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Author Topic: Fate/Infinity  (Read 19796 times)

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Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

« on: June 16, 2014, 02:54:29 am »
(Note: I apologize if this post seems to robust. I hope you can find interest. ^^ )


(Arturia Pendragon. A women, who hid her true gender for many years to become the famed King Arthur.)

The wind blow's harshly. The robes around the woman's armor twirl's and shift's along it's guiding current, as the rain began to fall. She stands stoic. The crushing blow of her failure leaves her stunned.  Like a beautiful porcelain doll... No, Like a statue nearly forever frozen to look upon the sea of death before her. So many dead... So many lost... At first glance, one would see a noble warrior. Without fear, in control of her emotions. But upon further inspection, one would see the solitary tear roll down her cheek. As the rain drenches her. As god even shows sorrow upon this fate. Forever etched in history. Forever fabled, as a Kings last stand in a futile and childish effort to retain ideals. Long abandoned by time and kings. Even gods. But, despite this never ending sorrow. A light radiates from her. The flames of her spirit forever kindling with the fires of passion. No one can deny the nobility she brings in the air. The grace in which she accepts utter failure. Yet denies it's very existence. Within her spirit burns the soul of a hero King. A king of knights. Who lived by chivalry, lived by ideals. And died by them.... A light shines upon her figure, as she now knows it is time. The Grail wars will begin. A bloody conflict between man and spirit's. For the omnipotent wish granting device. She smiles. She had waited long enough to return to this war. As her hand grip's at Excalibur. She turns to look upon her fallen comrade's. She fights the urge to cry further, nearly unable to contain the grueling emotions any longer. And as she begins to disappear from this perpetual limbo. The battle field of her darkest day, her greatest failure as a King. She speaks.

"One day.... I will have the Holy Grail. And on that day, I right the wrongs that have fallen before you... My sworn brothers. My fallen Knights. I swear this..."

The Holy Grail War's. The Heavens Feel.
The Holy Grail War of Fuyuki, also called Heaven's Feel, is a ritual that has been ongoing for two hundred years. Established by the Tohsaka, Matou, and Einzbern families, the Three Founding Families. The original purpose of the ritual was to recover the Third Magic lost by the Einzberns, the "Cup of Heaven." Around 1790, Justizia Lizleihi von Einzbern, Nagato Tohsaka, and Zouken Makiri created the system in order to create a gate leading to Akasha. At that time, the Mage's Association and the Church were locked in a battle to the death, so a land in the Far East, where the Church could not monitor, was chosen. The Einzberns provided the alchemy to create it and prepared the vessel for the Grail, the Tohsaka provided the necessary land and called forth the Servants, and the Mkiri assembled the magecraft to stabilize the starting materials and designed the Command Seals that command the Servants.

But, all did not go according to plan. What was summoned, now known as The Holy Grail. Boasted one omnipotent wish. Rather then debating, or talking among themselves. The Grail watched in deep pleasure as the Magus family's began to use the servants granted to them, to tear each other apart. And, as one mage was deemed victorious, and all servants died. The ritual was forever etched in this fashion... And thus, ever since then. Nearly every sixty years after the fact. The wish granter chooses seven men or women it deems worthy, or interesting. To fight along seven spirits from long past. In order for the victor to claim the spoils of war. Only one can get their deepest desires. But even then, the Holy grail must deem one worthy. Only a select few have actually gotten to take a wish. Out of four war's, spanning over Two Hundred years. Now, out of all Magus family's. Along with even those of normal, and mortal decent. Must compete in yet another war. Will this be the last? Or will the circle of conflict be never ending?

All seven spirits must die. And, in the end of the conflict. The master Deemed worthy gets their deepest desire. That is if, the Grail even deemed any one worthy at all.

Our Rp
It is not required to know of the fate series. One can make a character, ignorant to whats going on.  I only need my players to have at least a small understanding of most the details. I do not need a full roster of 14 players. I understand I may not get that much interest. Be it ten players, 6 or so on so forth. In the end I am content with a minimum of 3 to 4 others. Willing to work with me to create a story.- This rp, is an alternate time line. A reality where, after Fate/Zero, the events of Fate/Stay Night do not take place. Instead of the 5th Holy Grail war taking place 10 years after the fourth. The grail waits the full sixty years into the future (Still pretty much modern day.). Before revealing it's self once more. Our characters are the Seven men or women chosen by the grail, as well as the seven spirits that they summon for battle. Where the victor gets one wish. One omnipotent, god like wish.

1: Be nice to each other.
2: Be loyal, if you cant respond please inform me so I may find ways to keep things going until your return. Or at least play off your characters end in the war.
3: By extension, I have no problems with posting time. Take all the time you need. But if you do not post for a week, I will try and contact you. This is not me being pushy, but in actuality me simply checking on your interest.
4: Be OK with a characters death. If you want to stay in the game, there are other character types to play. And I do not frown upon multiple characters, play as many as you wish. But, if you play a master, or a spirit, there is the possibility of an eventual end. No rules behind it, I ask that it happens naturally. And, in a way agreed upon between players. If it comes down to it, I can always settle disputes with a coin flip or something but, I don't like that idea entirely. I don't want it to happen fast, in fact the rp should form and move forward. For some time before any of that happens. Like in Fate Zero, no one really died until quite a bit later on.
5: No god modding, and no perfect characters. If you play a master or spirit, I ask you come into this with the knowledge of your characters inevitably possible end. Or better yet, with it planned out.  Further more, I will not stand for any one playing their character off as all powerful or all knowing.

