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Started by As Day Fades, June 11, 2014, 03:35:16 PM

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As Day Fades

That's what I like to do - storytell, together. To explore where someone is coming from, and where they might go. Add to that the perversion we all share, and we're in for some erotic, psychological fun~ I enjoy starting things off as believable, because when you have that as your foundation, the crazy journey, the rabbit hole to get to Point B then becomes that much more exciting. I'm not looking for what some writers enjoy, where 'i rape you n n alley but its ok cuz u recognize me as ur best friends twin brother who uve secretly crushed on for three years now all thru out high school n im a lost soul but u understand me tho no one else does n we have a relationship together after that n im also a vamp n ur a werewolf but these were always secret even to each other!! n now we both see the truth n... n... ...' ...No. I want filthy, fun smut mixed with compelling characters and storylines, and for each half of that to be so interesting it enhances the other.

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. That's catchy. it goes nice on a bumper sticker, or on a coffee mug. But there's so many options out there, you'd spend eight lifetimes just getting caught up. To some degree, you have to. I believe that if you don't have someone by your title and by the end of your first paragraph, you're already on the wrong side of the tide. ...Tell me, do I have your interest?

Story #1 - Desperation / Degradation / Pride  -  CURRENTLY FILLED. THANK YOU!

The first story idea I have in mind is for an office setting. Maybe it's a small, private practice. Maybe it's a tall office building, large amounts of money and questionable dealing being tossed around left and right. Times are hard. The economy took a nasty hit awhile back and never really recovered, not for the ones who need it to most. A woman comes in one day applying for an open job, and the man doing her interview, her would-be boss, is a very degenerate, empowered human being. He has all the money one could care for and maybe he just wants to be entertained. Maybe it's the rush of adrenaline, the feel of pure power when you can make someone do what you want, despite their reluctance. If she wants the job as his secretary/personal assistant/etc, she's going to have to take a deep breath, chin up, and deal with degradation, humiliation, and being dragged down into the gutter with him. Maybe she's treated like an object, not like a professional but rather a pretty female for his entertainment. She'll still have to maintain a professional aire though when seeing to her duties. But he's a pervert, and an asshole, and she's better than this! She doesn't have to take this crap! ...And she can pound her chest to that beat all the way back to the unemployment line, right? Or make eleven dollars an hour at a Staples somewhere. It's fucking degrading, having to dress, act and talk in a way that sets women in the workplace back forty something years, but she needs this job, so, so bad, right? It's fucking humiliating, being made to take to her knees in his office, having to blow one of his clients while her boss watches, the two carrying on a discussion over drinks like it's nothing. And then, if she has one, there's the troubling decision of how much to tell her significant other. What's worst of all is there's no gun to her head, she's...making the adult decision to do this all on her own. She's free to quit at any time. But it's real money, and the world is a difficult place. Is one's self-respect really beyond a price?

Notes: Clearly this is a humiliation, dom/sub scenario. Think something like going to work for someone from Wolf of Wall Street, or another high power office environment, where you're surrounded by people who can have anything they want, the rules don't seem to apply to them, and you're just a pretty cog in the machine. I'd like a female character for this between 25-45, and I plan for mine to be mid-late thirties. If you're the type that likes to dom this is something I'm open to flipping around, where you as the female are the businesswoman and I'm the one that has to put up with being some toy wrapped around your finger.

Story #2 - Incest / Affection / Meaningful

For awhile now I've had a curiosity to do a really, really sweet incest pairing. Imagine two people in love first, lust second, that smile, hold hands, make love...and just happen to be related. I think cousin/cousin is my preference for this, with brother/sister a distant second. I'm not looking to play teens for this one. Their desire toward one another could have formed somewhere along the way, or it could be something that didn't really develop until recently, but they're adults now, in their twenties, old enough to make their own decisions and understand the challenges a relationship like this is going to face. Are they open about it yet? Have some in the family shunned them, while others remain awkwardly neutral? Or have they been keeping it a secret, just until they know if this is a 'for now' relationship or something that could go all the way? Are they living together? Maybe it's a two-bedroom apartment so as to keep up that they're just cousins sharing a place together, while they both work and have their lives etc. Meanwhile the second bedroom rarely gets used, as they're very much a real couple behind closed doors.

Notes: This has a very vanilla feel to it but it doesn't have to be, by any means. Kink here can enhance the feeling for sure, just so long as it doesn't overtake the taboo, special relationship as the main idea. How they handle themselves in bed will certainly be interesting, but so will going on dates, hanging at the bar with friends, getting together for Thanksgiving dinner with the family, and overall navigating how to handle their unexpected relationship together.

Story #3 - Celebrity / Lust / Decadence  -  CURRENTLY FILLED. THANK YOU!

