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Author Topic: Tyolka's Literary Playground  (Read 404 times)

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Tyolka's Literary Playground
« on: June 16, 2014, 04:14:43 AM »
Hello!  This post has seemed a bit daunting, but I'm anxious to get started.  I don't have plot ideas as of yet, simply characters that I'd like to see used.  Therefore, I'm giving a bit of background with each and if you find yourself wanting to RP with any of them, PM me and let me know so I can keep the rest of the thread available for any plot ideas that I begin to develop.  I've listed a few characters below to get started, though I have a ton in mind.  If you don't see one you like, then ask me and perhaps we can develop one to your liking. 

I truly am open to a lot of story-lines so I have kept the descriptions of the characters rather vague to allow for just about ANYTHING; however, I would ask that you read my offs and ons and discuss your ideas with me so that we can both enjoy the RP.  My RP style tends to be shorter but descriptive so as to give my writing-partner the freedom to react to any actions or words I may have posted without writing a whole story before they get to react.  Although my posts are shorter, I tend to respond quicker so as to keep the story going.  I can work with long posts, but it simply makes it difficult to reply naturally when a series of actions have already taken place that I would have responded to in between - if that makes any sense?  *grins* If you have any questions, again, please PM me and I'll explain.  Thanks for stopping in and reading!

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Tyolka Drake
(Also see the avatar)

Setting: Fantasy

Race: Human Rogue

Description: Tyolka was left on the doorstep of a temple as a child and grew up with the priests who ran the temple.  As she began to grow both in intellect and beauty, the priests began to use her for their more carnal desires.  After being abused for several years, she finally ran away and found a band of gypsies who taught her the ways of thievery, manipulation, and even combat.  She eventually parted ways with them to begin to work on her own in any job fitting to her skill set - mercenary, body guard, spy, assassin...she became adept at each.  After nearly losing her life in a situation, she began to gather her contacts together and form a small band of mercenaries who maintained their autonomy yet unified in times of necessity - a thieves/assassin's guild so to speak.  Her hair color changes with the disguise she happens to be sporting, but in most cases is long and black.  She has ice blue eyes and a body that tempts nearly every man that lays eyes upon her.  She uses this to her advantage to manipulate and deceive.  She has a weakness for men who can overpower her, because there aren't many who can at this point.

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Talathes Sunfury

Setting: Fantasy

Race: Human Mage

Description: Talathes grew up in a family of ordinary farmers tucked away in a small village surrounded by woodlands.  She had always had a penchant for all things magical, but was strictly forbidden to even study its existence by her father.  As she grew older, strange things began to happen and she found that magic itself flowed through her veins, desperate to be used.  One night, while trapped deep in a nightmare, she accidentally conjured a fireball in her sleep, setting her room ablaze.  She awoke in enough time to warn her family, but the sheer terror of possibly harming her family solidified her resolve to responsibly learn everything she could about her abilities.  Knowing that her father would not allow this, she ran away from home in search of anyone who could teach her.  There can be more or less to her story dependent on how old and where in her story someone would like to begin.  She is 5'5" with dark brown hair and emerald green eyes.

I also have a version of this character as an elf with white hair and glowing violet eyes with a bit of a different backstory.

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Andrea "Andi" Morgan

Setting: Contemporary

Description: Andi is an 18 year old good girl who has played by the rules the majority of her life.  She is an over-achiever and generally well liked by those who know her, but she's a bit of a wall-flower and never does much to bring attention to herself.  Although rather innocent, she is eager to learn new things and craves excitement and adventure - something different than her perfection demanding world allows for.  Dark brown hair and Dark brown eyes frame her heart-shaped face with full lips that are usually upturned into a hypnotic smile.  Although her eyes speak of innocence, her body is rather curvy and draws quite a lot of attention when displayed to its fullest advantage, which she usually keeps disguised by modest clothing.  She stands about 5'3" and has a lightly tanned complexion.

Current Standing: A recent graduate from high school - has applied and been accepted to several colleges but isn't sure which direction she wishes to go in life.

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To Be Named Later
(Sorry for the huge pictures on this one...didn't go in to downsize it)

Setting: Contemporary or Fantasy

Description: This character is in essence a slave character - she is either sold, kidnapped, or chosen as a slave - can be for anything really.  Just throwing this one in there as a last minute idea as I finish up this huge post.
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