(Contained in this spoiler is all the information needed for those un familiar. Or rusty on Fate knowledge.)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Grail Rules:
Masters need not die. Only all servants.
The one most active, or deemed worthy MAY be granted one wish.
Each war only starts within sixty years. It could be 10, 20, 30, years later but never more then 60.
Any one can be a master as long as they have at least some magical ability, or potential.
There are three safe zones, each chosen by a mediator. Chosen by the Grail, to keep the war secret from pedestrians as well as within the Grails chosen rules.


Heroic Spirits: In the war for the grail. Seven spirits of Noble renown and legend are summoned. These 'Heroic Spirits' need not exist through out history. Their only requirement to be summoned, is that their tales and fables have shaped humanity. And inspired it's future. (Thus even heroes of fiction can appear. Such as Robin Hood.) Be they good or evil. (As long as their deeds left an impact. It matters not if they were noble, or cruel.) Out of these 7, they must each fit an arch type in the coming battle. And, to fit a arch type, they must have at one point in their fables done an act which fit's the criteria. These arch types are as follows:

The Saber: Warrior, knight, Swordsmen
Lancer: Spear men.
Archer: Accurate knights of ranged talents.

These first three are deemed most powerful. For their special ability, is to have increased magical resistances from the other Spirits.

Rider: Rider has the most mobility. The criteria requiring that the spirit is knowledgeable at mounted combat, or to riding a steed, chariot, or carriage.

Caster: Caster is the mage. His ability which benefits the master. Is a wealth of mana. Effectively leaving them without normally requiring to draw from their masters mana sources.

Assassin: Assassin is widely regarded as the weakest, but yet the most valuable. Assassin is the only noble spirit, to be gifted with the ability to mask it's presence. Assassin can never be detected through the senses of magic, or of fellow spirits. Only seen. Never sensed.

Berserker: Widely known as the most powerful, but least wanted. Berserker's are spirits whom's requirement is to have at one point in their legends or lives. Have gone mad with rage, or insanity. Berserkes lose most of their legendary gifts. But gain a wealth of improved strength and skill. Their power though, is evened out for the lack of control that they have. Most masters of Berserker go through their three seals early on, as well as even being killed by berserker draining all their mana.

Rules on arch types/classes: Their can only be one of each every Grail War. In essence. Their can not be two Sabers, or Two Archers. Only one of each. To full fill the 7 different forms of fable and legend.

Noble Phantasm's: Each heroic spirit gains gifts known as heroic phantasms. Extensions of their immortal myths brought to life in the real world. Their weapons, or armor can be said Phantasm's. As well as an ability of sorts derived by their greatest deeds. Some times their can be more then one phantasm, other times just one. Differences in it's power may very from legendary figure to figure. But if used wisely, even the weakest gift is over powering.

Names: Servants normally keep their names secret. Even from their masters. Only giving them when they trust their master. Or to a noble warrior that is worthy of it. Normally servants chose to go by their Class. IE: Saber is called Saber. Archer is called Archer. Rider is called Rider. ETC.

Mana Feeding: Each noble spirit requires to feed on the Mana of their Masters. They have their own mana reserves to feed upon. But this is un wise and can leave them powerless. They must feed off their masters reserves of mana. And so thus battles must be engaged wisely based on mana reserves.

Instinct: All Spirits are summoned with the knowledge required to function in the real world. And, a natural affinity for certain things based on their skills in life. If they were inventor's they would naturally know how to repair anything in the modern age. If they knew how to fight, they would naturally understand modern weapons. If they knew how to ride a horse, they naturally can pilot anything. Even advanced air craft. Not that they 'Know' how. But that they have a natural instinct that moves them forward in said actions. This is the Grails influence.

Life: Heroic spirits are familiars in a sense. Brought into this world by the power of the Holy Grail. The masters do not summon them. They merely provide the ritual. As well as some times needing an artifact as an anchor. Which the grail uses to summon the spirits. They have both life and un life. These spirits carry a physical weight and presence in the world. But are just that, spirits. And can easily revert into their spirit like forms.


Ritual: To become a master. The Master must perform a ritual, to summon their spirit and earn a command seal. But the success of the ritual depends entirely on the Grails whims. And if it picks you or not.

Seals: Each master is given a three pronged seal on their left or right hand. This is what marks them as a Servants Master.

Control: Each master is the master of his or her servant. But this does not mean control. It is possible for a servant to have no loyalty to ones master. Which may bold problematic. In this event, a Master may sacrifice his or her seals in order to give commands. This effectively control's the servant. But it is at a cost. A master only get's 3 commands. One for each seal. These must be used wisely.