A few decades ago there was a real movie called Caligula. It took place in ancient Rome and was such a blend of A-List actors and actresses and hardcore sex that there legitimately was debate on whether or not it should be considered a porn movie with an extremely high budget or a Hollywood film that didn't shy away from the decadence and excessiveness of that time. Regardless of what people each categorized it as, it was infamous and talked about, and the movie would go back and forth between scenes of serious writing and acting and scenes of a famous actress getting her bush pounded, or a room-wide bisexual oral orgy. Imagine something like Game of Thrones to the nth degree. I'd like to recreate this. And instead of just a movie, why not make it a whole series? With seasons? Is it Showtime's answer to HBO's blockbuster, or with Thrones' success is HBO willing to push the envelope three steps further? Hour long episodes where anywhere from seven or eight minutes to over thirty is hardcore sex with big Hollywood names, penetration and orgasms fully shown, camera angles making it proudly clear they don't use body doubles. Mixed with that is an ongoing story about Rome, its emperor and some of its people.

...So who are the starlets who would put ink to paper, rolling the dice on a career move that could either drop them into obscurity or make them household names that can get any role, for any amount of money, maybe even with an Emmy or two sitting on their shelf? That's for us to decide. This is something that may take a little discussion back and forth, as it's a celebrity play game, and we'd have to find a few that feel right for it and who we both enjoy. There's things to consider first like what roles they'll play; maybe one is the emperor's daughter or niece, another is a recently acquired slave seeking to become his personal concubine, another the beautiful daughter of a loyal local merchant being presented to the palace's menagerie of senators and guests as a gift/tribute, another a foreign slave, brought in from a conquered land to act as a servant in the palace and be there for sexual use, should someone desire her. We can be as creative with the roles as we want. And what sort of actresses would take a chance on something so lewd, something there was no going back from? ...Maybe Jennette McCurdy wants to break free of her Disney past, and a few seasons of something like this is the perfect way to launch her from a childhood career into something much more grown up. Maybe Jennifer Lawrence is ready to take on such an enormously unique role and she's open enough as a person to not really care about the naysayers. Maybe Lindsay Lohan is looking for the right way to make a grand, bold return. Or Scarlett Johansson wants to be seen as the next major sexual bombshell. Or Natalie Portman feels she has everything it takes to be a sex symbol, despite her petite frame and modest chest. Maybe there's a middle aged actress, someone recently into her forties like Gwyneth Paltrow who wants to prove she's still beautiful, that she has what it takes. Or someone who's talented but really only known for a specific role, like Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead, and wants to break out so they won't be typecast. Or a singer like Ariana Grande, making the transition into acting and seeing this as a huge way to get her feet wet, make a statement and potentially open some huge doors. Maybe someone is just doing it for the money. Maybe someone just didn't really read her contract.

Notes: I'd like a partner for this willing to play three to four different celebrity females. You can suggest others outside of the ones listed above, of course, those are just females that came to mind that I'd like to play with. The same open discussion goes for what roles we want to have for their on-screen characters, and why each individual woman is involved. I'd also like someone very open with the various ways we can do smut with something like this. Bestiality being included would be a fun plus, but isn't required.

Story #4 - Snuff / Dark / Twisted  -  CURRENTLY FILLED. THANK YOU!

College initiation. It's your typical 'spend the night in a haunted house, bring back proof' scenario, only it's for college, for a sorority, so the dare is a bit more grown up, with the young women having to sneak into a chained up amusement park that was shut down and abandoned years ago. Well, it was abandoned by the owner and by the customers who would go there three quarters of the year. Now it's this spooky ghost town with new inhabitants who go undiscovered until it's far, far too late...a group of a half dozen psychopathic miscreants, guys who take delight in tormenting these poor women before eventually killing them in some gruesome, fucking sick fashion. At times they're gonna be beaten up. At times, raped. At others made to cry while their captors laugh on. Then there'll be games, sick games for the pure amusement of their hosts, with survival the prize, and a terrible death the greater likelihood. It's gonna be a long, horrifying weekend... God, only a handful of people even know they're here!

Notes: I want this to be a very dark game, with snuff as a consistent part of the story. Uncomfortable, exciting, it's certainly an extreme thing I understand not many writers are looking to explore. I'd like for my partner in this to play three to four characters and to have some diversity between them - two brunette sisters, for example, along with a blonde and an brown-skinned girl. Or a black-skinned, a yellow-skinned, a ginger and a brunette. Different personalities, too. Racism doesn't have to be a thing here, but it could be exciting, and would add another layer to the fucked up treatment they're going to have to endure.

Do I interest you?

My limits are few, my interests many. So long as you're an imaginative writer that can put out three and change strong paragraphs when it's your turn, we'll get along fine. No pooping on each other. No fursuits. No rush on posting; let's not let things get so slow that it brings our mutual desire to a halt, but you don't ever need to feel pressured with me, like you can't take two or three nights off if you're busy or just not feeling it right now.

Regardless who plays what role in a story, one of my big things is that I want you, the writer, to contribute alongside me as a co-author. Don't just lay there like a dead fish. If that's what I wanted in someone I'd do all the writing myself then go jerk off with a realdoll. ;P Seriously, be creative! If we play together it's your story too! Show me what your character is thinking, show me the journey she's on, for better or worse. When you message me please do so with ideas and thoughts of your own, ready to contribute and brainstorm together to hit the ground running! If you've read this far, if there's an idea here that intrigues you, then you already know where my mind is at. Talk to me about yours. :)

As Day Fades