Incest. M looking for F. Mother or Sister.

Started by BigDadddy, June 16, 2014, 03:37:18 PM

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This is an idea that I was discussing with another partner, but it sounded very interesting to me and was hoping to find someone to work it out with. The idea is based heavily around incest. Preferably a mother, but a sister could also work. Basically, a mother and her teenage son are in an incredibly sexual relationship. So much so, that neither wants to leave one another for more than a few hours. They have to pay the bills however, so they decide to start their own website. What starts as amateur videos begins to turn into a full scale production accompanied by live shows. People get so into that the two decide to even rig their home with cameras for 24/7 coverage. Guests are allowed to make requests, or even make bets on how many sexual acts they complete in a day. Its a pretty sexually based idea, and a very casual sex style idea, but if living out a home life like this as mother and son sounds interesting, please feel free to comment or shoot me a message ladies. I'd love to work out the details with you.