Commands: Using a seal to command a Servant is more then just helping one control a difficult Servant. It could be used to bolster them. Anything the Master said must be accomplished. If it's vague, like "Win this!" it is weak. Thus, the more direct the command, the more powerful it is. Even allowing the Servant to have boosted reserves of power gifted by the Grail. Commands such as, "Hit her with everything you got!" Fall's into this. Or "Do not hit Sarah! Keep her safe." (This may make his attacks just pass through her, by the power of the Grail.) Or, "I need you to be here NOW!" (And no matter the distance the servant teleports to the targeted location.) A servant MUST listen to a command once the seal is used. Even if it is against their will.

Loss of seals: Once a master usses all three seals. They forfeit their right as master. Only by the whims of the servant and his or her victory can they earn a wish. It is though possible to earn 3 seals once more. This is mainly in situations of a servant's master being killed, or a the Grail still wanting you in the battle. The mediator of the battle, may also provide gifted seals, for feats or tasks. But only when he or she calls for it.

Magus?: Do they have to be a mage? Well, it is more common for an air, or master of a mage family to be chosen. But, the grail seeks out those whom it finds interesting first and foremost. So a normal guy can very well end up with the seal. As long as they have at least some magical potential.

How to summon?: When the summoning ritual takes place. A spirit may just appear. But normally, for stronger heroic spirits. A Master, would need a relic from the past. In order to get the spirit they desire. Thus, you may if you want. Use a artifact to get a specific spirit. But this is hard, and rare. So, most just pull from the ether and get one at random. But this in and of it'self is risky. Since, if you fish for Salmon, sometimes you may just fish out a 'boot'.

Do masters have to die?: No. Only the servants must die to progress the war. If a master dies, the Servant would merely become Servant to the next master. IE: A master dies, and then another's servant does. The servant without a Master pledges loyalty to the Master without a Servant, under the power of the Holy Grail. Thus, it does strategically behoove the players in this war to kill the Masters as well as the Servants. Simultaneously if possible.

Here are a few lists of possible spirits. To give examples to those unfamiliar with Fate:

This is a small list of used figures.

Arturia Pendragon, King of Knights (Also romanized as Altria, Artoria, or Arutoria): Forget notions of 'king Arthur' being a man. In actuality, Arturia was the king of Legend. She pretended to be a man, in order to become what she idolized as a 'true king'. And kept to her ideals and beliefs, even at the unfortunate end of her knights. And even her self. Artruia as a noble and heroic legend. Can take on The Rider class, Lancer class, and even Archer class. But, has only ever been known to take on the Saber class. And wield Excalibur as her "Noble Phantasm."

Iskander, King of Conquerors: Alexander the great. A man whom seek'ed to see Oceanis. (The never ending sea's.) And in pursuit of this. He was deemed one of the greatest of conquerors. Whom committed great deeds. Both noble and foul. Which have shaped the world in many ways. His only known class was of Rider during the fourth war. His noble phantasm is a Reality Marble. In which he takes his target to that of his greatest battle, and charges the target with the full might of his armies.

For more information, and improved knowledge of all that has appeared. See the Type Moon wiki in the link below.

Here is a list of historical figures not yet used, just to give ideas and spread them around.

Leonidus, The king of Sparta: Possible classes: Lancer, Spartans favored the spear. Berserker, Spartans carried ferocity into battle. They had a proper mix of calculated composure as well as a mad rage like blood lust.

Guy Fox: Possible Class: Assassin. (Attempted to blow up the parliament.)

Black Beard: Possible classes: Assassin, for being a cut throat pirate. As well as Archer. Possibly caster? For his tricks and pyrotechnics. (Could easily be said that he was a magus.)

Achilles: Possible class: Lancer, preferred weapon was the spear.

Billy The Kid: Archer

Crazy Horse: Berserker, or Assassin.

Rasputin: Possible classes: Assassin, or Caster.

Merlin: Possible class: Caster


Spots Open:
(Note: I really do need some one to play Artruia if at all possible. It is a part of my characters back story. As well as in my opinion. Artruia is the staple character. Having a fate rp and not having her, is like if the creators of Naruto killed off Naruto and the show moved on without him. Just doesn't fit does it?)

Pre existing Servants: As in, characters already established as spirits in the war. Iskander, Artruia, Deomund. These are Allowed, but I would like for some to chose non canon heroes of fable. And come up with cool characters for it. ^^

Multiple Characters: Are allowed.

1: (Garuss Vakarian)
2: (Pendarious)
3:(Orochimaru: Hopefully he doesnt start licking his servant. :P lol)
4: (Kunoichi: Still not decided I think.
5: Black Lightning
6: Ltfox

Saber (Jeane D'Arc) : (ReaperDouble0)
Lancer (open to change. Currently Vlad Tepesh):
Archer (?): (Zaer Darkwail)
Rider: (Rave)
Caster: (MelissaArtemis)
Assassin (Marcus Junias Brutus) : (Drake Valentine)
Berserker (?) : (Kunoichi)

Bystander's (Characters not part of the war, but brought into it by means of familly, friends, or dumb chance.)
7 spots open.

Character Sheet: Humans

Image: Have it float right.
Player Name:

Character Name:
Mage family?: If not from a descended family place no here. (Original mage families are allowed. But work with me on them via PM.)
Role: Master, bystander.

