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Author Topic: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain  (Read 3114 times)

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Offline Dragoondawg25

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #25 on: September 11, 2008, 05:44:41 PM »
*Takes a peek around and hmms at what concoction the mad scientist should make to join this motley crew* snickers! :P

Online RubySlippers

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #26 on: September 11, 2008, 10:07:39 PM »
Dr. Jane Simons
Age: 30
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Lust
Concept: Ideal Breeding Woman


Power: 2 (Intelligence +1)   Finesse: 2    Resistance: 2 (Handle Pregancy Well +2, Stamina +1)

Mental Skills:

Academics: 2 (Academics +1, Non-profit Medical Clinic Management +2)  Crafts: 2 (Family Medicine +2, Medicine +1)   Investigation: 1 (Medical-related Information +2)

Physical Skills:

Athletics: 1    Combat: 1    Stealth: 1

Social Skills:

Persuasion: 1 (Fundraising +2)  Socialize: 2   Streetwise: 1

Blood of the Wolf 2
Hard to Ride 2
Extra Fertile 2
Allies (Charity Funding Sources) 2
Status (Medical, Board Certified Family Practitioner) 1
Resources (Charity Medical Clinic, draws modest salary and benefits) 2

Willpower: 5   Health: 7    Defense:  2

Advanced First Aid Kit (Standard Modern Doctors Kit with Essential Drugs)
Cell Phone
Used Mid-sized Car in Good Condition
Medical Doctor Identificatiion Including Clip-On Badge for Nearest Hospital
Clothing with Several White Coats (mostly thrift store and second hand items, or bought on sale)
Watch with Sweep Second Hand


Born to a huge local family leg by a senior member of the werewolf community and an exceedly strong blooded and fertile wolf blooded woman ,Serina, who bore eighteen children and had eight werewolves out of the restr six wolf-blooded daughers also very fertile including Jane the oldest daughter. The smart and ambitious one of the family she did very well in school, attended the no tuition Borea College majoring in a pre-med program with a major in business management specializing in non-profits. Later she attended the University of Washington Medical School in Seattle and earned her medical degree and after the residency program her Board Certification in Family Practice at the age of thirty. To her father far too long to go to school but after she came back and opened a medical clinic the only one in the area with the help of various charity sources and the town he changed his mind and is proud and if she is like her mother she will be fertile nicely into her forties. In fact her return and the fact she is a good breeder most likely and a full fledged doctor with alot of character goes a long way to get over her age- thirty her oldest sister got pregnant and married at sixteen and has over a dozen children and is only two years older!

She is a regional location for her medical schools students to do their community training among the lower income people and several of the nursing schools so can usually keep enough help to fill the needs she hopes, until she establishes a solid financial base and can expand services. And maybe add another doctor. *sigh*
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Online Jeramiahh

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #27 on: September 12, 2008, 01:00:25 AM »
Drake "Sparky" Collins

Age: 23
Occuptation: Electrician/Repair man

Iron master Cahalith


Power 2 (Intellegence, wits) Finesse 2 (Dexterity)  Resistance 2

Mental Skills:

Academics: 1 (Science +2)  Crafts: 3 (tinkering +2)  Investigation: 1

Social Skills:

Persuasion: 2 (Haggling +2)  Socialize: 0 Streetwise: 2 (Dumpster Diving +2)

Physical Skills:

Athletics: 0 (Driving +1)  Combat: 2 (Bites +2)  Stealth: 1

Merits: Artificer (3) Alchemy (external) (2) Resources (1) Status (electrician) 1

Renown: Cunning 2  Glory 1

Gifts: Left handed Spanner, Blackout, Partial Change.

