics. But he is strong and powerful, perhaps arrogant but a strong leader. This story will be about him taking my female character as his bride. Either by force, or political reasons. This will be set in a medieval era, perhaps maybe in a fantasy setting, this could all be discussed and developed between the pair of us. It could be N/C if you'd like, but I would like a story behind this, perhaps even throw in a war or invasion. Again, all this is to be discussed with you.

On her majesties service
Hyped about the new James Bond movie coming out, I would like to try something involving an agent of the British secret service and my 'Bond girl' character. She can be an agent or the Damsel type, this will be discussed. A lot of action and drama will be involved, and a setting will be created between the two of us. But he needs to be a headstrong and confident character, as he is an agent in MI6. All details will be fleshed out between the pair of us.

That Wild West
I have a few ideas involving the Wild West.
1) Ever see the film Paint Your Wagon?Set in a mining town, an all male community work within the mining community. When they're not hunting gold, they're gambling or drinking. It is filthy, dirty but void of female company. That is until a Mormon passes through with two wives. Declaring mining law, or rather the law of their town, a man cannot have two wives. So the Mormon offers to sell his second bride to the highest bidder. Anything of value is offered, the bids climb higher and higher as the desperately lonely and horny men of the town place their bids for the girl. However, one miner declares a bid doubling the previous, and no one can out do him. And so she is sold, purchased as a wife to the miner. When he steps forwards, it is revealed the winner is one of the most solitary, yet volatile men within the town. A powerhouse of strength and sullenness, he takes his new bride. They are married that night, and he takes her back to his cabin, and consummates the marriage. However, problems soon arise when he comes to realise he has the only female for miles around, and shares a town with over 200 men.

This will ultimatley lead to something a little softer, feelings will happen, but at first he can be rough and assertive. Could even be N/C at first. However he will face troubles with other men trying to get at her. So lots of drama, fighting, sex etc.

2) Something involving an outlaw and kidnapped Sheriff's daughter. OR a bent sheriff (as in corrupt) who is an out and out bastard and cruel guy having his way with the daughter of a churchman.

Affairs of Court
Playing on the infamous scandal of his Grace the Duke of Suffolk who married Princess Mary without King Henry's consent (Tudors) I quite fancy doing something involving the Kings sister (my character) being seduced and entering an illicit affair with one of the King's most trusted men. However, this Duke (whilst being the Kings closest friend) also has a reputation for being quite the lady killer about court and a bit of a notorious bad boy. He will lust and desire after the one woman who he can not have, the Princess. So a lot of seduction, charm and teasing. A lot more is open for discussion.

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Re: Plenty of choice, Male role wanted
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2014, 03:03:52 PM »
Add in :)

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Re: Plenty of choice
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2014, 04:31:48 PM »
I am looking to try and expand my interests, and would like to have a go at something involving same sex couples and something a little more extreme.

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Re: Plenty of choice
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Please note, I am after a story, not just sex. I will lose interest in a role play that is just centered on sex. I like character development, plot progression and getting my teeth suck into something juicy. I like to build up to the sex, for it to be believable.
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