Seal: (If applicable.)

(Possible seals. Feel free to scan the image where you want one.)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Character Sheet: Servants

Image: (Have it float right.)
Player Name:

Age in appearance:
Arch Type: Archer, caster, etc
Noble Phantasm(s): (Contact me for original characters. Only list their armor, weapons etc. Their special Phantasms (Powers) should be kept secret from other players.)
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Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Re: Fate/Infinity
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2014, 03:17:08 am »
Player Name: Garuss Vakarian

Character Name: Jesse Einzbern
Age: 22
Mage family: The Einzbern's: The Einzbern, a bloodline that once wielded the Third Magic but lost it at some point of time. For such an old lineage, they surprisingly have no branch families. Their Sorcery Trait is Wish-Granting – Spellcasting without possessing the knowledge of the spell itself. They skip the thaumaturgical process altogether and recreate miracles just through the use of prana but they are still bound to the limitations of the Magic Circuits.

Role: Master
Personality: He try's to keep a serios composure. But is quite the caring man. He is easily cuaght by ideals, and whats 'right'. If this is a weakness or a strength is debatable. But none the less, his emotions can quite easily take root control of him. Despite his attempts, his composed nature easily can fall apart. By rage, love, desire, and even being shy.

History: Jesse Einzbern was the black sheep. He used to be the future Heir. The one destined to take on the collective magical energy of the Einzbern. But, he ruined that. And greatfully so. When he was 15, Jesse was introduced to a women he would come to call his big sister. Ilain. She was beautiful, kind. But always sad. And as he grew older, she seemed to... Stay the same. Not aging. But always looking weaker and weaker. As if she had a fate she could not fight. And, as Jesse hit the young ripe age of 18. He learned why. She was not human. But Humunchulas. Made the very day he met her.  A being made to imitate a human. Ever since the near success of Irisviel, the family continued to make Homuculi with the same function. She was made to be the vessel for the Holy Grail once it returned. If it did, or not was of no true concern to the Einzberns. Ilain's fate would stay the same... She would die eventually. One day the magic keeping her human would fade, and so would she. Into that of what she was created from. Jesse was disgusted by this. By a fate forced upon some one he cared for deeply. Despite her so called non existence. And as a result, he was disowned. His younger brother chosen as the next rightful Heir.

He has lived a solitary life. And was happy to be rid of his cruel family. He would never befall such a fate to others. He would never give a feint existence to a being doomed to live a short and inevitably unhappy life. But, the Grail war is here. And despite his intentions to stay far away from Magic for the rest of his days. A burn surged through his left hand. Two lines cross, with a arrow tip on each end. Each red as blood. He was chosen by the grail. This being his unique mark of a Master. His personal mark of shame. With a heavy heart he made the decision to return home. He thought he had no interest in this war, but for some reason the Grail chose him. So what is it he desires?  The Einzbern's would never have accepted him back. If it were not for the fact the Grail Chose Jesse. And thus Jesse was given Avalon. The Scabard of Excalibur. Which he would use to summon his Servant.  He will attempt to win the Grail war, under the conditions that Ilain be given a full life. From what little time she had left. Before she would be consumed by the Grail, as it's Vessel.

Avalon: After the inevitable death of Shirou Emiya. The Einzbern's forced their way into the Emiya home. Binding and leaving the mother and duaghter helpless. And then, through the use of unbinding magic. Violently dissected Avalong from Shirous body.

His Seal:
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Offline Lynnette

Re: Fate/Infinity
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2014, 02:19:50 pm »
as a big fan of the Fate franchise (and proud owner of both box-sets of F/Z) I'm interested, though I'm not making a character before more people say themselves interested.

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Re: Fate/Infinity
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2014, 02:39:21 pm »
I understand. None the less, that makes 2 people interested in this thus far! Regardless of how this turns out, I sincerely thank you Reaper for 'Breaking the Ice' so to speak. ;)

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that some people may not want a pvp based game. So I am adding a poll to make the Grail war as it originally is. Or to have the rules of the war change in our rp, to fit two factions like in Apacrypha. And have us play one of the factions.
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Offline pendarious

Re: Fate/Infinity
« Reply #4 on: June 16, 2014, 03:13:46 pm »
Player Name: Pendarious

Character Name: Yuria Matou (Emiya)
Age: 20

Mage Family: The Makiri/Matou family:  a lineage that dates back over 500 years ago, they were chased out of their homeland in Russia. They eventually took refuge in Japan, where they changed their name to Matou. Around 200 years ago, the Makiri entered in decline and their offspring started to lose their capacity to manifest Magic Circuits. Although they covered up with the excuse that they were incompatible with the spiritual land of Fuyuki, the true reason behind this sudden fall of their bloodline was never explained.

The Magecraft of the Matou works around the concept of "absorbing" or, from another perspective, "to bind something to one's self". Their method of teaching of Thaumaturgy is not by letting the mind absorb the knowledge through study, but by literally carving it into the body through the use of Crest Worms. Despite the torture-like aspects of the process, it seems to be remarkably efficient.