Harmony: 7

Defense: 3  Willpower: 4  Health: 7  Essence: 7  Primal Urge: 1

Drake is a tinkerer. At the age of four, he made a toy car. At five, he took apart the toaster. At six, he discovered fire. When he was allowed to tinker again, he was an avid reader, studying technical manuals, though he mostly only followed the pictures, far enough until he became bored and settled into repairing something. With the onset of his lycanthropic heritage, he discovered a most wondrous thing; he could, with practice and training, successfully bind spirits to common items, allowing them to perform supernatural feats. However, while he loved to practice, he didn't care much for the training. As such, many of his resulting creations are... questionably useful.

A skinny, lanky man, who cares little for his personal appearance, or, quite frankly, for the lesser humans, he prefers to embrace his werewolf heritage as much as possible, enjoying the enhanced senses and physical empowerment that it brings. Considered a recluse and eccentric (or crazy) by those humans who know him, he's no less eccentric (though far less reclusive) among his 'true people'. He's extremely adept at controlling his form, allowing him to manipulate the delicate wires and pieces of his numerous inventions, even in his hybrid form. Generally unwilling to part with his inventions, he's rather poor, and frequently resorts to collecting his materials from local scrap, or salvaging old, less useful or less successful inventions.

Examples of items he might use: A compass that points to a named location; frequently backfires. "I said a library, not 'The Library' bar!"
A short-range communication device that might allow him to listen in on a targeted area, or speak to a specific person. Resembles a telephone attached to a satellite dish made from a trash-can lid. Not always accurate.
A taser modified to affect spirits and supernatural creatures. Untested.
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Offline The Great TriangleTopic starter

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #28 on: September 12, 2008, 07:17:12 AM »
Something I remembered about campaign background:

Most werewolf campaigns give each member of the party a set of clothing that can shapeshift along with them and be taken into the spirit world for free at character creation to save the characters the embarrassment of destroying their clothing and always being naked after shapeshifting. 

I don't think I'll be doing that for this game.   ;)

If you want to avoid the nudity problem, you'll have to find someone who has at least 1 dot in the rituals trait.  This costs 5 xp to acquire, or 4 xp for a crescent moon werewolf. 

(fondly remembers a powergamer in a werewolf campaign who had primal urge 2, and so could pick 2 items to go along with him when he shapeshifted, so he picked an M16 and a Kevlar flak jacket.  Always fun to see a highly muscled guy running around in a flak jacket and nothing else.  :))

Also, in my werewolf games, you'll find that the wolf form's enhanced perceptive abilities basically amount to a form of radar.  You'll most likely find this quite useful, especially for stealth.   I tend to run werewolves as if they had the tracking abilities of Angua from Discworld.  (a character who is a primary source of my interest in werewolves, actually...)  By the rules of the game, a werewolf who has tasted the blood of an individual may track him insanely well, even several counties away, in ideal conditions.

Online RubySlippers

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #29 on: September 12, 2008, 09:12:05 AM »
Any xp?

Offline The Great TriangleTopic starter

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #30 on: September 12, 2008, 09:41:10 AM »
Nope, the characters in this game will be starting as a group of recently initiated cubs allowed to form a pack and claim their own territory thanks to the lack of werewolf population density.  Presumably, they'll have a small, isolated town in a mountain valley that serves as their base of operations.  However, once the game is ready to start, I'll give each player two free merit dots to vote on and enhance the territory they occupy.

Some possible names for the town:

-Kurtz Valley
-Silent Spring

I'd list the possible territory enhancements players can add, but I think it would be far too intimidating.  I'll list it in the OOC thread once five character sheets are submitted.

Offline The Great TriangleTopic starter

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #31 on: September 12, 2008, 09:50:29 AM »
Drake Collins

Also, this character is quite approved, as is Ruby's character. 

However, does your character have a deed name?  A deed  name is a name a werewolf receives based on the first notable action they engage in after becoming a werewolf.   A werewolf who howls at the moon a lot might end up being called "Moon Talker."  A werewolf who has sex with wolves as practically his first action as a wolf might get called "Dog Screwer."  A werewolf who first transformed in the middle of a cathedral and desecrated it damned good might acquire the name "Unholy" or "Blasphemy."  Using non English languages can help make your character's deed name sound cool.  Also, a werewolf who simply hasn't done anything cool yet might simply not have a deed name, although this often leads to penalties in conversations with other werewolves.  (having a deed name based on something negative generally isn't a penalty, although it might give you some strange interactions with spirits, who care about deed names a great deal.)

