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May 20, 2018, 10:38:41 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking: Creative, well-written and friendly partners! (F/F, F/M, F/T, T/T, T/M)  (Read 376 times)

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Offline EbonyQueenTopic starter

Hello, thank you so much for visiting my little thread. I would like to start off by saying that my schedule can be -crazy- and first and foremost I am seeking someone who is understanding of how unpredictable my schedule -can- be. Now I don't care if the player is Male or Female and likes to play Male or female characters, that is all something that can be discussed as we brainstorm stories. Now that is something I like to do quite a lot of, brainstorm stories.

I have found that my schedule could accommodate play-by-post SO much better than most other ways. It allows me to try to be active and participate every day, perhaps for a decent length of time each day. There is no so much worry about my coming-and-going. However, I -really- would appreciate it if my partner made an attempt to be as active as I am. If, without warning, posts might not move forward after days that would cause me to quickly loose interest. So that is all I ask, I know life happens, it does to me too, but I'd like there to be a decent amount of activity.

Here are some very vague general ideas of what I am looking to do-ish. Now none of these ideas are etched in stone, and are very bare-bones. I am just trying to convey the general feeling of "this is sorta what I'm looking for". Any potential partner would be someone who wants to 'fill out' the idea with me and create a story. That said I like a fair amount of 'smut' in my stories, but there has to be 'stories'. I am not interested in one-off 'quickies' I just do not have the penitence for that. Spelling and grammar? Well I'm not all that great at either myself, but description is a -must-, I want to be able to 'picture' in my mind what is going on, like any good book. I play either Female or TransF (Futa, shemale, call it what you will) characters of all different races, ages, and sizes, I used to be a bit more narrow about the type of 'look' my characters had, but I've found that I can have fun playing anything from a mature redheaded woman, to a younger tall Latin TransF. It just depends on the story!

Overall, I -will- say I have a strong preference for stories set in a 'modern' or 'historical' world. Now that is not to say that those worlds can't be infused with the supernatural, or with some amount of 'fantasy' I like that actually. I just tend to shy away from 'swords and sorcery' Fantasy and likewise while I like Sci-Fi I find it much more interesting to RP in a world that is closer to our own.

Plot bare-bones ideas, I will be updating this as frequently as new ideas come to mind.

1.) Incest: Mother/Son. This is a pretty universal idea, it's one that can be adapted to many different types of stories, and that is something we can work out. Though generally I like the male to be the one who 'seduces' or attempts to seduce the female. A good example of a story I'd enjoy: A son takes care of his mother who is either temporarily unable to be mobile do to an injury, the pair get close and... well a romance develops. This can also be applied to a 'mother' who is more 'permanently' disabled, wheelchair bound due to the loss of a leg. But that is all semantics and can be worked out. This I think can also be made into a Sister/Sister story, in -some- ways maybe a Father/daughter story, but that would require some discussion (which I like!)

- Incest: Siblings As I alluded to above, a Sister/Sister story which would be F/F or -even- F/T would also be something I'd be interested in. In this case both would likely be 'older'. 30's-40's most likely reunited after some time apart, perhaps even just emerging from bad relationships and forming a romantic bond together. This could be F/T as one of them used to be a 'brother' but then went through a change in life. Now this could also be something I'd enjoy as M/T. The idea would be similar, one of the former 'brothers' going through a change. This could be fun as well.

2.) TransF: Now playing as or against such a character has been a big draw for me for some time. So I'd be interested in trying to get a story going that involves myself as the TransF character playing against another, or against a male or female character. This could also include other themes such as age gaps, incest, and others, it all depends on how the story is put together.

3.) Fandom: Hey, I'm a fan of stuff! And I'd like to play in those universes as and against those characters! My biggest Fandoms are actually comics. DC -and- Marvel. I'm a bit 'pickier' on characters I play from those 'universes' but the list is certainly longer than it was.

Anyway, if any of these ideas appeal, or if you want to run anything else by me... Let me know, I'd love to hear from you. I just ask a couple of things. Firstly, contribute. I do not want the onus of creating a story, and 'running' a story all on me, that has no interest to me at all. Secondly, I have a rather short list of things that are an absolute -no- to me, but if you have a specific idea just run it by me, I won't be offended, and I'll absolutely say ahead of time if it is something I do not want to do or would not consider.

Thanks for reading! Please if you'd like to speak to me about any of this, or anything else write me a PM!
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