Role: Master
Personality: Often solemn and quiet but rather friendly on the whole. She has taken on a somewhat cynical variation of her fathers beliefs. She believes in saving as many people as she can if she can but is willing to accept losses when needed. Beneath this friendly solemn facade though is a boiling mesh of hate, cynicism, and outright despair. She often cries herself to sleep at night as a result of this underlying self.

History: As a result of being born the child of Shirou Emiya and Sakura Matou she has an incredibly large pool of magic circuits which her great-grandfather on her mothers side Zouken Matou noticed fairly quickly. He did agree to allow the family to lead a slightly more normal life on the condition that Yuria were sent to him for three months every year to train in the magic arts. Sakura and Shirou reluctantly agreed to Zouken's deal. She was five years old when she was first sent to stay with her great-grandfather in the Matou estate and it was here that her torturous training began. She had been forced to promise that she would never tell her parents about the training as it was the Matou's methodology to keep things secret.  When she was seven she managed to convince her father to teach her how to use his re-enforcement and tracing magics which she fairly quickly learned.  When she turned seventeen her father passed away and the Einzberns came into their home binding both her and her mother with magic and dissecting her fathers body to retrieve the artifact Avelon from within his body. She developed a hatred for the Einzberns as a result.

After an additional three years she felt the burning on her left hand as a command seal formed on her left hand. The sigil that intoned that she would participate in the holy grail war. Zouken was most pleased to learn of this and has called her to his mansion to help her acquire her servant for the upcoming war......Her desire is simply to win the grail and get revenge upon those who have wronged her.

Command seal:
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Offline Lynnette

Re: Fate/Infinity
« Reply #5 on: June 16, 2014, 03:16:58 pm »
Thought I'd just throw this in here, so that people can screencap from it.

At the moment, I'm planning to select the servant role, but I want to see a couple more interested people first.

Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Re: Fate/Infinity
« Reply #6 on: June 16, 2014, 03:27:02 pm »
Pendarios: She is accepted. ^^

Reaperdouble0: That is extremely helpful. Thank you. I will even add the pic into the main thread. As for your interest, I understand the need for their to be a few others before you make a character. :) .

Offline Moon Hound Hati

Re: Fate/Infinity
« Reply #7 on: June 16, 2014, 04:10:42 pm »
I have some interest in this. Possibly play as a servant. However, like Reaper, I won't be making a sheet until a few more join in. :)

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Re: Fate/Infinity
« Reply #8 on: June 16, 2014, 04:14:30 pm »
Marcus Junius Brutus (Assassin) (Still Need To Do Personality)
Player Name:
Drake Valentine

Marcus Junius Brutus
Age in appearance:
Twenty-Four (Died at Forty-Three)
Arch Type:

Perhaps known for one of the greatest assassinations in history, the betrayal and murder of Julius Caesar. There are rumors that Brutus may of been the son to such a man, but even if not he was still treated as such from Julius. He rose quickly in service to Caesar, becoming a governor to Gaul and later even nominated to serve as an urban praetor for the following year.  It wasn't till a year afterwards that his legend would truly come to light.

For better or for worse, Brutus found himself upon the side of the senate that opposed Caesar. They feared the man's growing lust for power and as a result sought to remove him from his position completely. At first, Brutus was against the conspiracy, but later with Caesar's king-like behavior the man soon changed his mind. He too begun to fear the possibility of threat that his friend shared. Upon the Ides of March, the deed was carried out. Brutus was the only one to wait at the senate when the other conspirators feared that their ploy may of been found out.

When Caesar did arrive to the Senate, he found himself surrounded by the conspirators during. When they attacked, Brutus hid his face, joining in to stab Caesar when he fended off one of the first assailants. Afterwards more daggers followed, Brutus suffered a few wounds himself from the mob. In later years he would lead a legions against those that sought vengeance, along with even losing a battle and fleeing. Brutus would even take his own life to prevent himself from being captured by his pursuers, leaving nothing but his corpse to be discovered in their wake. 

Shield Presence: He can conceal himself from being tracked by low end magic and normal methods. This technique will not work when he is attacking or moving at high speeds.

Librarian:  He can recall historical events that he once read eons ago, also he has a vivid memory for articles he may of read presently during the times of his participation through the Holy War. This information may vary of how suitable it becomes and how familiar or up to date he may be with events.

Tactician: He is well verse in warfare and general tactics. He also he has a habit of studying his enemy to find out their weaknesses and won't hesitate to exploit them and take them when they are at their weakest.

Escape Artist: He has retreated numerous times when events may prove unfavorable for him. This allows him to steadily change the pace of a battle.

Noble Phantasm(s): (Contact me for original characters.)
Fall of Caesar A reality marble that ensnares his prey to the moment of his greatest place in history. His opponent(s) will find themselves in a large room surrounded by hundreds of human statues, along with a series of pillars that offer various blindspots for Brutus to lurk within. There is also a fallen statue in the center of the room which appears to be bleeding. Upon activation the statues will come to life moving in to attack their target(s) with a frenzy of knives.