Online RubySlippers

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #32 on: September 12, 2008, 11:00:28 AM »
I picked a pic I went for the classic fertile woman with padding and a figure but fit, the kind of body that says I can carry babies and would be a good mother to your children. Widesish hips full fleshy breases, padding extra in all the good places and soft gentle "woman you can take hope to your parents" appeal. Lets say an inviting prettiness but more good-looking not a model. Left the face open finding one that had a woman in her later 20's and met the mold was a bit hard.

And I also tweaked my character lowered her wolf blood a little and added Fame being the selfless doctor (kind that doesn't earn much) might be good for food, second hand clothes and other support she will need from farm folks and the working poor that can't offer her much but can maybe see she and her family get enough to be decently comfortable. Plus it will help having a good rep when asking for funds and the like to help the needy with more chairty support.

Likely I'll raise resources a dot later on to represent her establishing herself in the community and getting more support we can role-play that out.

Offline The Great TriangleTopic starter

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #33 on: September 12, 2008, 11:11:33 AM »
Unfortnately, the wolf blooded merit only scales down to 2 dots (mostly for the ability to have Uratha children) so you'll have to use a different distrobution of dots.  You could lower resources to 1, although that would indicate that your clinic is in debt, and your character only brings home a tiny bit more money than she needs to eat and live in a dingy 1 bedroom apartment. 

Online RubySlippers

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #34 on: September 12, 2008, 11:27:41 AM »
That's ok I can buy Fame later on maybe money and allies are more important. And being a good mate for some lucky werewolf male that proves he is worthy of the place in her bed.

As for werewolf females you can't knock her up so get into her bed and make love to her all you want.

If a brother/sister want to share her that is fine to be the best of both worlds.  ;)

Offline Greenthorn

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #35 on: September 12, 2008, 01:31:33 PM »
"Sangre Loca"
(Blood Crazy)

Real Name: Amber Milunas

Dog Companion: Zeus

Gibbous Moon/Blood Talon


Power: 1 (strength +2) Finesse: 3 Resistance: 2 (composure +1, stamina +1)

Physical Skills:

Athletics: 2 (Sprinting +2) Combat: 3 (Brawling +1, Weaponry +1) Stealth: 0 (blending into a crowd +2)

Social Skills:

Persuasion: 2 (Animal Ken +1, Intimidation +1) Socialize: 1 Streetwise: 1 (lying +1)

Mental Skills:

Academics: 0 Crafts: 1 Investigation: 2


Cunning: 1 Honor: 1 Glory: 1 Purity: 0 Wisdom: 0

Gifts: Wolf Blood's Lure (can talk to dogs), Mask of Rage (can cause pants wetting fear with a glance), Crushing Blow (can cause extra lethal blows through blunt trauma)

Merits: Retainer 2, (Faithful hound) Resources 2, Iron Stamina 3, Brawling Dodge

Harmony: 5

Willpower: 5 Health: 8 Defense: 3 (4 in melee) Essence: 5 Primal Urge: 1

(Thanks GT for the numbers stuff *laughs*)

Amber was a dog handler before the first change and was not well liked within her profession. Throughout the years, she had problems controlling her temper when it came to dealing with less than ideal customers. She did make enough money to live comfortably after her employment fell through so many years ago after a freak accident involving the question can you stick a poodle up a pompous woman’s ass and see if it would not break. Needless to say the theory was true and yet, not as satisfying as it should have been due to the fact that the woman who was assaulted was the mayor’s wife.

