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Author Topic: The Nine Circles (Interest Check)  (Read 378 times)

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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

The Nine Circles (Interest Check)
« on: June 11, 2014, 05:50:14 PM »
Revisions, revisions...

I've been trying to work this idea out and now I think I've settled on something. So, the quick backstory is, I GMed a game here 5 years ago when I first joined. It was about an asylum where dangerous magic users were placed, and had a motif based on the Nine Circles of Hell. Since then, I've done a few 'asylum/prison' type RPs, and learned a bit about GMing in this medium in the process. So now, I want to try something different, but built on some of the idea I had 5 years ago.

This is a dark game, but it isn't one of unrelenting torment. Not everyone here is guilty, many, possibly most, are just not mentally well. This doesn't have to come solely in the form of real world illnesses, they could suffer all sorts of magical maladies. There will be villains, this game will probably have extreme content (but it won't be exclusively that, and I won't allow it to run rampant in the main threads). The game's general rating will be NC, but it will be in the extreme section so that characters who wish to go and participate in that may.

So now for a game idea summary...

This game is a fantasy game, that might be a bit of 'science fantasy', but definitely more grounded in fantasy traditions. The Nine Circles exist in a pocket dimension, a desolate world filled with ruins, that was discovered by the aristocracy of another world. This other world is filled with magic, and the people of that world divided into two major classes, the common folk and the aristocracy.

The aristocracy is powerful, and far more knowledgeable about magic than the common folk. They see themselves as the the superior beings, who can't be bothered with the lesser peasants. Still, they cannot control all the magic in the world, and the common folk often possess powers as well. All kinds of powers, mysterious and dangerous and in their view, random. No one knows when a child might manifest, or what their powers will do if they manifest. Most people don't, and many of those that do, simply have an advantage.

Still, some are a threat, to the common folk, to themselves, and sometimes to the aristocracy. When the aristocracy opened the gate to the Nine Circles, they found the answer. Anyone deemed insane or a threat, would be tossed into this dimension. No risk of escape, no need to protect people against them. The aristocracy's hands remained clean, if anyone died in there, it was not their fault, not directly.

To ensure the prisoners would never find a way out, they placed guards within... Being a guard was a 'life sentence' as it were, and only the most devoted would volunteer. At least, in theory, in practice, many of the guards were those who wanted a place where they could be cruel, ruthless without concern for any rules. A place where they made the rules.

In the center of this little plane, is a great ruin made from what might be called stone, but in this foreign world, who could say for sure. The aristocracy strengthened the ruin, made it mostly whole again, and covered it with wards. Within they kept the most dangerous of those they captured, the ones who truly posed a threat to the guards within all on their own. The worst of the worst would be petrified, living, or maybe not so living, statues, unable to escape their prison within a prison.

So now, I seek interest and input...
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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: The Nine Circles (Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2014, 10:29:03 PM »
Below are the rules and guidelines for pretty much any game I run. So, I'll leave them here for people who are interested to consider.

  • Communication! - I will say this as many times as I have to, as many times as I can, communication is key. I am here to talk whenever possible. I take my games pretty seriously, because I committed to its players, but I also can't make a game work without players with a little dedication. If you're not interested/excited, why should anyone be? Let's talk, get to know each other even, but most of all, let's talk about what you want in the game. I am happy to explain anything and everything I can, and players who talk are more likely to enjoy playing together.
  • Changing Threads - When a character is changing to another thread, please link to that thread in the post (better yet, link to the post that yours leads into). On the flipside, if you are coming from another thread, post a link to where your character just came from (again, if you can link to the specific post, all the better).
  • Writing Skills - The first thing to make me want not to read what you write is poor writing skills. If you don't speak English as your first language, that's fine, I'll cut you some slack. However... (if ur sentancez luk liket his with no punctuashun whatsoever) Then please, let's save everyone the headache. I don't want to reject you, you don't want to get into a fight with me and no one wants to look like a dick. So let's just agree that it's no fun to play together.
  • Plot and Sex - I came to E to write collaborative stories and games with few restrictions. This means both plot and sex will likely be a major part of any game I GM. Sex scenes should be played outside of major threads, unless discussed with a GM beforehand, and it makes sense in the situation. If you are writing a sex scene that doesn't advance character interactions dramatically, play it out separately and move on with the plot in the main threads.
  • Approval - My games always require approval to join, and I can be pretty selective. I want my players to feel like I will make an effort to choose role players who understand the rules and show signs of a good role-player. The game is a community, and I want to make a good community for everyone. It will not be first come, first serve, and I will not accept players just to fill roles.
  • Gender - I find that Lords and Ladies don't quite play the opposite gender as well, particularly Lords. This will affect my approving a character, but mostly by making my scrutinize a player/character more closely. If the character is well written, and fits the game, and I can see evidence that suggests the player can make it work, I'll overlook it entirely. This does not really effect Lieges, I've had good experiences with Liege players, and I think they tend to have insight that a lot of people take for granted.
  • Pacing - As I discuss in the 'On the Nature of Group Games' section, a healthy pace is important to keeping group games alive. I won't set an arbitrary post rate, but I will do what it takes to keep the game moving. If you're a slow poster, decide how much time you can devote to the game and make it clear. Fast posters should consider multiple characters (and probably multiple games), and remember that being patient is also important. Either way, communication is the key to making this work.
  • I don't like having an arbitrary post size or limit placed on people. Don't overuse purple prose, and don't write so little that no one has anything to play off of. A good post should include something the progresses the scene/plot, and should include descriptive words that help make a character's tone and body language clear.
  • There are exceptions to every 'rule', and someone who is genial and really tries to make an effort will be welcome much more than someone who isn't.
  • Recruitment Rules - Do not post characters to the recruitment thread. All characters and potential recruitment will be discussed through PM or instant messenger. If you can't follow that simple rule, you're much less likely to be approved. I do not want the recruitment thread to become cluttered and intimidating to new players (my games already have enough text description). The recruitment thread is for potential players to get information or show interest.

On the Nature of Group Games: I've done a lot of group games on E, and they are, as a whole, quite a pain in the ass. That said, they're also very fun and rewarding when done well, and I've learned a lot about how best to handle them since I first joined here. Before we get into anything, let me link to the Oath of the Drake. It's a very good set of guidelines to start with for group games.

I think the most important thing to note with regards to any game, and especially group games, is that it is a social contract. Agreeing to join this game (or any game) is an agreement to respect the desires and time of the people involved. Of course you have lives outside of the game, but the people behind the screens, cities, states, or countries away are still people. Their time is valuable, and their happiness is meaningful, and this is a place where they spend one to gain the other.

A social contract is an obligation, and that doesn't have to be a bad thing, but it should be treated like an important one. Don't join a game if you can't devote the time to it. If you're having an off day or your life becomes hectic, I understand, your fellow players will hopefully understand, so long as you let us know what's going on.

Pacing is the biggest issue I've seen with group games, and a healthy pace is lifeblood of a game. This comes both in the form of how often people post, and in the pacing of the story. I will do my very best to help both things along, but every player should consider this their responsibility to the other people involved.
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