Ides of March: Brutus can mask his appearance and appear as someone who a servant or master may trust the most. The more they wish to see that person, the better the illusion becomes. Of course, he can not obtain their personality, so they may be able to figure him out, but otherwise the illusion serves to mimic both image and voice of the one they wish to see. This technique may be thwarted as it also serves to do similar to anyone else in the vicinity that may be looking at him. Such as, it effects them as well and they could see someone else that that the original individual may not be seeing. It is a chaotic move upon the eyes of the beholder upon activation.

Bloodiest of Cuts:
His dagger has an anti-magic ability that severely slows the healing capabilities of an opponent when he wounds them. This technique works better against masters than servant and can later prove fatal if they did manage to squeeze by a lethal strike. Like any curse type of weapon, the powers are immediately eliminated once the servant using it dies or the weapon itself is broken.

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Re: Fate/Infinity
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Moon Hound: As stated with Reaper. I understand. I dont blame you for being hesitant, since it is a more PVP role play. None the less I would be greatly interested to see what it it you have in mind. When you get there.

Drake Valentine: I can not wait to see the complete sheet. Brutus, as assassin? good idea. :)

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Re: Fate/Infinity
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I voice interest on this, not sure will I roll master or servant. I had idea of using Simo Häyhä as assassin class heroic spirit. A bit unusual for heroic spirit to carry a sniper rifle but it's old styled rifle very least and his deeds in the war marked him as greatest sniper which achievement have never outdone by any other sniper after him. Including modern warfare so far.

Considering he did that with using his eyes only than using any 'scopes' all his kills, he has legendary aim and fire sighting.

Anyways if I roll master other hand, he would be some random bloke guy who has very distant magical ancestry (not know even tracing what Shiro did).

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Re: Fate/Infinity
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Well, the Heroic Spirit's are normally those who's stories have shaped history. By legend, and renown. It's more like Heracles, or Robin Hood. Or historical figures who's feats have been boosted in legend. Like Crazy horse is a legend to his Native american people. Despite his story being only a hundred or so years young. In essence a heroic spirit must be more then a man or women. They are spirits that embody the legendary feats spoken of in their past lives. Or, of the fables told for ages. (Book characters. Or historical figures fogged by myth.)   Any way, I will read up on this man. None the less, Assassin has been taken. But Archer, has not. (The ranged servant.)

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Archer it is then. Anyways it can be on question did his deeds shape history or not, but he did kill many russian officers so he had influence on history and thus ensured finnish country independence (in his part anyways). Also many snipers from russian side tried kill him but he instead slew them...and thus robbed russians skilled snipers firing on finnish officers as they all focused hunt him instead.

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Well, to better explain. Let's look at (Edit: John) Henry. Did he exist? Debatable. Did he do a great deed? Yes. Was his deed exagerated to no end? It has him duel wielding hammers as he beats a machine in a race at building train tracks. And he crashes through a mountain with them. You tell me? Hell yes it was exaggerated. :P . Any way, upon further inspection, though there is not to much information on him. He could be a heroic spirit. He holds a record, and has held great significance to his countries history (In the sense of fighting in the war.). And has myth shadowed within his deeds, some calling him the White Death. Stories of him being directly targeted by the enemy. Sending Snipers to battle him specifically. And even artillery strikes in hopes to take him down specifically. Stories describing him as a one man killing machine. Or, as my opinion is gathering. "The real 'Sniper Elite' :P "

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Re: Fate/Infinity
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This has peaked my interest, Though I am torn between Playing a Master or the Churces Observer.Also if someone might like to write along side me with Hajime Saito as a Berserker as my servant. Someone willing to play that servant would defiantely help me decide.So if someone would like to take up that servant Let me know so we can work together to build our characters.

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Re: Fate/Infinity
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Well, to better explain. Let's look at Mark Henry. Did he exist? Debatable. Did he do a great deed? Yes. Was his deed exagerated to no end? It has him duel wielding hammers as he beats a machine in a race at building train tracks. And he crashes through a mountain with them. You tell me? Hell yes it was exaggerated. :P . Any way, upon further inspection, though there is not to much information on him. He could be a heroic spirit. He holds a record, and has held great significance to his countries history (In the sense of fighting in the war.). And has myth shadowed within his deeds, some calling him the White Death. Stories of him being directly targeted by the enemy. Sending Snipers to battle him specifically. And even artillery strikes in hopes to take him down specifically. Stories describing him as a one man killing machine. Or, as my opinion is gathering. "The real 'Sniper Elite' :P "

John Henry? Mark Henry is a wrestler I think. >.>

Also on other real legends of history, Leo Major is one. Dude was the true Solid Snake in real life. Capturing a tank by himself, taking over an enemy village by himself, capturing 100 enemy soldiers by himself. >.> And he wore an eye patch later on after accident an was still fighting. xD

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Re: Fate/Infinity
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*Face Palms.* Thank's for at least knowing whom I meant to reference. >_< . Yes, I meant John Henry, not the wrestler Mark Henry.

Also, that is a hardcore soldier. Ha ha, and people say action hero's are 'unrealistic.' :P

Marie Reynolds: Alright, I am glad your showing interest. If you decide on being the mediator in the war, then please do contact me via pm.
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Re: Fate/Infinity
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Hmm.  I wasn't originally planning on joining in on this game, but the possibility for playing one character in particular is drawing me in...

