The psychopath's henchwoman (M+F Looking for switchy F)

Started by Denivar, June 16, 2014, 02:53:21 AM

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"Now remember, and I have to say this every year when training new nurses, keep your distance from the inmates" old Gary Coburn said, to the young nurses. "Your function is to change their sheets and blankets, care for their sores, make sure they are physically okay. Do not listen to their tales of how sane and innocent they are." His voice droned on as the young ladies looked at each other in mild amusement. Why would any pretty young nurse like they all were fall for some mental patient?

"You might smirk and laugh at me now" the older man said, apparently not as unaware of their thoughts as they might have thought, "yet almost every year we have a serious incident with a female staff member having some kind of a .... relationship ... with a patient. They are much more cunning than you might think. They can be incredibly manipulative. Don't believe a word they say; even better yet, don't talk to them in the first place."


Henry Gale looked out the bars of his cell, seeing the pretty young nurses being shown around the Rosewood Mental Asylum. His deep blue eyes glimmered as he stared at them. What pretty little things. Would he get to talk to one of them soon? He licked his lips. He could hardly wait. Perhaps out of this new group of nurses he would find one to manipulate perfectly into doing his bidding.

Henry enjoyed the young supple things. He had fantasies of taking some little submissive nurse and having her do *exactly* what he wanted. But what he really wanted was a nurse with a mean streak, a cruel nurse, who he could manipulate to his will. Who he could make his henchman, his partner in crime. A fellow being who could truly appreciate him. Could he find both things in here?


This role play will involve THREE players (so it's technically a small group role play). There will be me playing Henry Gale, the psychopath. I also have somebody lined up to play a young candy-striper intern nurse who is ripe for manipulation.

What we are looking for is somebody who will play a 'switch'. A nurse who can be manipulated by Henry's charm yet who also has a vicious cruel streak and can end up becoming his henchwoman, his partner in crime, at first helping to satisfy him within the institution and later helping him to escape and joining him in his crimes. She will be groomed to be his devoted servant, who will submit to his cruelties, but also inflict cruelties on his behalf on others.

Please PM me if interested and we can discuss further!
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