Amber’s irrational behavior was a direct result of many years of neglect from her father and the sudden death of her mother at a young age. Amber blames her father who was also an alcoholic and decided two years ago after the sudden instance of change and the beast within her calling out to her soul for revenge, which he should have a fate similar to her mother’s…so therefore, she tortured then ate him drowning her soul into the dreary abyss of sin. The act in itself was horrifying and yet in the same token was rather relaxing and pleasurable to Amber’s psyche.

Her mental stability is quite questionable and pain seems to only make her more unstable, causing her to go off on killing sprees just for the sheer pleasure of it. Sexually, she sticks to one night stands mainly because of a fear of closeness and slight paranoia. She could become overly attached to one mate but would never consider a monogamous relationship.

As to how she came to us the Talons for answers one will never fully know. All that we know is that she came with a bloodied body and a huge grin on her face from the sheer pleasure she got out of the numerous killings she went on. Of course most of these killings were overseen by our brothers and sisters to ensure that our new face within the tribe did not overstep her bounds greatly. And yet there is a calming sense within our souls that speaks of great things to come from this individual, for she seems to understand the way of a warrior’s heart.

As to how we first found her well it was not hard to track, being that the bodies she left behind from her sprees were littered all along the land. After finally being able to calm the crazy blood frenzied woman down to speaking terms instead of fists, a physical test was given by our tribal alpha to determine if the woman was a lost cause or not. Amber would be subjected to the harshest of training methods to ensure that the investment of her being in the tribe of warriors was well worth the effort of getting her safely away from the wrath of humans.  She succeeded.

(Thanks Dragoon for the Bio)

Offline Dragoondawg25

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #36 on: September 12, 2008, 08:51:10 PM »
Character Sheet:
Name: Calvin Dread (Veilbreaker)

Auspice: Ithaeur (Crescent Moon)

Tribe: Bone Shadows

Concept: Locus Guardian

   Train, train, train, that’s all that I ever seem to do anymore, as well as riddle me this and riddle me that.  Don’t get me wrong thou, it is fascinating learning about spirits but sometimes even one so apt as me gets dull of hearing about it for a zillion times. Things around here seem to move slower when you’re training in the type of lifestyle I live in.   Well at least ever since I was recruited to become a Guardian.  It seemed so many years ago since I was changed for the first time.  But then again it was only a mere 4 months since the time I went through my initiation. 
Even before then I could remember walking to my bus stop for work and noticing things out of the corner of my eyes.  Something moving off into the distance it seemed, and how weird markings upon mundane and normal items seemed to call to me telling me vast secrets that the real world wasn’t to know.  I went to many a psychiatrist to figure out the problem that I was having, but none of them seemed to have any solution to my significant problem.  Hell even one of the shrink’s dogs bit me, even thou that canine looked a little on the feral side to me I’ll never forget looking into the eyes of that dog and realizing there was something more to this then it seemed.  Never in a million years would I have guessed I was being trailed by a tribe of werewolves seeking to initiate me into their world.
 I would leave this plane of mortal existence and travel far and wide through the vast breaches of the shadow realm.  Carefree and happy as can be in the beginning till I learned from my rite master that it was my duty to form up with a pack and put balance back into the ways of the People through my magics.  My name is Calvin Dread, and I am the Veilbreaker of the Bone Shadows. 


Power: 3 (+2 intelligence)   Finesse: 2 (+1 Wits)     Resistance: 1

Mental Skills:

Academics: 1 (+2 Studying Tomes)  Crafts: 1 (+2 Occult)    Investigation: 3 (+2 Puzzles)

Physical Skills:

Athletics: 1     Combat: 1 (+2 Weaponry Staffs)    Stealth: 2 (+2 Shadowing)

Social Skills:

Persuasion: 1   Socialize: 1 (+2 Expressions)  Streetwise: 1 (+2 Black Market “Herbs”)


Cunning:   Honor:   Glory:   Purity: 1  Wisdom:2

Gifts:  Crescent Moon Gifts: Two World’s Eyes(one dot) I Death Gift: Ghost Knife(two dots) I Rituals(1 dot) Rite of Dedication.