Player Name: Kunoichi

Name: Ḿ̷̴͜͜o̴͞͏̸͟r̷̴̛͡d̸̴̛͞҉r͠͏̕͞͞e҉̕҉̀͜d̸̷,̸̀͞ ͏̀͞͡͝th͘e͟͝ ̷͠͝K̴͢͟͡n̶̵̴̢͟i҉́̀͟͝g͝͏̡h͘͏̶͜t̶͘҉̢͝ ̵̡ó҉̴͡҉f̡̧̛͠ ̷̨͠T̷͟r̵̢͝é̢̕a͜͠͡͡c҉̶̛͘͢h̶̨͜è̸͜͝͝r͏͝y҉̢͘҉
Age in appearance: 17, or somewhere thereabouts
Archetype: Berserker
Personality: M̡̡͠ó̵̧҉r͏̀d̴͜҉r͡e̷̷̡͠͏ḑ͟͡ ́͠͠͞҉i̶͘̕͟͝s̴̨ ̵̸͠҉̵a̡̢̛ ̷̸̀͝r҉̧́͡͞a̴̛͟͢͝t̴͟͟h̸̛̛͞e̕r͜͝ ̨̢́́̕a̷̢̛͠g̴̢̛̀g̶̨͟҉̷r͏̧́҉e̴̛͡s̶̵͜҉s̵͢͟i̸̵̸̴͡v̵̵͢͡e̛̕ ̡͜g̸̷̢̕͜i̷̕͠r̶̵͜͏l̴̕,̵͞͠ ͞҉̕b̡̀͠r̨̡͏u̸͜͝t̸̡͠à̵̷̕l̨̨ ̡́͞͝a͏̶̡̢͞n̕͏͢͜d̢̧͝ ̴̨̀͏b̡͠͞ļ̵ơ̡̨̢͟o҉d̶͟҉̶͝t̨̨h҉̴i̸̷̢r͞s҉́̕͞t̨͢ý͘ ͢͏i̵̸̴͞n͜ ̢͟҉b̶͜a̷̧͢͏̸t̕͟t̢͏͢͠l̸̡̢̀͝e̶̵̡̡͟ ̷̷̨͡͞à͜n̶̢d͏̡ ͏͜͝r̡̧͟͞à̕͡҉t̷͢h̸҉̷́͢e͡͠҉r̸̛͞ ̡͢͟ṕ̨̀̕͞ú͘͠͏s̨̕͢h̶͞y̛̕͞ ͏̧a̷͢͡͡͏n̷̶̢d́́͢͝ ̧̛́͢҉p̵҉̷̡́r͏̀̀ì̸͡d̴́͠é͟͞͠͞f̶҉̸ú̸̴̡͝l̸͟͡ ̴̵̀͢o͟҉҉̨̨u͏͝͏t̢͠s͢͡͡i͝d̸҉̡e̡͝ ̷̸͟͞o̴͝҉f̕͢͟͢ ̡̢̡́͡i͏͟͟͟͠t̸̨̧͞.̡̡ ͏̴̀͡ ͞͡
H̴̡͞e̶̶̸͘͠ŕ̵͟ ̶̨́a̧͝l̢̛͡͝i̶̡̢̧g͏͠n͏̧̕ḿ̸̷͜͜ę̷̷͜n͜͞t̶̀̀̕ ̶̀͞i̸̡̧s̸̸̕ ́͞C̴̛̕h̢̨͟͜͠ą́̕ǫ͘t͡͏҉͘i͢c̢̀̀͞ ̷̸̵Ņ̶̛é͜͟͢ų̷͘͜͞t́͢ŗ̛͜͡a̸̧ļ̸.̨͟
Class Skills:
Mad Enhancement [C] - All Parameters except Luck and Mana increase by one rank, but in exchange she can no longer think and speak properly.  In addition, while Mad Enhancement is active, her C̢̢͡͠͏h̷̶̶à̷͢r̷҉҉̵҉i̴̕͟͜͝s̀͘͢͠m̶̵̡̕͠á̴̕͜͞ and I̸̵̵͜͞ņ̶̸̡s҉̴̢̢̕t̡҉̵͢į̷̴n̴̢̨c̴̛͞t̡̧͢͝ skills are lowered in rank.
Personal Skills:
B̧̡̛a͢҉̨͞t͏̶̡͜͡t́̕͜͢l̢̕͠ȩ̨ ̸̶̵̢͜Ć̸̴̛ó͘͟n̶̨̛͝t̸̨̛͘͝i͘͝n͜͠ứ̴͜͠a̸͜͡t̷̵̡̛̕i̴͡ò͢͟͡͝n̸͜͞ ̵̷̨[҉͏B͞͠͝͡]̵̵͡
̵C̵̸̡̛͢ḩa̷͡ŕ͢į̷͠͝s̸͞҉̢͞ḿ̕͟͠a̛͘ ̷̨̨[̷̷C̴̨̨͡-̴͝͡]̷͜
̷̀͡͡͞Í̡̨͢ņ̢̛͏̀s̸̀́t̡͘҉̸̷i҉́n̶̡͜͢c̢̢͝ţ̨͜ ́҉̶[͜͡B̨́͜͢͜]̛
̷́͏́P̨͢r̡̕a͏̢̛ņ͜á̴̷̴ ̴̢͠B̸͟͠ú͏̵̡͘r̶̷͟s̷͡t͘͠ ̵̴͝[̸̡̀͘͝A̷̧̢͟]̧͜
Noble Phantasm(s):
Secret of Pedigree ~ The Helm of Hidden Infidelity - A helmet owned by Ḿ̷̴͜͜o̴͞͏̸͟r̷̴̛͡d̸̴̛͞҉r͠͏̕͞͞e҉̕҉̀͜d̸̷ that she was told to wear at all times in order to keep her identity and lineage a secret. Manifesting from the fact that it was never once removed in public until her final fight, it hides certain sections of her parameters, even from her own Master, making it hard to discern even her gender when coupled with her full body armor. Her basic parameters and class skills can be seen, but her personality and true name as a Heroic Spirit, innate skills, and data on her Noble Phantasms are hidden and cannot be read.

