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Author Topic: So I was thinking... (f seeking M) (a few more thoughts added)  (Read 1273 times)

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A Past He Can't Forget - Seeking a male to play a slave trainer who became disillusioned with his profession after a girl he trained was tortured and ultimately killed at the hands of a man who had hired him. A close friend comes to him with a proposition. She was tasked with finding someone to train an innocent girl that was recently purchased and to remain a virgin until her new Master takes ownership. He is the only one who could be trusted to actually stick within the strict guidelines of what is allowed. After much debate he decides to look over the file about the girl and what was expected. He is shocked when he sees her. She resembles the last slave he actually kept, a girl named Meri that he loved deeply. 
The rp is to start when she is brought to his home for training. This won't be 100% about sex. There will be a lot of emotional content and a little romance as well. All pertinent information will be shared in PM so if anyone is interested please message me and we can discuss details.

The Price of a Life - After finding his sister's death he finds her diary while helping his parents clean her room out. Nearly a year has passed and he still isn't over losing her. He decides to make the girl who was responsible to make her pay for everything. (Sister could die from drug overdose or suicide. Either scenario can work). He kidnaps her, takes her to a remote location (family hunting cabin/abandoned house/abandoned construction site) and brutalizes her. 

The rp would start with him kidnapping her and transporting her so first post would be from his character. This is all about humiliation, degradation and destruction of the girl he hates. This can go as dark as we want so there is a lot of possibilities.

The Gift - What do you get for a graduate that has everything? His very own piece of human property. For working his ass off and graduating top of his class his father has given him a key and an address. When he gets there he finds a young woman bound, gagged and blindfolded with a note from his father saying that she belongs to him.

The rp would begin with his arrival. Who the girl is can be worked out. She could be the daughter of an employee that was sold for a promotion and raise. She could be kidnapped from a small town and the authorities paid off to cover it up. It is negotiable. This rp would be include bondage. It can either go nonconsensual or at least start out that way and turn into her being trained.

A Hard Lesson To Learn - When the headmistress of the private school takes a personal disliking to a particular student who has always gotten away with murder because of his family name, the boy decides the best way to deal with her is to blackmail her. Since image is everything to her, he uses her daughter to get back at her and threatens to show everyone the video of her doing whatever twisted thing he chooses.

This is an rp that could allow for multiple male characters to be played as it would be even easier to make it truly depraved by involving multiple students. We can make it as twisted as we want.
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Re: So I was thinking... (f seeking M) (a few more thoughts added)
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2014, 07:54:41 PM »
Time to add a little family love

I have a craving for some Father/daughter love and a nice little game between brother and sister. The plots are negotiable so let me know if you have a good one. I'd like to find one of each so as soon as I get one I will make sure to list it as taken. Anyone interested?
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Re: So I was thinking... (f seeking M) (a few more thoughts added)
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2016, 08:29:25 PM »

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Re: So I was thinking... (f seeking M) (a few more thoughts added)
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2016, 07:16:35 PM »
Romance in the air - This is not really a fully formed plot as much as it is a direction I want to go in. My character is damaged goods. She has been hurt many times before and has given up on the idea of real love. With her being convinced that no one will ever really love her or want her for more than just a piece of ass, she does not see the signs right in front of her.

Your character has known her for quite a while, and see what she has went through and has been stuck in the friend zone. He has been in love with her for quite some time but has never had the perfect opportunity to tell her until now.

I am thinking someone from her past or someone knew who is just like all the shitty guys she got involved with before is trying to get with her and YC sees what's going on and wants to save her from making the mistake. It is when he's tried everything else to make her see how horrible the other guy is that he finally tells/shows her how he feels.

That is just a suggestion. I am willing to go with other ideas if they work well with what I have in mind.
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