Merits: (Totem 3 pts), Fetish (3 pts) Talens (one dot of Fetish = Three talens) - Decay Dust, Storm Arrow, and Wolfsbane, Mercy Gem (Two point Fetish) Resources (one dot)

Harmony: 7

Willpower: 2   Health: 6    Defense:  3 Essence: 7    Primal Urge: 1
•   Duffle bag for carrying herbs, small bottles, extra clothing, rations, and extra fetishes.  Walking stick/staff with end fused with storm arrow Talen for walking as well as activating rites and fetishes.  Dark green robe over a grayish t-shirt, dark blue jeans and roughed up hiking boots (Dedicated).  A necklace bearing a few trinkets and a mercy gem on the end of one wrapped around his neck.  A leather bracer on his left arm (Dedicated).

(updated, I think I got it right this time, hope, hope, hope)

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Offline The Great TriangleTopic starter

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #37 on: September 13, 2008, 08:28:14 AM »
You're pretty good.

However, you've got five gifts instead of three as you're supposed to have.  Also, you have way too many dedicated items.  You can only have a number of dedicated items equal to your primal urge.  You'll have to choose between your clothes and your equipment (although the bracer can count as part of the green robe for dedication purposes.)

Finally, you've got too few skill specialties.  You get 6 normally, +1 for being a werewolf.  I'm sure you won't have much trouble making up the gap.   :)

Offline Caehlim

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #38 on: September 13, 2008, 10:51:09 AM »
Lucas Delorio
Elodoth Iron Wolf

Character Sheet:


Power: 3    Finesse: 2    Resistance: 1

Charisma +1          Intelligence +1          Wits +1

Mental Skills:

Academics: 1   Crafts: 2     Investigation: 2

Craft Specialty: Computer +1, Craft Specialty: Building improvised survival items +2, Investigation Specialty: Tracking +2

Physical Skills:

Athletics: 2    Combat: 1    Stealth: 1

Combat specialty: Wrestling (brawl) +2, Athletics specialty: Survival +1

Social Skills:

Persuasion: 2  Socialize: 1   Streetwise: 0

Streetwise specialty: Fake identities (subterfuge) +2, Socialize specialty: Empathy +1


Cunning: 1   Honor: 1  Glory:   Purity:   Wisdom: 1



Mentor 2 pts, Resources 2 pts, Iron Stamina 1 pt, Totem 2 pts

Harmony: 7

Willpower: 2   Health: 6     Defense: 2   Essence: 7   Primal Urge: 1

Offline Caehlim

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #39 on: September 13, 2008, 10:54:54 AM »
I always thought most people seem to get out of that shapechange naked thing far too easily. Seems a bit, unwolfy to me and missing out on some interesting roleplaying opportunities. I'll go with not having any dedicated items just yet.

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Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #40 on: September 13, 2008, 11:03:48 AM »

Name: Arianna Buchkiev

Deed Name: “Slashes-in-Swift-Fury”

Age: 27

Concept: Beta with an Alpha Complex

Tribe: Storm Lord

Auspice: Rahu


Power:  1  Finesse:  2  Resistance: 3
Strength +1 , Dexterity +1, Stamina +1

Mental Skills:

Academics: 2   Crafts:     Investigation:  1
Presence +2, Occult +1

Physical Skills:

Athletics: 1    Combat:  4   Stealth:
Dodge +1 , Brawl +1, Melee +1

Social Skills:

Persuasion: 2  Socialize: 1    Streetwise: 1
Leadership +1, Intimidation +1, Survival +1


Cunning:   Honor:Glory:Purity:Wisdom:


Clarity (•)
The light of the full moon lends a peaceful insight into
the dark of night, and the Ralunim can impart a similar
sensitivity to a Rahu. But rather than cutting through literal
darkness per se, this clarity cuts through the distracting haze
that can cloud a warrior’s mind. Jarring himself mentally by
touching the white-hot core of his soul, the werewolf burns
away the fog of war and keeps his wits about him.
By spending one Essence, the player increases his
character’s Initiative modifier by five, greatly increasing the
odds of seizing the critical first strike in any battle. The
Storyteller may determine that some situations are inappropriate
for this Gift (such as when the character is attacked
by an invisible threat). If the power is used once combat is
underway, the character’s new place in the Initiative order is
applied in the next turn and in all subsequent turns for the
remainder of the fight.
Cost: 1 Essence
Dice Pool: No roll is required.
Action: Reflexive

Warning Growl (•)
This Gift is the simplest of the secrets of Dominance,
lending supernatural power to the sort of growl an alpha
wolf uses to warn off a potential rival. The werewolf using
this Gift growls deeply and loudly while focusing his gaze
on a particular target, striking sudden doubt into her heart
and affecting her ability to face her opponent. The target
must be able to hear the growl to be affected.
Cost: 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Glory versus
Composure + Primal Urge
Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The Gift fails completely. The
werewolf cannot use any Dominance Gifts on the subject
for the rest of the scene.
Failure: Successes rolled tie or the subject gets the
most. The target feels no particular dread of the werewolf.
Success: The most successes are rolled for the Gift
user. This Gift affects a single target. The Gift user gains a
+2 Defense bonus against any close-combat attacks made
by the affected target for the duration of the scene — the
target is literally too wary of the werewolf to attack with
full vigor. This Gift can be used on multiple opponents
during a scene, but the werewolf must use the Gift separately
against each one (spending Willpower and making a
contested roll each time).
Exceptional Success: As success, but the Defense
bonus against the Gift’s target rises to +3.

Luna’s Dict um (••)
With this Gift, the werewolf is able to articulate a
command of no more than a few words and compel obedience.
Some werewolves choose to speak these words in a
soft, subtle whisper. Others prefer bellowing orders. This
Gift cannot harm those who hear it, either directly or
indirectly; it simply conveys a brief impulse to surrender to
the werewolf’s authority.
Cost: 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Glory versus
Composure + Primal Urge
Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The Gift fails completely. The
werewolf cannot use any Dominance Gifts on the subject
for the rest of the scene.
Failure: Successes rolled tie or the subject gets the
most. The target feels no compulsion to obey.
Success: The most successes are rolled for the Gift
user. This Gift affects a single target, who must obey the
command given. The words a character selects for his order
must be specific and straightforward, and the command
cannot take more than a minute to carry out. The user
can’t direct a target to take any action that would conceivably
bring harm to herself or others, or to do anything that
would be drastically out of character. In particular, the
Gift does not function at all if the subject is in combat or
otherwise distracted by a very real danger to her safety. It’s
a useful Gift, however, for telling a person to “step outside
for a minute.” The target remembers that her will was not
her own but might rationalize her obedience as a moment of
weakness rather than supernatural coercion.
Exceptional Success: As success, but the target is
sure to rationalize her obedience.

Crushing Blow (•)

Sometimes a werewolf chooses to kill without using
his claws or fangs — perhaps to elude hunters searching
for a “rabid man-eating animal,” perhaps simply as
a gesture of scorn for his prey. Crushing Blow allows a
character to deliver strikes with bone-shattering force. Few
things in nature (or out) can stand against such power.
Cost: 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary.
Action: Reflexive
This Gift’s effects last for a scene. During that time,
any bashing damage the werewolf normally inflicts,
whether with his bare hands or with a blunt instrument, is
converted to lethal damage.

