Some ideas - Naive and innocent to begin with...... (M for F)

Started by Rolemeover, June 17, 2014, 10:39:49 AM

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Would anyone be interested?

Scenario - Girl, home schooled gets her first job, hopelessly na├»ve, easily shocked, her boss uses her innocence to get her to perform more and more sexual acts with him.....  Can be slow, small changes, starting with how she dresses, makeup etc.

Scenario - brother and sister at college forced to share a room when their parents get divorced, lots of voyeurism, flashing, becoming more blatant, horseplay and fights becoming breathless, hands wondering in the night....

Scenario - Girl goes for a job interview as a waitress, desperate for work, desperate for money she is given the job in a mens club.  The uniform is a tiny skirt and top.  A bonus if she doesn't wear a bra, and a further bonus if she doesn't wear knickers.  One night she is asked if she'd like to do the all night overtime....  The Club boss grooms her and delivers her to his clients

Scenario - Girl, slightly prudish, is taken to a 'party' by her friend, you are let in, club turns out to be a sex club, your friend is naked in minutes, you realise the door is locked as a nice chap, says hi... Leads her further and further into perversion....