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May 25, 2018, 03:22:02 PM

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Author Topic: Looking to play a nun! And a wife, too! (LF for everyone)  (Read 340 times)

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Offline BeorningTopic starter

Looking to play a nun! And a wife, too! (LF for everyone)
« on: June 13, 2014, 01:15:39 PM »
Hi there!

I've been absent from E for a few months and I'm looking to start a story or two. My old thread with story ideas is here, but it might need some serious revamping. Before I do that, though, I'd like to present two quick cravings I'd be interested in right now...

1. Nun - basically, I'd like to play a nun... in, more or less, whatever kind of story my writing partner would be interested in :) It could be a story about a romance between a nun and a some man from outside the cloister. It could be a story of love between two nuns. Or... something else. Whatever you'd be interested in. Let's talk :)

2. Dominated wife - I'd be interested in a story where I could play a young wife in a marriage where the husband holds most of the power and dominates the wife in lot of aspects. For example, it could be a modern story of a rich businessman and his trophy wife... who finds out that being an arm candy isn't as fun as she thought it would be. Or, it could be a 1950s tale about a woman feeling trapped in a conservative suburbia... It could also be something set in a near-future dystopia, where very traditional model of marriage rules. We could even go with a Stepford Wives tale :) There are many options here. Whatever fits the "powerful husband / dominated wife" model. What I'd like to stress, though, is that I'm not thinking about *sexual* domination here - I'd be more interested in the psychological and cultural aspect of being a wife in such a lopsided relationship.

Any takers for any of these ideas? If so, please PM me! :)

Offline BeorningTopic starter

Re: Looking to play a nun! And a wife, too! (LF for everyone)
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2014, 06:46:12 AM »
I thought I'd add two specific ideas for a nun-related RP:


She didn't want to join the convent - as most young women of her era, she hoped to find a suitable suitor, get married... find true love, even. But her parents had a different idea: not willing to pay her dowry, they decided it'd be better just to send their daughter away and have her become a nun. It was an era when parents' word was law for their children... and so, she obeyed. She took the veil and the vows - and lives in a convent now.

But she feels so trapped. Even though she tries to convince herself she did the right thing. She tries to make herself be a good nun... but she just cannot embrace this life. She longs for love.

There is another nun at the cloister that feels the same way... Gradually, the two young women gravitate toward each other. What will come out of this relationship - friendship or... more?

This story could take place anytime from the Dark Ages to the 1800s. I'd play one of the nuns and I'd be interested in finding a partner to play the other one!


She was born to well-to-do family and, if she wanted, she could have a comfortable life for herself. Still, she didn't want to. There was a lot of suffering in the world - and, gradually, she grew to dream about righting at least some of these wrongs. Eventually, she decided to reject comfort altogether and spend her life on helping others and spirituality. So, she joined a religious order that had charity and healthcare as its calling.

Now, a few years later, she works hard on becoming the perfect nun. Her spirit calls to her to decline Earthly life... but her feelings betray her. She knows she should be happy, living in a convent and working in the order-owned hospital as a nurse - but something still feels wrong. It's not that easy being utterly selfless...

One day, a patient comes into the hospital. Gradually, the nun finds herself drawn to that person... somehow, the old desires of love re-awaken. Will the nun remain on the path of spiritual life? Or does her true calling lie elsewhere?

This story could take place anytime, although the best settings would be the late 1800s or sometime during the 20th century. I'd play the nun and my writing partner would play the patient - it'd be easiest for this character to be a man, but a female could be made to work, too.

So, here are the ideas...  And now! Extra! :) Images of nuns - Daughters of Charity, specifically:

You know you want to play (with) one! :)