•   Iron Stamina 3
•   Totem 1
•   Fetish 4 (Klaive)

FURY FANG (••••)
Most klaives are of this level of power. The Fury Fang
takes the form of a sword, and the wielder can feel the pulse
of the spirit within when he grasps the handle. The Fury
Fang encourages the wielder to cast caution to the wind
when attacking. On any turn in which the character uses an
all-out attack (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 157),
two more dice are added to the attack (raising the total bonus
to +4). The spirit of a particularly aggressive animal, such as a
wolverine or water moccasin, fuels this weapon.
Action: Reflexive

Harmony:  5

Willpower:Health:  9   Defense: 2   Essence:  6   Primal Urge: 1

10xp (selling 2 Harmony pts)
-2 (Totem 1)
-8  (Glory 1)
0xp left

Mental Illness: Delusions of Grandeur

Auspice Ability: Warrior’s Eye. Once per session, a
Rahu can attempt to “read” a foe, determining who is the
superior warrior. The player rolls Wits + Primal Urge; success
indicates that the werewolf can roughly tell whether
the threat is stronger or weaker than he is, while an
exceptional success grants more understanding of the gap
between the two (“He’s much more powerful than me.”).
A dramatic failure indicates that the character greatly
misjudges his target. The warrior’s eye takes into account
only those abilities that might affect a direct fight. A
werewolf might read a skilled vampire assassin as “weaker,”
even though the vampire is much more deadly when it can
choose the time of engagement.

The Change: When a Rahu changes for the first
time, it ends in blood, as the full moon burns with fury,
the face of Luna the Destroyer. Many Rahu go through
their lives with the stains of loved ones’ blood on their
claws, the horrible reminder of their first night as a

Online RubySlippers

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #41 on: September 13, 2008, 12:04:04 PM »
By the way gentlemen werewolves you decide to go after my character as a mate she will want a man that is willing to help with the family and several of you are dirt poor, way to lure her interest.

(here you go I got this from the dumpster)

I have an idea what about a commune after all we have several men that need a mate and one very fertile wolf blooded woman with a good education and that wants children. And several womenfolk that shouldn't mate with the male werewolves but could have access to a few wolf blooded men for that and can help share the care of all the children. And my caharacter would have ample security and plenty of people and ,er, werewolves for support.

And the outsiders could come and go as they feel like it sharing a bed or not with no commitments to one person.

Just an idea mind you.

Offline Greenthorn

Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
« Reply #42 on: September 13, 2008, 12:41:58 PM »
I also am choosing not to have dedicated character won't give a rat's ass if she's naked *laughs*

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Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
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aight just remember when you go to the shadow realm ya all gonna be naked lol*smirks*

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Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
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aight just remember when you go to the shadow realm ya all gonna be naked lol*smirks*

And god help the one who tries to look at my..err...assets...when it happens...rawr!


Oh gawd I typed rawr...(hanging out with GT a tad bit much!)

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Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
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All I can say is.. I hope there is so many awesome games going on once I can play.  You guys are fantabulous. ;D

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Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
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All I can say is.. I hope there is so many awesome games going on once I can play.  You guys are fantabulous. ;D


There is!!

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Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
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Alright, I'm going to go ahead and get up a character sheet thread and an OOC thread.  I'm going to put this game in the Extreme section for bestiality and possible gore. 

If anyone's uncomfortable about that, feel free to PM me, and I'll discuss the possibility of having content limits in certain threads.

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Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
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Character Sheet: Kyrie “Valkyrie” Diras, Rahu Storm Lord


Power: 3    Finesse: 1    Resistance: 2

+1 Stamina
+1 Resolve
+1 Intelligence

Mental Skills: 3

Academics: 0   Crafts:  0    Investigation: 3

Physical Skills: 5

Athletics: 1     Combat: 3    Stealth: 2

+2 Brawl
+1 Stealth
+1 Survival

Social Skills: 4

Persuasion: 0  Socialize: 0   Streetwise: 4

+2 Intimidation


Cunning:   Honor:  2 Glory:   Purity: 1  Wisdom:


Clarity, Warning Growl, Hone Rage


Light Sleeper (2)
Iron Stamina (3)
Acute Sense of Smell (2)

Harmony: 7

Willpower: 4   Health:  7   Defense:  1  Essence:  7  Primal Urge:

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Re: [NC-E] Werewolf Mountain
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Good, go ahead and post to the Character sheet thread in extreme small groups.  While you're there, you can help out designing the party territory and totem in the OOC thread.   :)