C̕҉l̨͜͞a̧͞ŕ̨͟e̶n̛̛͟͠҉t͘͟͝͞:̛͢͏͏҉ ̛͟T̸͢͢͟h҉͏̀͟è͟͞ ̴̴͠͞R̀͘͘͢͝á̶͘͜d̛͝i̢͞͡҉͟a̶̢̨͢҉n͡͝t̕͞ ̶̧̨à͢n̨̕d̷̀͞ ̴̨́͟B̸̢͞͡r͟͜͞͝í̶̢͞l͡͠ĺ̢͜i͏͘҉́͞à̧̡͞n͜t̷̨͏̶́ ̶͡Ŗ̴̡̨ó̴̧͡ỳ̶́̀͟a̴͠l̷̶͟ ̶͡S̢̢͢ẃ̵̡̧̀ò̡͢r̷̨͘͝͠d̴̸͞

C͝͠l͏̴́͢ą̴̢͜͜r̷̶̨̡e̴͏n͢͝t͞͏҉ ̵͜B̸̵͏ļ̀o͘͢͠͡ơ̷͏͜d̴͢͢ ̢̨̛̕͟A͜͠͡r̶̸̢̢t̷̷̡̀͢h̴̴ư̷̡̨̡ŕ̵̨͢:̶͘ ̧̧̀́R̨͝e̷̴̢͠b͠͏e͟͝l̡͝҉̛ļ͟͠i̵҉̴̧ò̵ń̷̡͟͟ ̡̕À̸̶̢͜g҉̧á̛͡i̡̢n̡͢͝͝s͞͏͜҉t̵̴͟͠ ́͢͠͝͝M̀͘͞y̕͞ ̵͞B҉͏ę͟͠a̴̡u̶̴͝ţ͏͜i̶̴͢͟f̶̶̢̢ų̧͢͡l̢͏ ̕͜F̛̕͡a҉̡͏t̀h̨͜ę̕͡r̡͏
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Re: Fate/Infinity
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Ha ha, one can say the sheet was lazy in size but, I would call bs on that notion. The sheet is accepted. I say it is quite a fun and original take on a sheet. In the aspect that it intentionally used the insanity and madness of Berserker in it's creation. Plus, sometimes the mystery of a character is important. Mo̴͞͏̸͟r̷̴̛͡d̸̴̛͞҉r͠͏̕͞͞e҉̕҉̀͜d̸̷,̸̀͞ ͏̀͞͡͝th͘e͟͝ ̷͠͝K̴͢͟͡n̶̵̴̢͟i҉́̀͟͝g͝͏̡h͘͏̶͜t̶͘҉̢͝ ̵̡ Is accepted. :P

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Re: Fate/Infinity
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Well, she does have a Noble Phantasm that explicitly makes portions of her stats unreadable. :P I figured it was fitting to use the same trick they pulled for L̵̢̕͘͢á͘n͟͞͞c̸̴̷͠è̡͢l̨̕͢ò̀t̵̀́́͠'̸̷̨͟͡s̸͘ stat sheet in Fate/Zero.

Edit: And I am willing to provide an un-Zalgofied sheet on request, also.

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Re: Fate/Infinity
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No it's fine. Though, perhaps if you are up for it. As the rp progresses, and more is revealed about Berserker. The more it gets un-Zalgofied.

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Re: Fate/Infinity
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Was thinking of perhaps going for caster or lancer. Not really sure who'd I'd pick for lancer, but was thinking that Vlad the impaler (aka Dracula) might make a good caster.

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Re: Fate/Infinity
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Vlad III, the Lord Impaler has official stats as a Lancer-class servant, believe it or not. :P

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Re: Fate/Infinity
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I've been thinking of either caster or lancer as well xD I was considering Achilles for lancer (Most likely genderbent) or Cleopatra as a Caster (according to the mythology, she was the reincarnation of Isis which was the goddess of magic)

I haven't made my decision yet though.

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Re: Fate/Infinity
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Vlad III, the Lord Impaler has official stats as a Lancer-class servant, believe it or not. :P

Yeah, that makes sense. Was thinking he could be lancer too, because of the impaling business. Might be playing him then. Not 100% sure though yet. :p